Off Topic Day: Blue Apron Trial Going On…

My trainer at my gym has been using Blue Apron and enjoying it. I decided to jump on the band wagon and try it out. I have only done one week so far but I love it.

download (3)
I love things packed neatly (Not that I am neat mind you LOL) I  just envy neat things….
download (4)
Whole lot of food….

You can order for 2 or for 4. You can order 3 meals a week or 2. Everything you need comes with each meal (including spices and extra seasoning things etc.) and it comes with full laminated instructions that you can reuse as needed. Most important part?? It is idiot proof.

giphy (3)
me…in the kitchen LOL

I am not Julia Child. By far. And I made all three recipes with very little effort and to great success (at least Mark ate all three meals, win win right?). You can go online and swap out meal choices and then your order comes each week. The first week there is a 30 dollar credit. Even with the regular week charges it comes to a pretty good deal with the amount of food that comes. There is plenty of food. As in leftovers most times!

A WHOLE lot of food!

If you have a half hour to cook most nights that is what most recipes take. Not too bad at all. It definitely helps as the days get shorter (already) sometimes take out is the only answer if nothing is jumping out of the fridge at you. I feel good that at least three meals will be home cooked each week.

Have any of you tried something similar to this?? If anyone hasn’t and is interested I have 2 free meals left to send out to you I just need your email!! (MY barn owner took one off my hands!) No commitments (No i am not being compensated for talking about Blue Apron!! LOL).

download (5)
one of the meals. VERY YUMMY!

And in health news I had a foot doctor appointment today. UGH  I had to have an injection to heel for heel spur. OUCH. I have a boot to wear at night (WTF) and exercises to do and go back in 3 weeks. The best thing? He said riding is great for stretching the tendons so keep on doing it! YAY!  The worst thing? My foot  still hurts.  Such is life! Have a great weekend all! (Stay tuned for lots of Fair Hill stuff next week from a bunch of us!)


12 thoughts on “Off Topic Day: Blue Apron Trial Going On…

  1. I love the idea of Blue Apron and it’s competitors, I’m just not sure anything would ever actually work out for us, meal wise. One picky eater plus one vegetarian is the most annoying thing ever (and I know this because I cook for us 4-5 days a week and it sucks).

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    1. yes i think you two might be worse than Mark LOL! but if you want a free trial i can hook you up! They do have veggie options. Two of mine this week are veggie options (not telling mark and i will dump some meat in the pasta one…)….

      LOL poor you. I bet the dogs and kitty are easier to feed..:)


  2. LOVE blue apron! I’ve ordered them for a while and am still ordering them. Just got another box today! Since it’s just me the 2 person plan lasts me all week and even for lunch sometimes. And it’s so good! Not having to shop is the good thing for me lol it really makes life so nice!

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    1. it is not cheap for sure. But I am surprised how much food comes for two people. And considering we (My hubby and me) need to cut back on our portions this helps immensely LOL!

      let me know if you want a trial 🙂


  3. Thanks for doing a review. I’ve been actively dieting and doing more cooking to cut down on junk food. Grocery shopping on my schedule is tough, and I keep getting ads for Blue Apron and similar services. It’s nice to see someone’s real life experience with it.

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