Customer Service Issues (OR come on people, you were paid, give me the CORRECT photos)

gif_customer_service_desk_sleeping_hg_blk.gifI am back from vacation. OMG I thought i was tired before. MORE TIRED ALL THE TIME NOW but anyway, will post more later about vacation and the farm (yeah that didn’t happen).

Other issues, I gots them though. I paid for digital photos for Fair Hill (EARLY JULY!!) and prints as well (Got the prints easy peasy). BUT they sent me the wrong digital photos than the ones I requested. If I log onto the website it still shows the ones I requested but they sent me the crappy ones I DID NOT REQUEST.

me about now…

It took almost 3 weeks for me to get them (THE WRONG DAMN PHOTOS but still took forever to get them, and these are DIGITAL PHOTOS not prints, I got the prints in a week). And I have reached out three times to no avail and left messages. I realize they are probably busy at shows and taking photos but customer service people, where are you?? It has been over a month. I haven’t used any of the photos except the one on the blog that I did want that actually came in the group as I don’t want them to assume I am happy with them (Newsflash. NOT).

sdey.gifI am just getting a wee bit frustrated. They were not expensive but they weren’t cheap either and I want the photos that were in my favorites not the first 15 photos that they mostly clicked in stadium.

Anyone deal with this photographer have this issue (I know Ponytude had no issues and got great service)? Is it me??  Does anyone know them?? I really am puzzled how no one is contacting me back.


So WHAT THE HELL DO I DO NOW?? LOL Do I send a letter by mail?? Certified? What would you do?? I have gone on the website and found 3 different emails and tried all three of them as well as left messages. Anyway, vacation was great, will catch you all up later this week on New England and other things.



7 thoughts on “Customer Service Issues (OR come on people, you were paid, give me the CORRECT photos)

  1. Social media? I’ve found lately that posting a “I’ve been trying to contact you for x days/weeks via email without response about an incorrect order that I’m hoping to resolve” on a public facebook page seems to be the only thing that often gets someone to respond to you. That said, I tend to be polite, but it might be worth trying?

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  2. UGH. I feel for you. I hate hate hate having terrible customer service. It definitely makes me want to spread the news about my bad experience and never work with said company again. I am always super patient- so if I’ve gotten to the boiling point it’s never pretty! But yes, I would try what Sara suggested and comment on their facebook page/IG or whatever they have!

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  3. ugh i’m so sorry! i’ve purchased from that photographer at least half a dozen times, tho only once using their website, the rest were in person when they had their trailer on site. honestly the guys seem really nice, but like it’s kinda a ragtag assortment of retirees who take photos now, and their one or two technical guys. reaching out on social media like Sarah suggested might work. or just like… idk, general persistence. that’s super frustrating tho, i’d be crazy annoyed too (aint nobody wanna come between me and my pictures!). good luck whatever you do!

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    1. YES I don’t want to make a scene i just want my photos. And Alli had no issues at all she ordered hers and got them like within 24 hours. Their email return rate is pretty bad for me (I have had one response in the 10 I have sent maybe). I will try to reach out via social media. I just want my damn photos that show us looking decent not like we both tried meth for the first time (HA)


  4. omg annoying. I bought prints from someone too, she said she was working on them, they never came and my money was never deposited. Gotta wonder about them.

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