Saddle Fitting, Stübben Style

Drum Roll Please…

giphy (4).gif
Cause every blog post needs more Dave Grohl and Animal in it right? 🙂

Thursday was a long long day and I introduced myself to Morgan at the Stübben tent at FHI. It was cold and it was wet and I wondered a few times if we could even do the fitting (We would have had to haul to Fox Mill for the arena which was doable but would add even more time on an already long ass day)!

got to try all the pretty saddles!

Morgan had told me it would be around 630 but lucky for me she closed up early and came out to meet Remus and try saddles on even earlier! Which helped because it gets dark so early now (We do have lights in the ring but that tends to bring the spooky side of Remus out). We lucked out in the weather as in rain went away so that was good!

The Saddles

First off I have to show you the pink and black monoflap (Zaria) which I am sad to say we did not try on Remus (Not that I want that color but still it would have been a giggle to put on him!) We were planning to but she had a regular brown monoflap we put on him instead (I got no photos of the monoflap or the double flapped Zaria on Remus, massive fail on my part). By the end of the fitting we were all over the map so completely forgot to pull that saddle out of her magical Hermoine bag (aka Prius that held so many saddles)!

Zaria Monoflap, black with pink trim

All the saddles we tried, I actually liked! ALL OF THEM. Like when does that happen? First off though Morgan took a look at Remus and while agreeing he is wide she said due to how the trees are on these saddles, he is not a wide. He wears a….wait for it….are you ready for this….a 29 tree. UM wait and I have been searching for a 32 tree. GOOD THING I DIDN’T FIND ONE, EH? So after scooping me off the ground where I lay in shock we started trying saddles out. And this is great when all the saddles fit you and your horse pretty well but omg this is hard when you keep trying and you are like umm I like them all! All of them.  I WANT ALL OF THE PRETTIES.

tenor (2).gif
Me after trying four saddles….
REmus enough
Remus after we took the first one off and put the second one on..WAIT what is this madness he says!

Remus was NOT impressed with our search for the ultimate saddle (see photo above as proof!). He in fact gave me several middle fingers to show unimpressed he was. He refused to canter, he was spooky and looky, and was certain his buddies had left him (THEY were in the paddock in line of vision, they had NOT left). Morgan laughed at him because drama queen he was. But the good thing was that I could ride him in all the saddles. And make him go. So yay? But damn, horse, did you have to make me work so hard the whole time. I need a plan or at least a pla’ while looking for saddles, please so work with me Remus.

Remus and me

Anyway, the Monoflap Zaria was pure pleasure to ride in as we kind of suspected might happen. They also have a double flapped Zaria (which is the same but about 1000 dollars less without the monoflap which makes it about 3500 or 3600 so not like it is bargain basement prices but at least not 4500!). That one Morgan thought I rode Remus in the best. The monoflap may have fit Remus a smidge better but she though the regular Zaria would do fine. I rode in a Roxanne which I liked a lot and I can’t even remember how much that cost, it was very comfy and had front and rear blocks which were great and kept me very secure, and I loved the Biomex seat a lot. I also was comfy and snug in the Portos. And that one I think was the most affordable one of all. So after all that where am I?? I don’t know! If I buy new, I can customize a bit so the double flapped Zaria I can put rear blocks on it (The one I was in did not have them but had the same front blocks as the monoflap which was great security!).

Roxane , I loved the blocks both front and back! and that seat was to DIE for.
download (32)
saddle saddles everywhere OMG  I think this was the Portos. Head was spinning by this time.

Next Steps

Morgan is going to look for demos and/or used for me as well. SO at least I found something that can work. I did a small cross rail in the Zaria double flapped and it seemed okay but by that time I was ready for the loony bin and Remus had turned off the lights on his front porch so we were done with that. I didn’t walk away feeling like I had to buy a new saddle right then (only cause I am so damn cheap) but I am pleased I found something that might work. Poor Morgan I feel for her. She really enjoyed fitting a Quarter Horse and seemed to enjoy Remus with all his shenanigans.  She worked for that fitting fee though I tell you.

We shall see what we find, she wanted me to put a deposit down on the Zaria double flapped to try over the weekend but I knew I wasn’t going to ride any because of FH so I declined for that part. She was very nice and not pushy at all and had a great sense of humor (A must!) and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking for a saddle to fit a wide horse.

me doing the math at the barn…

She sent one to me already that was a used double flapped Zaria but it didn’t have the rear blocks and I really think I want that. I really liked them all and the leather while not the best in my mind, looked sturdy for me which is more important than having the softest calf leather which I would destroy I am pretty sure. I really don’t want new though for the break in period and the cost both!!  My only beef with all the regular saddles (ahem but not the monoflap) is the billets are short short short on them all. And for that reason we had to use Sterling’s girth again which is too big but all the 50 inches and below wouldn’t work on the saddles with the short billets.  So a new girth would have to be bought as well. Details right? The billets are very thick and again being so short they would make it tough girthing for a while through the breaking in period.  Stay tuned for updates as they happen!

we wait…


20 thoughts on “Saddle Fitting, Stübben Style

  1. Yay for saddles that fit! Although having too many too choose from is almost as bad as not having any to choose from…what do the rear blocks do? I don’t think I’ve ever had them on my saddles.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I can let someone more knowledgable answer (Amanda….?) but they seem to keep my leg from going too far back to the point of no return) 🙂 That monoflap had them that i tried before and I felt so secure.


      1. Ahhhh ok. I had a small triangular shaped block on the bottom rear flap of my CWD but it was in a pointless place. Never had something like the block in the picture you put up. But I won’t go there, I JUST bought the Voltaire. I wish you had tried on the black/pink Zaria!

        Liked by 1 person

  2. It’s so hard when different saddle companies have different measurements. I mean, what do they all equal?! Amber’s a 36 cm in prestige, wide in most other brands, but that’d be interesting for Stubben – would she be like a 30 or something? It’s so hard to tell! Which is why saddle shopping is the pits lol. I’m glad they fit though! That’s at least one thing you don’t have to worry about haha. But uhm…..still adore that monoflap…. 😉 lol!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Yay!! I am a Stubben gal through and through, so I am happy for you that you found some options that work for you both! Sometimes the used search is frustrating, but you will find something. (I luckily found my latest Stubben dressage saddle in the exact seat and gullet size as a demo on the Stubben North America site and it was much less than half the price of a new one. When it arrived, it looked brand new and had never even had a girth on it! I was so excited!!!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i was surprised how comfortable they all were. Like even the portos was comfortable even though that was the cheapest one they had. Usually the cheapest ones are the ones that feel like a rock 😉


  4. This was really interesting to read since I’m going on the saddle hunt here too and apparently none of the French brands are going to fit my horse. Hadn’t considered Stubben, but might have to add them to the list!

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I had a Butet before my Antares and hated the thing. Granted, that’s a sample size n=1, so that shouldn’t really stop me from writing them off… Weird horse has a weird back and withers like a camel’s hump, so saddle shopping is! SO! FUN!


  5. i’m so glad you found so many options that worked for both you and remus!!!! a lot of folks i know with stubbens LOVE them – and i actually looked at a ton while shopping for izzy, just had trouble with getting a good fit on her. good luck finding your ultimate unicorn!

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  6. I was really impressed with Stubben when I spoke wh them at Rolex. They were very knowledgable and sounded like their trees were ahead of the game compared to others.


  7. So many choices! It’s very exciting that you were able to find some viable options through this fitting. So happy for you 🙂


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