In Search of a Unicorn….

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seen at a shop in VA isn’t it adorable??

Spent the weekend in VA at my dad’s with my inlaws and husband, however, I got to escape (I mean leave early) to come back to DE for work they are still down there a couple more days..

So onto my unicorn search: I did surf the web a lot this weekend looking at saddles and I came to the conclusion that wow, there are not a lot of wide used saddles on the market. EVERY TIME I found something that sparked my interest, wahh wahh….MN or MW or N tree (Sellers, it would HELP to have that info on the subject line not buried in the description, thanks).

Me and Remus looking for a got the idea…

I have emailed my saddle fitter a few times to get some recommendations from her too but she must be on the road a lot cause I have not heard from her either….


So moving on, I will start e-mailing tack shops to see what wide tree jumping saddles they have in stock. I know you all recommended stuff a while back when I posted but any updates to vendors you have used or saddles you recommend would be great.

We need a wide tree but the most important part is the cantle can’t be too far over his loins (and with my big ass it has to be as I probably need at least a 17/5 if not an 18) and the stirrup bars have to be set wide too. I looked at Duett Saddles online and they just don’t do it for me.(they look like couches to me, Remus is wide but not that wide damn it that he needs a lazy boy for a saddle LOL).

SO far my top runners are Prestige in extra wide, Stubben if I could snare a monoflap to try, and possibly the Albion brand my saddle fitter had me try (Not the one I tried, that one was a horrendous chair seat but a different one maybe)?

Thanks for reading through this onslaught and hopefully I can find something to try soon. With the crazy ass weather (Jose is supposed to be affecting us today, it is sunny and hot wtf??), who knows when I will climb aboard again πŸ™‚ And inlaws are still here till the 30th. Woe is me.

But at least IΒ have good traveling companions right? Ollie and Gretchen are the best when it comes to travel. And quite often I would rather be my dogs than around people, so there is that too.

I did buy lots of media from Fair Hill and Blue Goose so hopefully I get those shots soon so I can share how pretty (and how bad) Remus can be at times!!

Other news is Fair Hill International is coming soon. I am hoping to meet up with other bloggers while there. SO EXCITING (Last year I had not even started blogging yet in October)!

Thank you for pushing me to start my own blog and fraidycateventing for having the bingo contest!! Who knew how addictive it would become! πŸ™‚

19 thoughts on “In Search of a Unicorn….

  1. Yeah, nooooooooothing is ever in wide. Dressage saddles I’ve found are a little easier to find in wide because of those huge warmbloods, but jump saddles are way rare. It really sucks. And I can’t wait to see all of those photos! I bet Remus will look great! Except when he was bucking LOL


  2. i’m glad you started blogging! hope to see you again at fair hill’s 3* again this year too – i’ll be there out and about, tho it’ll be a busy day (lesson in morning, wedding in evening, horse show the next day….) but fun fun!

    good luck with the saddle search too. i hate saddle shopping but it’s a necessary evil. i posted a list of online retailers here, in case you’re interested:

    most of them have pretty useful search functions too so you can pretty easily just click through and enter your terms (ie, w/xw, 18″, jump, leather, etc etc) to see who has got what in stock.

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      1. thanks Amanda also is already spending my money for me. Friends like you guys…LOL πŸ™‚ YAY Sat. I might try to take off and go for some of the YEH on Thu and Friday. I have a friend up here who has a Mighty Magic four year competing in it πŸ™‚


  3. Wish I could help more in the saddle area because I’ve tried every brand there is known to man…but I have the opposite of a QH so nothing I can recommend 😦 I’m sure it’s on your list, but mdtackexchange, Trumbull Mtn and Fine-Used-Saddles were my go-tos when I was looking for a saddle. I feel for ya.

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  4. I’ve ended up with County saddles for my girls. They definitely come wide enough and the trees tend to be flatter and more suited to their shape. The length on some of them could be a problem for you though, there were a couple that didn’t quite work for us because the panels came out a bit too far behind the seat. We didn’t end up having luck with Stubben, the ones we tried were all very curvy and more suited to something with withers, althought their xw tree could have worked width wise. I also tried a used Jeffries and they would have been perfect if I could have found someone local to fit and sell me a new one! Good luck!

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  5. Saddle shopping is such a nightmare. I recently had mine checked by the Antares rep (they sponsor my trainer and he was at the barn bringing a saddle to someone else) and he said my saddle fit Rio ok but needed lift upfront. Thankfully, I have about a million half pads, but I still want to try and getting something that fits him better in the future, I just HATE the idea of saddle shopping. Seriously- GOOD LUCK, sounds like you will need it LOL!

    ❀ Kelly @ HunkyHanoveriab


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