But It’s All Right: I’m Jumping Jack Flash (Jump Lesson Recap With Sally)

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Remus jumps!

Off to a lesson we went on Wednesday. It was hotter than I thought it was going to be. Even getting him ready at the barn I was hot. There was no humidity and it was just mid-80’s but for some reason it felt a lot hotter. (Not just me, others said the same!) and I know you Texas people be looking at this like mid 80s and no humidity, you be crazy saying that is hot. Β But it was hot. BUT I GOTS MEDIA, LOTS OF MEDIA!! (Thanks to Tanya’s mom!!) YAY.


Blanche had the best looks!

I had a saddle to try too (more about that in another post) so decided like an idiot to ride in it in my lesson to try it out. HA note to self bring old saddle with you when you do that. Cause the saddle fit Remus just fine. Me, it put me in a chair seat and tipped me forward. I am not the best rider at the best of times but boy I felt like i had been hit with a can of stupid at some of those jumps last night. Β It was not pretty at times.

Actual thought in my head in lesson

Tanya and I shared our lesson with Sally again at Straight Up. And let me tell you right off the bat, Tanya and Moo were on FIRE. He was hitting every fence perfect and not refusing (he refused one jump the whole lesson, the roll top and I wanted to vomit on it so you know….there was reason for him to refuse but he jumped it the next time and never looked back). I am so proud of her for working so hard with her little Moo. πŸ™‚

The way Sally does our lessons is very cool cause we each go over whatever she wants and then we swap. And this way you learn so much more than just going one after another. You can be in the discussion about what is good and what is not. It really is so much fun taking lessons with Sally too. She is so normal and is so down to earth. If you haven’t taken a lesson with her and can ever do so, DO IT.

So Tanya got to go first this time and like I said the very first two jumps I sat up and went…hmmm. He was forward (Moo is usually slow like Remus but he was moving) and up and just hitting the jumps great. And then I had to go which is always like…this with Remus.


Just getting him off my leg is an effort some days and this was that day. He at least wasn’t too heavy on the forehand but my legs are killing me today from pushing him forward. Sally worked on me getting him forward (HA), straight (HA HA), and balanced to the jumps (HAHAHA). Sally has a great sense of humor sometimes. (How she puts up with us goofballs I will never know).


He managed to buck at me one time when I slapped him with the crop to try to get SOME sense of forward motion then went back to his cow horse lope. Β See said lope belowΒ as we barely make it over this line of fences. Are his eyes closed? They could be LOL! And oops almost missed that one buddy. UGH.

However he did pick it up a bit over the same line again. And we did a bit better but can you see me pumping him to get him to MOVE omg there is a theme here. MOVE REMUS MOVE. LOL

By this time I was dying and so was he. You can see the sweat on him on the videos. Poor guy. The sun was just broiling us.

I could barely get him to canter for this one but the first time over the rolltop and barely a flicker (He did look but it doesnt show as much in the video).

I actually love this line, were we brilliant, nope but obedient and pretty damn willing considering. Love his little canter at the end. MOOOOOOORE Canter would be nice though πŸ™‚

Overall, we need to get him forward more and keep him straight, me sit up and get him UP so that means supporting him with my hands as well as me sitting up. But it was a great lesson and I always do enjoy riding with Sally even if I do want to vomit once or twice.

You gotta be kidding me, says Remus…

Next will be the combined training on Sunday at Straight Up. I sure hope the roll top is not in the course but chances are it will be. Gulp.

Do you feel like an idiot sometimes when taking instruction? Sometimes I feel like Sally might say: OUT, OUT OF MY RING, THAT’S ENOUGH YOU NUMBSKULL (She doesn’t but you know it has to be there down deep ) HA.


15 thoughts on “But It’s All Right: I’m Jumping Jack Flash (Jump Lesson Recap With Sally)

  1. The heat last night thought… I completely agree. We were rolling out a round bale and it just got hot and I got overheated even thought it wasn’t all that hot. I have no idea why.

    Yes, I pretty much always feel like an idiot, especially when I can’t take directions! I have a lesson tonight so let’s see how that goes… You guys look great!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ooooh you guys look great!!! there have been a couple days recently where the forecast made it seem like it would be much nicer than it actually was. tricky tricky. bleh. oh well. fall is coming! hope you guys have a great time at the CT this weekend – Remus made that roll top look easy πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 2 people

    1. he really is a great guy. He cracks me up cause he is the most laid back horse in eventing probably. Like we would never ever make time, good thing we keep it low level!! πŸ™‚ Thanks! (And yes it has been tricky weather). Like today is hot again but there is a breeze. Glad you are back home!!


  3. Ahahaha! That was so cute! Seriously love him lol! True he did need more forward, but to me it never looked like he wasnt going to go. He is just so adorable. Yay for media! You guys do look really good that last line! If you ever come to Vegas you’ll have to hop on Amber! 😁

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love Amber too! We obv like the same types. He has pretty figured out that if i point him at a jump he has to get over it no matter what. He used to be much more flighty jumping. Now if we could just get an ounce of more effort (Me leaving the spurs in the truck did not help for example)! HA thanks! We don’t usually get so much media so I was thrilled!!


    1. it is totally a team effort to get Remus going forward πŸ˜‰ HA….and i might overdo it on the purple a bit but it looks awesome on a buckskin (Match matchy) πŸ™‚ thanks…


  4. I feel like this all too often. May is actually super forward over fences, but not always exactly in front of my leg. So much work to get there and keep her light and not do anything too ridiculous with my body/hands/legs/head etc. hahaha

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