Summer Is Slipping Away….

I still haven’t gotten into the swing of things since returning from Orlando and working my ass off for a solid week (And my foot is still bothering me from all the pounding concrete I did there).

giphy (1)
me most days

Remus has been ridden (just NOT by me) by Jess last week at Fair Hill a few times which is great at least he is being ridden but I have not ridden. An 82 year old father staying with us a week and other things (like crazy schedules and work) kept me from getting to ride. No lessons in a month. SOB. And we go away this week to NH and Maine which is exciting but again. NO RIDING.

imagejpeg (4)
Goof ball
FullSizeR (6).jpg
where we off to?
buckskin butt

BUT Mark and I have not been on a vacation since 2013 (TOGETHER). How sad is that?? So I am excited for us to go away together and just us, no dogs, no fathers, no intrusions, etc. BUT I am stressing. I am stressing that I am not riding my horse. I am stressing that the summer is running away from us. I am stressing I am not taking lessons and improving the way I ride my horse. I am just stressed..shall we just say. And ready to have fun this weekend in cool Maine.  But still just a tiny bit stressed…


So hopefully after I return from relaxing up north, I can get back to riding my pony and get ready for Fall competitions. Cause Fall is coming. I can feel it even on the hot humid days and the way the sky is getting darker earlier at night. And I am not really ready for it but it is one of my favorite riding seasons!!

In other news, we went and saw a farm yesterday that is going back on the market and the owner called (I had seen it before  since it was on the market last year and the owner took it off before Mark got to see it) my realtor since she knew I had liked it so much. I am not sure how we are going to do it if we make an offer,  it is zoned agriculture and we are approved for a conventional mortgage so we would need another lender. It is a 200- year old house too (egads). In great shape but it scares me a bit. But it is so stinking cute and right next to a big boarding barn with an indoor and a cc course. Can we say perfect?? Cause it is.  It has an adorable little 2 stall barn and paddocks everywhere including a sacrifice paddock with dirt. BE STILL MY HEART!

images (1).jpg
not the house obviously lol but what i think would happen the day after we bought it! HA
HA us probably…

If everything aligns for us to make an offer, this blog will be the first to post it.  We also saw another property that had a barn but umm there was no pasture. AT all. And the house was like from 1960 and frozen there. OMG I saw things you saw on the Wonder Years. ACTUALLY on Leave it to Beaver. Pretty dated. HA.  (And the price left no wiggle room for updates!). And no pasture?? (Not even a field just woods) a big fat no to that one!


7 thoughts on “Summer Is Slipping Away….

  1. I so feel you there! I feel stressed all the time too. It’s frustrating. And then you’re even more stressed because you’re frustrated you’re stressed. Ugh. But I am so hoping you can get the house! It sounds like a PERFECT situation for you!

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