Summing Up This Week and Next, Remus Style

Guys, it has been a long week, how can it only be Thursday? Am I right?

Work still sucks, the weather is delightful (albeit a bit warm) and I haven’t ridden all week due to other commitments.  And we are still looking for a house and I just want to crawl into a hole and cry some days.

So when Shawn from my barn texted me this a.m. I had to laugh out loud. This sums up  my whole week in totality.

When you eat all night and just can’t anymore when you come back in….(He has hay in the net no thanks) #snoozetime #buckskinneedsnap

She brought all the horses up this morning and was checking the barn before going in and saw this and had to snap the photo. He had a hard night and now needs to rest up obviously. I don’t think he was this tired after the paper chase. Oh Remus. You just bring a smile to a crappy day!

Anyone have fun plans this upcoming weekend? I am possibly CC schooling on Sunday at St. Augustine with Sally but not sure since the forecast is RAIN (which we need so I can’t fuss too much, or can I?). Next week I hope to have a lesson with Sally at Straight Up too!

giphy (5)
Pretty sure this is the only way I could possibly run fast!

Mark and I have a one mile fun run on Saturday (yes I agree there is no fun in run but at least it is only a mile). And we still need to look at more houses. So busy, per normal.

But next week is FHI! Which I very much need a few days of fun very badly right now that doesn’t require me to think too much! I look forward to Fair Hill with Antici….well you get it! LOL
getWell to FHI but not so much to the 5k I signed up for just cause Austen was doing it (Peer Pressure disclaimer: She did not peer pressure me into it I just decided to sign up on a whim so TOTALLY  my own fault!).

9 thoughts on “Summing Up This Week and Next, Remus Style

  1. I’ve been having a pretty shit week and Trainer texted me yesterday asking if I wanted to go play on cross country on Saturday, cuz she has a baby that might need some leads. I just about died with joy. It’s amazing how much something fun to look forward to can really help pull you through a swamp of shit.

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  2. Oh yeah this has absolutely been one hell of a slow week. I can’t believe it’s only Thursday. Feels like it should be Monday of next week already. But I have a 3 day weekend so I was planning on doing a jump day! Makes me excited so I can pull thru the rest of the week lol. So it’s not just you 😊

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  3. I have nothing fun planned for the weekend – although I may make the trek to Kansas City to watch my barn friends ride in a horse trial. We’ll see what the weather looks like, right now it’s a whole lotta rain

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  4. Man I feel Remus in that picture. Life is tuff sometimes big guy!! Good luck with the house hunt and I’m really looking forward to seeing you at FHI for all the fun stuff!

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  5. Just started reading (why?! I’ve only seen your comments 1000 times and apparently I’m just lazy?) and um, I LOVE Remus and I relate to that photo so hard.


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