Blue Goose Photos September 2nd (Not Too Shabby, Remus)

remus head shot.jpg
love his expression, his mane has since been pulled and he looks like a drowned rat here but love his eyes šŸ™‚ Pay no attention to my horrible piano hands!

I was hoping to get both sets of digital media from both events but Annie Duncan Photography, while expensive, delivered quickly. GRC Photos from Fair Hill, well, we know their history with me so I hope I get them in the next week and I hope they are the right photos. They got some good shots again though and I literally got 15 shots for HALF the price of five shots at Blue Goose. Sigh.


Getting these photos made me remember how freaking cold I was that day. It has been humid again and hot so this is kind of a distant memory right now(except it was like early September and should not have been that cold!). I was pleased with how they came out. Considering it was raining its ass off all day I don’t know how the photographer got such good shots.

images (2).jpg

I have one print I bought and I got a digital copy of that too but haven’t received that one yet. Most of these are from his dressage which yeah I have very little media from that so this is good!!

Who is a cute pony (and who needs to lose weight and get her damn shoulders back yeah, that would be me)?
again SIT BACK woman….arghhh isn’t he cute though!

These following pictures are not great but he is so stinking cute especially since even if you can’t see it it is RAINING HARD in these (You can tell by his ears back and my eyes trying to see thru the forest of rain)! LOL HA He must have thought wtf woman!

so cute with his ears up..and you can see the rain piling up on my breeches in this shot. SO WET! UGH
i needed windshield wipers about now so did Remus…what a good chap though…when he is on he is on!

Overall, I am very pleased how these came out and also pleased how he responded to a very crappy day. I forget how good he really is when I start fussing at him. He gets very little conditioning and not a lot of riding in between events and he is pretty much the same scrappy pony willing to give it a shot every time. Not to mention he hasn’t had a saddle fit him right in months!

Also his dressage photos while NOT brilliant show an inkling of better tests to come. (AND HONESTLY this is not a 40 test…sorry judge). He had some above the frame moments but he was pretty damn good. And for Remus to be this steady is amazing. We are s-l-o-w-l-y getting there. I really did squeal when I saw these proofs. Maybe down deep we have a dressage pony waiting to appear? Maybe?

Do you get a sense of pride when you get the proofs back or am just a goofball? I get a bit emotional when I think of how far he has come (he could NOT EVEN carry a canter about 5 years ago!!). And he hadn’t jumped a bit when I got him….for my wimpy self and his stubborn self, I think we are a pretty good team!

13 thoughts on “Blue Goose Photos September 2nd (Not Too Shabby, Remus)

  1. LOVE the photos! He looks great! I think he knows how cute he is lol. Yeah that’s Amber, too. She may not be fit, but she’s always game to try for me. And absolutely better tests to come! He looks really fantastic, Michele. Love those first 2 photos, too! Look at his sweet expression and how far those hocks are coming underneath him. Go Remus! And Go Michele!

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  2. he looks seriously cute in all of those – they turned out great! jealous that you got pro shots from dressage too! i only get nice dressage pics when austen, megan or liz come around with their fanceh cameras lol.

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    1. these are the only shots i have of Remus in dressage. Too bad he wasnt cleaner, trimmed and it wasnt raining šŸ™‚ And yes Austen/Megan/Liz would be my pros of choice honestly:) They were expensive but the poor photographer literally stood out in pouring cold rain all day so i felt like i had to buy some!! Even though they cost almost half my board bill LOL!


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