I Did A Bad, Bad Thing (Foot Issues Again)


Remember my run on Saturday? Yeah I ran it, and managed to hurt my foot even worse. UGH. I was in the boot as much as possible the rest of the weekend to try to heal it up a bit. The good news is it is better today. The bad news is I ended up not riding all weekend due to the excruciating pain that was my heel all weekend long.Β  Silly silly me.

yes my walk has gotten pretty silly especially wearing the boot, clomp clomp clomp

So I am pretty sure I am not running the 5k on Sat at Fair Hill. I will go root others on (And pick up my bib and swag). But I think if I felt that bad after running one mile, I would die doing 3 miles up and down the hills of Fair Hill.


I do have a lesson with Sally tomorrow nite. YAY. Riding time. Course it is humid as hell and supposed to be mid 80s. UGH.

giphy (1).gif
us probably tomorrow around 5 pm. HOT HOT HOT

Has anyone seen Fall and if so can you tell it to come to Delaware asap? Thanks muchly!Β  Would appreciate some cooler weather and less humidity especially with all the horses already getting their winter coats.

giphy (2).gif
What it should be like
giphy (3)
What it is like right now.
giphy (4).gif
If it would just cool up a eensy bit, we will! πŸ™‚

Stubben is coming Thursday to try the pretties on Remus. Here is hoping that the weather will cooperate and it will cool up a bit. Not sure on either πŸ™‚

24 thoughts on “I Did A Bad, Bad Thing (Foot Issues Again)

  1. Huh. Foot got worse after running? Shocker πŸ™‚ I should email this link to your podiatrist. You know. Colleague solidarity and all. LOL!!!

    Seriously though I’m sorry it hurt worse (kinda) and please wear the dang boot and stop hurting yourself more.

    Good luck on the saddle fitting!!! I hope something works wonderfully for the both of you.

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  2. Oh no! Sorry about your heel 😧 that’s gotta really really hurt. And yay for lessons! That’s got to be exciting the stubben rep is finally coming down soon!

    And seriously WTF how are you guys still in the 90s?! With the chilly north wind it’s 65 down here! And yes right now 65 is chilly lol it’s why I live in a desert lol!

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  3. Oh no about your foot!! Yeah, running at FH isn’t the smartest idea πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ So jealous you get to go watch that! Say hi to Trainer B for me!

    And I hear ya about the weather. I’m in NC and it’s still ridiculous- 80’s with sooo much humidity. I have a towel permanently slung over my shoulder because my face is constantly dripping. Yuck.

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    1. Who is Trainer B? Email me if you want (martidoll@gmail.com) to give me a heads up I love when I know people ride with people while they competing. UGh now it looks like at least one or two days are rain (As long as humidity goes I would probably take it) Wouldnt be Fair Hill without rain/cold/wet right:) Just never been HUMID. LOL


  4. ugh what a bummer about the foot 😦 hopefully you’ll at least still be up for walking a bit on saturday??? anyway fall IS coming, i’m sure of it. it’s just….. a little delayed, is all. i think / hope / pray. hope the lesson was good!

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