Another Straight Up Great Day!

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We had fun fun fun…

Remus was a star again. We got up bright and early (TOO early in Remus books again) to go to Straight Up’s Combined Training Event (it was the last of the series for the summer boo hoo they are so much fun but I heard about a few others elsewhere in the Fall. As they say, have trailer, will travel!) to compete.

It was coolish when I got up that a.m.. BUT it heated up fast. Still not as hot as it could have been but hot it was. Remus is not a fan of heat. But he was good as gold. If not brilliant, I will take good and well behaved!

We kind of left a bit late from the barn (I had plenty of time but sidetracked I got again) so didn’t get there till about 45 minutes before my dressage. BUT Remus was tacked up and he really can’t be warmed up too much or we will have even less energy so…it was all okay. We got there and I went to grab our number while he continued to snooze in the trailer. (Don’t wake me up till you gotta, he says).

Our dressage time was 9:10 but this place is notorious for being ready for you early so I got on and went into the indoor to loosen him up some. I chose to ride in my Zaldi and it was okay. Not great but fine. I just didn’t have the energy to swap saddles and neither did Remus. So I knew I would just go back to trailer after dressage and put breastplate on and put his boots on and we would be set for jumping. Keeping it simple….with no worries. Sure.


My nerves were already zinging before dressage. I can’t decide which makes me want to vomit more. Trying to remember a test or doing a course. Could be even steven. Course the test I am riding I have been riding for two years so I should freaking not panic every time I ride.

6jOLTInAnyhoo….we went into the arena to warm up and Remus was very good, albeit a bit lazy. I DID remember spurs (YAY ME). But he was still lazy. I did a couple canter laps on the buckle just to loosen him up. Then we went up to watch Tanya’s test right before mine. Moo has had some vitamins or something cause he is so much more energetic than Remus but they did a very good test.  Then even though it was a few minutes early, I went in and did mine.

And it wasn’t bad at all. Like the comments were spot on to my comments coming out of the ring. He was a bit nose out a few times to the outside. He was not energetic. But he was polite. And pretty much listening the whole time. She dinged us on our first canter circle with a 5 which i think was pretty rude considering he didn’t buck and he went right in and it and he settled pretty well. He got a 6.5 on his last canter circle and honestly I did not feel much difference between the two.  I know his trot could have had more oomph.  His free walk was actually pretty good and she agreed, he actually lowered his head and swung a bit he got a 6.5 on that. More swing was needed but hey it is a start. Overall I was pleased as punch with him. He got a 39 which is a bit crappy but life goes on. He was very pleasant to ride. and as pissy as he can get at times, I will take it. His trot and halt at the end was not quite square but again obedient and damn glad to stop he was. Ha.

Then we had to go get ready to jump! We went up to the trailer and put his boots on and breastplate, readjusted his saddle oh and grabbed the crop! And headed up to the jump ring. Once there we warmed up over some jumps (Remus just does NOT school over warm up jumps on grass great, he must prefer solid ring footing, he was lazy but good). I chose to reserve some energy for the actual jumping so we watched two ladies walk the stadium course. and walk it some more. And walk it again. We were the last two intros to go and neither Tanya nor me wanted to go while people were in the ring walking the course. I have enough issues jumping people. No thanks. Remus would think they were either aliens or had treats for him. Distractions, no thanks. We’s got enough of them!

Remus most days…

Tanya went first and went clear! 2nd show in a row she did that! YAY Moo and Tanya!!

Then it was our turn. Of course at first Remus wouldn’t wake up to walk into the ring. Um yeah, the person beside me with her dancing tiptoeing Tbred laughed and asked if we could share her energy with some of our laziness. I wish!

But in we went and I quickly went past the new standards that werent there on Wednesday. Pink ponies ya all they could be scary right? Remus actually LOOKED at them as we went from Jump 2 to 3 (they are on the left of that line, um earth to Remus we have a job to do). But overall, he was good, I tried to go forward  and get a better canter (may not have succeeded there but we did get a few forward moments) and we got t a few good jumps in as well as a few crappy ones but he was clear! YAY.  He went right over the pink pony jump too so I was very pleased with him (See all the patting after that jump in the video below). Ugh what is it with my elbows poking out from my body lately. NEED DUCT TAPE applied stat! UGH. Otherwise I was pleased with him and we ended up third.

So a good day was had. Of course then I put Remus in the trailer where he promptly fell asleep till I left. Like he wasn’t even eating hay. Showing is hard work y’all. Seriously. Remus hates those early morning shows. He likes a snooze in his stall  in the a.m. first.


Anywhere here is the video (Thanks Tanya’s mom again for doing the video media). Both Tanya and I left our phones at the barn and trailer respectively.  Yeah we #fail. 🙂

Sidebar: I finally got my photos from Fair Hill. Yay problem was resolved. Almost 2 months later but yay!! 🙂

17 thoughts on “Another Straight Up Great Day!

  1. woooo congrats – y’all look great!!! and was that a flying change i saw Remus do?!?! goooood boy!! sounds like a great day all around, looking forward to seeing more of that in a couple weeks 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. he does them. Sometimes. by mistake. that video shows i need to start (maybe this winter) implementing them into our routine. 14 is not too old to learn new tricks right?? HA can’t wait to see you and Charlie again. Maybe if we let Charlie talk to Remus, Remus will learn how to gallop? Maybe? HA


    1. never many theatrics in Remus. Ha. He is pretty easy going. Riding with Sally has improved both of us so much if we can just get the elusive forward canter we will have it 🙂


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