Where Do We Go From Here?

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Ollie cameo for the win!

I always feel a bit down after an event. Kind of what now do I do? I mean I have plenty to work on for sure. But my in-laws arrive this week from England. So the next two weeks will be kind of busy without even thinking about riding.


And knowing Old Man Winter is on its way doesn’t thrill me either. UGH. I am such a fair weather rider. Β And I have to say I have a good case of the blues lately. I haven’t felt great between my foot and my general health.Β tenor (3)

I think I need either a good kick in the seat of my pants or a vacation. Not sure which! Remus’ shoe got put back on this week so that is good but I am heading to VA on Friday to see my dad and take the in-laws there so that means no riding till next week at least.

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Yes, luggage for 2 weeks for 2 people. LOL

I know I need to A) Up the conditioning on Remus to get him fitter and able to trot and canter longer B) Figure out the bucks C) Bite the bullet and find a saddle to get on trial. SO there are my short term goals for the rest of September (Okay let’s say October, September will be over with in a flash!).


My work has become intense and I honestly don’t like my job that much (Shocker). I honestly think this affects my whole general outlook. I am good at what I do but if it makes me feel stressed and ill all the time what is the point? So maybe think of some changes there too.

What do you guys do to give yourself a good motivation kick in the pants to get excited about life again?? Because I might need some help.

The good news is that photos from Fair Hill are in and they are great so I will have lots of media soon to share here. The bad news is the days are getting shorter….ugh.

yeah it is!

18 thoughts on “Where Do We Go From Here?

  1. Sorry you are feeling down lately. Is your show season over? When I’m feeling a lack of motivation I sign up for a competition which forces me to get back to work. Maybe look at moving up? Has this level become a bit meh for you? Or go the other way and take a long break and see where you are at when you come back. So basically…I’m useless HA!

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  2. My outlook about work has effected my general demeanor a lot lately too. I need a new job. In preferably a new location, because I am just BORED and super duper “over it” here. Every time I read all the show posts from you bloggers up north, I dream of packing my bags. Yeah you have winter, but you also have GRASS and TERRAIN and you don’t have to drive four goddamn hours every time you want a lesson or to go to a show. Like… what would it even be like to not have to spend $500-600 on every show? I would like to find out.

    But I think if you solve your saddle problem you will solve (or at least greatly improve) your bucking problem, and then you can get on with your conditioning problem.

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    1. ha touche on the terrain and grass πŸ™‚ True. I spent less than $150 on Fair Hill and that included a stall! πŸ™‚ and a bale of straw! And I know we are so spoiled for choice up here eventwise. It is insane.

      And IF YOU moved up here that would get rid of part of my malaise πŸ™‚ Ha just imagine the fun we could get up here together. HOWEVER, my bank balance would be even lower than when you are 1500 miles away LOL!

      I know you were talking about a move back in July when I saw you. You should see what you can do to find something new to do!!

      and yes I am searching saddles today as I write this πŸ™‚

      thanks for the ‘kick in the pants’ i need it often πŸ™‚


  3. ugh i feel ya on the motivation. and on the whole “knowing we’ve got a lot of problems but not really feeling like working on it right now” thing. and, uh, yea on the job thing too. basically, yea. i feel ya. i honestly use horses as a bit of escapism so it’s easy for me to dive down the rabbit hole of all things horses and pretend like the rest of my life isn’t a swirling shitnado lol. but. uh. that’s not necessarily the best approach. maybe the time off will be refreshing and you’ll come back eager to get back into the saddle again? anyway enjoy the family time!! and agreed with amanda – the whole saddle thing may be the one-size-fits-all solution to the bucking and conditioning. good luck!

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  4. I know what you’re saying. Everything is sort of blah right now. That said, I like my job in general, but right now it’s the time of year where all I do is teach and I’m just stressed, overworked, and exhausted and basically hate my job. I’ll feel better once I don’t have to teach so much (or at all). Plus I feel broke. Plus I have to start thinking about applying for promotion (why I hate academia–up or out) even through I technically can’t apply until next fall (but my dossier will take me that long) and I get it, it won’t be until July 2019.

    In general I just feel unmotivated. I should show a little bit and there are some fun shows coming up, but I have bill and probably shouldn’t. So maybe I’ll just do 1 more show this year. Really though, I just want to do some trail rides and maybe a paper chase or 2 if I can find people interested in doing low key stuff. I mostly just want to do something fun again. And then there is Batts heaves acting up again…

    Hopefully once you find a saddle that will help.

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      1. Yeah the whole heaves thing… it’s been on and off thing since last August that comes and goes, but sort of has gotten more persistent lately. He was on a supplement that was really helping then suddenly stopped helping? Feeding round bales don’t help less because it’s bad hay (it’s really good hay and I can get squares from the same farmer/field/hay), more because he sticks his entire head into the bale like the pig he is (I may go back to my round bale net to prevent this). Subi won’t eat soaked hay and he still coughs with netted small bale hay so…? Part of it’s an allergy component too. He was really bad 10 years ago when he was in a stall on winter so he’s always had some issues…

        I’ll avoid those wasps but THEY find ME!


  5. Giiiiiirl, I hear you about the job thing. I’m just…over it. And burned out. I hope you find some motivation…then pass it along to me!

    And I wish you godspeed on saddle shopping. Because that sucks.


  6. I have a bit of a different outlook because I have been through some really horrible things over the last year and so now I am just greatful to be alive, have horses and a farm.

    Spending time just chilling with my horses gives me the centering I need. I enjoy my job but don’t love it but the money gives me what I need to have horses.

    I just take it one day at a time, be thankful for the good things and smoke a joint – lol it’s not for everyone but it definitely keeps my mojo going and helps me relax and be happy!

    Positive vibes your way x


  7. I felt that way in the summer. Just super stressed, not happy in work and then horses were an escapism and then I didn’t want to ride…. it was a rabbit hole lol. It wasn’t motivation, per say, it was fixing things. Finding out what was making me so unhappy, and then changing it. It was small stuff, but still taking control of my life and making myself find the determination and not just motivation. I also realized I was unhappy at work because there isn’t much for me to do all the time, so I get very bored easily, and it was just yelling at myself to get my butt in gear. Which isn’t your case I know but still. I don’t love my job per say, but I love the environment and it’s a good job and I want to keep it.

    Also take a look at seasonal depression. I discovered that that’s what I have in the winter. I get depressed because it’s colder and there’s less light during the day and I feel a distinctive lack of energy and drive in the winter. Even in Vegas I get winter depression and it isn’t that cold here. But I’ve found if I go to a tanning salon 1x a week or every other week, it really helps my body to feel so much better. Just a thought 😊. Hope this helps a bit!


  8. I hear you. This is such a tough time of year (I am in Maine, so I get the whole “winter sucks” thing. I have no indoor and I am NOT a winter person). I like to revisit holes in training by fitting in more lessons in the fall, because you know at this point what you have to work on from a season of competing. And maybe a different saddle will help with the bucking, too!

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  9. Post-competition season is a nice time to take a step back and just do FUN STUFF! Ride around bareback, go on hunter paces and trail rides, ENJOY what made you fall in love with horses as a kid. Sometimes that’s all the refreshment we need!

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  10. I recommend saddle shopping and champagne. I frequently tell myself that work pays for pony and puppy. And then I frequently tell my immediate family that if I cannot have pony and puppy, I quit work asap so just chuck me into a state hospital at that point.

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