Dressage Lesson With Emily at Fox Mill, Finally!

download (20).png
I love this arena so much! (Note it is so hot that all the windows are open wide!) PHEW..

I haven’t had a lesson since early August with Emily so it was past time. Life and other issues got in the way. Per normal. And it turned to be one of the hotter days in September (But the next day was in the 90’s so I did luck out a bit).

Remus is getting his winter coat in (He has half dapples now which looks like someone forgot to finish painting him)!

download (21).png
see dapples up front, none behind…winter coat coming in but it was 88 degrees when I took this photo on Sat. WTH…

Since it was so hot this past weekend, I was glad I was hauling to Emily at Fox Mill for the indoor arena. The sun was brutal and as hot as it was in the arena with all the windows open it would have been worse outdoors in the sun for me and Remus!

As I stated we haven’t had a flat lesson in over a month so I expected rustiness. I threw Remus into the trailer after tacking him up in my ever faithful Zaldi (Hoping against hopes that there were no bucks, SPOILER ALERT there weren’t!) and off we went. It is about a 20 minute drive over to Emily’s give or take and I had plenty of time.

Once there, I parked and opened the trailer doors and waited. Emily had texted me right before i got to the farm that she was running a bit late (her and Audi had gone off to have a lesson themselves) so I texted her back and said no worries and just waited. Honestly Β I didn’t have to wait more time than it took to go use the facilities, and unload Remus put his bridle on and my helmet and gloves on and we were ready.

download (22).png
Remus wondering why he cant’ go out with the horses in the field next door…

And it was NOT bad. At all. Like I was shocked how good Remus was after A) Not being ridden since Fair Hill (yes over two weeks for those counting) and B) making him work with pushing him forward with spurs and whip and making him listen. We did a lot of trot work circling and diagonal and changing directions and just moving him forward. He was pretty darn good. For the canter, I was very timid with my aids. I was trying NOT to make him buck (so was not using my spurs on purpose). Which is probably not the best idea I have ever had. But even though that made for not great departures, he was polite, no bucks, and went into it pretty quick even if it wasn’t great. Like just a couple steps he was into the canter. Which when he bucks we lose all composure so this was better in the long run (I think LOL).

And once were in the canter we held it together for a few minutes each way, he lost it on the circle but we got it back and he was pretty forward at the canter too. One thing (of the zillion and one things) I have to work on is not letting him brace to the outside at the canter so i have to bring his nose in a bit on the bend. Which feels kind of funky but works. I was soaked with sweat and so was he but he was pretty damn good and I was happy with him. I told Emily maybe one day we will get it. one day…

We are definitively farther than we were last year so even with not enough work, slowly but surely we are getting there. No media unfortunate. One day I am going to twist Tanya or Jess and make them go and video….while I do a lesson.

Remus and me…butterfly goals….

So it was a great lesson and it was wonderful to catch up with Emily who is one of my favorite people! She is such a wonderful instructor but so down to earth that you feel like you are having drinks with friends rather than slaving down the long side to get your horse moving forward! HA!

giphy (9).gif

Hope everyone else had a fabulous weekend and lots of horsey time! (or if not horsey time, drinks with friends works too!)

10 thoughts on “Dressage Lesson With Emily at Fox Mill, Finally!

    1. I am not riding again till this breaks, this heat. It is HORRIBLE out today. And i saw a wasp by my trailer the other day and thought of you…..usually we have swapped night turn out by now. it is too hot to go out during the day still. Send the husband out with wasp spray πŸ™‚


  1. i’m so jealous of Remus’s gorgeous dapples! charlie legit looked moth eaten when he lost chunks of his summer coat before sprouting the winter fuzzies. so… he legit had bald spots haha. does that count as “reverse” dapples???? lol πŸ˜‰

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