Sally Lesson at Straight Up: HANDS UP!

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Me lately

Hot Hot Hot

Before Lesson: Maybe NOT as humid as Monday and it is not raining but guys it is OCTOBER 10th. And I am wearing shorts as I type this before getting changed to go ride in my lesson. WTF. The air conditioning is blowing in my office. SERIOUSLY. I am not a happy person right now.

After Lesson: I did not melt but I was pretty damn hot riding. The gnats were bad, it was humid, and what do you know my pony had some forward. Will wonders never cease?

Put Your Hands Up

hands up, hands up
hands up (do we see a theme?)

Guys, it was very hot getting Remus ready at the barn. Like I had just taken a shower before going and I was soaked with sweat and my hair was in my face brushing Remus. It did not help that Remus had rolled in some gross mud/tar concoction the night before. I gave him a quick brush and shrugged knowing Sally probably has seen him worse.

Remus yesterday

I threw him in the trailer and ran to put boots on grab helmet etc and headed out. I was excited to see Tanya’s new horse Ellie and ready to get this lesson over with. LOL

I got to Straight Up in plenty of time for my lesson. AND STILL PROCEEDED TO BE ABOUT A MINUTE late to it. I had to go use the bathroom which involves a trek up the hill (TMI?) then I had to meet Ellie (SO CUTE) then I talked to Tanya and her mom. (OH before this Brooks the owner of the barn came by my trailer and truck to chat with me and I somehow misplaced my keys) SO I was a red hot mess. And by the time I got Remus ready I was freaking out where my keys were but then knew I had to ride. Worse case scenario, Brooks could throw Remus in a paddock and Tanya would give me a ride home. LOL (they were in the barn on the tack box when I went to the bathroom, yeah).


Got up to the ring and hopped on. I was a bit worried as I didnt have a huge warm up but I am not sure what buckskin I grabbed but I am pretty sure it was not Remus! He was forward and moving for once. Like what?? WHO are you horse?

Sally started Moo off first and he promptly refused the white gate. OH MOO. But then he proceeded to jump the shit out of everything else that whole lesson. SO maybe he needed that first refusal? Remus cantered promptly when I asked him and headed toward the jump. I was a bit confused that he was pretty forward for him. Sally asked me to move him even more forward on my approach and he went forward. Scratching my head. It is hot as hell out here and he is MOVING ahead to my leg? Baffles the brain. But I will take it!

Anyway, the theme of the lesson for me was forward and HANDS UP. Sally had me move my hands up as I landed since Remus is so damn top-front heavy she says not only would it help left him up more but it would push my shoulders back. It worked (When I remembered to do it, poor Sally)!

We did a bunch of the jumps and Remus did get one rail where I honestly think he was looking where Moo had gone (He was right there, dufus) and wasn’t paying attention but he was really good and listening to me and moving forward and what do you know? It was a pleasure to ride?? Wait?? Where has this horse been (have I really had this horse for the last five years or more and just now found his speed button)?

Yes Remus I did miss you 🙂 And miss Captain Jack too LOL

We ended up on a last course that I of course said no way to (Did I say it was hot, I was hot as eff by then) but then I jumped it of course cause Sally told me to. HA. It was pretty good and we were done. I had some really nice jumps in the lesson (and some not so nice ones) but there were definitely more of the first kind this lesson. YAY. He jumped everything I pointed him at which is definitely a pleasure, more and more. I can concentrate on pace and strides and not will he jump it or not! At one point, Sally told me to do two strides instead of three and I looked at her and said, OH SALLY you know you will get what you get from us, right? (We almost got it and did get it the next time so yes us!)  She just laughs at us most lessons. I think I might be too honest sometimes (I have the Austin Powers problem of no inner monologue at times).

download (21)
Note the rapid strip tease of tack being throw off after we are done. Also note the wild pony taking off (NOT)

The photos I took of Ellie (Tanya’s new QH/Draft cross) didn’t come out (The sun was about down by then so more photos next time of her. She is really really cute and doing well fitting in! I can’t wait till she shows her next year! So even though it was hot as balls it was worth doing all that to get a lesson in with Sally! The worse part was getting back to Remus’ barn and having it almost be dark (and be dark when I was driving home after unloading and feeding Remus and getting him settled in the field). UGH deer are out. I saw three leaving Straight Up.

I am excited to watch Sally ride at Fair Hill this weekend (and all the other pretty horses that come out to play)! I have today to get through work and then OFF TILL MONDAY WHOOHOO! Good times am I right?



12 thoughts on “Sally Lesson at Straight Up: HANDS UP!

  1. Omg, those gifs had me rolling! Remus was probably thinking if he was speedy, the lesson would be over quicker. Seriously, WHERE IS OCTOBER? Good luck to Sally this weekend! Trainer B texted me that he scratched (good for me because hellloooo lesson), so he won’t be there anymore. Now I’m going to go back to work in my air conditioned office WITH the fan blowing on me. Because it’s like 86 today. WTF.

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    1. too bad your trainer wont be at FH but yay for a lesson! (Hope it cools off) it is supposed to be cooler here tomorrow and Friday then back up warmish for the weekend. If the humidity would clear out it would be better all around! Stay cool!


  2. Seriously, fall has decided to sleep in and hit the snooze a million times this year. I walked out my door and wandered why it was 9000% humidity and 80 degrees at 7 am. Summer go away! You had your turn.

    Glad Remus came out with his nitro burners on and ready to go. His dapples are gorgeous. Buckskin is my dream color so I’m a big fan already but man he looks sharp!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. he has definite darkening going on with his winter coat oh and tar. yes that is tar on his flanks from some tree or other LOL. he is dirt colored thank goodness for me but I do love the way he sparkles in the sunlight 😉


  3. bleh i’m totally melting too. this is unconscionable. wth weather! i’m honestly impressed you did such an intense lesson too, i’ve been…… not working very hard lol. and probably won’t work very hard this weekend either (unless watching all the pretty ponies and wandering around from fence to fence constitutes “work” lol)

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    1. totally totally counts as work. Which is why I figured i had better ride yesterday LOL! (I am not very motivated at this moment and havent even signed up for anything else in the near future till this WEATHER BREAKS) UGH. See you soon!


  4. I put 6 in a 5 like four times last week in my lesson, so I feel ya. It was 80 here (and I WAS NOT COMPLAINING INDIANA) and then suddenly today it’s 50 and raining. I hate it. Why did I move here?

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  5. I hope y’all have a freaking blast this weekend! I’ll be driving kind of by you on my way to Cape May for the week, so I’ll wave in the direction of Fair Hill!

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