Just Horsing Around….As You Do

IMG_2715 (2)
Looky what arrived at my doorstep!! Presto gear just in time for the weekend! YAY

Have you all figured out how wimpy I truly am?? It is very sad but at least I am honest.  I gave Remus a day off on Sunday after his atrocious horribly wet outing on Sat but due to the weather being iffy this week I was DETERMINED to ride on Monday. I was off work. it was a beautiful day (a bit warmish but no rain) and I needed to ride. And the jumps were set in the ring. SO I had to jump, if I rode, and I was by myself. And I don’t jump by myself.

me jumping by myself LOL (truth be told me jumping no matter who is there!)

Yeah. We has issues, we knows we has issues. But I was determined to ride and jump. I tacked Remus up and tried to beef myself up about jumping. Now there are some tiny jumps set in that ring. TINY. And the one green rolltop that REMUS hates. And I hate. And we could walk over it. I was determined before even getting out there to go over it. I feel like throwing up writing this right now LOL.

download (4)
World’s smallest boogeyman jump!
download (5)
Note the wild buckskin standing there while i take photos. Whoa boy whoa (yes he is loose).

There were a few just rails set up across with some flowers over it and then this green monster (HA I know I could jump it without Remus it is tiny). So I got on and first did some trot and canter work. My goal was to move said horse OUT and not worry about his head at this moment. Horse needs to learn how to CANTER FORWARD so we did. I would not say we set any speed records but we cantered for a while and I made him move. He was not thrilled with me (one or two bucks) but he did it. Then we walked and I eyed the boogeyman jump again. LOL


I went over some of the other jumps first and besides him bucking at one canter and hitting a couple strides wrong over the poles before the first jump (klutz!) we were doing okay. I turned to the fence before the green wall of terror and he promptly almost fell on his face. We were heading to the big green zone of terror and he bucked one HARD time right before and I was like SHHHHHHHHHHHHHIT then we were over it. LOL. I turned and did the line the other way too. No big deal.  I patted him like the good boy he was and stopped for the day. (The saddle had slid way back so there was no more jumping unless I got off and fixed the saddle LOL). And Remus was hot and sweaty. So we were done.

giphy (6)

But I had jumped the evil green gross monster. So I was happy. I sold my dressage saddle too so more happy dances going on! YAY. Onto Fair Hill this weekend. It is supposed to rain at least part of the week so let’s see if I can get another ride in or not!

download (7).png
Why are you tormenting me so, says Remus

Got my times for Fair Hill and boy is intro late this time. They must had a LOT of people sign up this year. In July for Intro I am pretty sure I was done by 3 or so. This trial I don’t do cross country till 430. In the words of Fraidy Cat Eventing it is gonna be a long, long, long day! 🙂

giphy (7).gif
Those kids trotting around Elementary may need one of these by the time they go 🙂

8 thoughts on “Just Horsing Around….As You Do

    1. I hope they get some good ones of him at FH this weekend. The last ones in July were great but we both looked heat stroke victims. it is supposed to be 70s this Sat and no rain at this point. YAY. thanks !:)


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