Blog Hop: NaBloPoMo (Daily Blogging?That is Scary!)

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Still one of my guilty pleasures, and I still watch part of it behind my fingers! LOL

Happy Halloween all! Hope you have leftover candy tonight and enough adult beverages to go around if possible (always buy more beverages than candy, you may need it!). If you aren’t where Halloween is celebrated, go get yourself a piece of chocolate and a glass of wine. There you are celebrating too! ๐Ÿ™‚

Now onto the blog hop! I am going to try to do this. Some of these blogs postings might be very short!! But Clover Ledge Farmย is doing it so I will try as well.ย  Because I may not win ribbons too often but I do have a competitive streak a mile long somewhere down deep.



Here is the list starting November 1st, be ready to be bored (and entertained probably at the same time!) HA.

November 1st-November 30th
Day 01- When and why you started riding
Day 02- The last time you rode a horse and what you did
Day 03- Your best riding
Day 04- A ride that impacted your life
Day 05- Your first fall
Day 06- Your favorite tack and riding clothes you have (brand/color/other details)
Day 07- Your favorite ribbon won at a show and why
Day 08- A little about the barn/stable you ride at
Day 09- Any injuries that occurred from riding
Day 10- How your family/friends feel about your riding
Day 11- Find a horse for sale online that you would want to buy
Day 12- Favorite horse color
Day 13- A video of your horse/you riding
Day 14- Your dream barn/farm
Day 15- If you could speak to any horse, dead or alive, what would you say?
Day 16- Your favorite equine memory
Day 17- Your equestrian idol
Day 18- Your grooming routine
Day 19- A discipline you would like to do that youโ€™ve never done before
Day 20- Your favorite horse show
Day 21- Your perfect schooling outfit
Day 22- The importance of riding in your life
Day 23- Critique a famous/well known equestrian jumping round of your choosing
Day 24- Your best riding friend
Day 25- Your dream trailer
Day 26- Biggest riding pet peeve
Day 27- You know you’re an equestrian whenโ€ฆ.. (Give 5 original ones)
Day 28- Helmet or no helmet?
Day 29- A style/trend in tack/riding apparel that you donโ€™t like
November 30: Day 30- Your future with horses
Ready, Set, GO! Tune in tomorrow! Can’t wait to read everyone else’s too!

13 thoughts on “Blog Hop: NaBloPoMo (Daily Blogging?That is Scary!)

  1. i always love prompts like that for blogging but am too impulsive when it comes to “omg but i want to write about this important topic right nowwww” while otherwise interesting drafts or pre-scheduled posts languish unpublished lol….. looking forward to following along tho!

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    1. i am kind of at a standstill right now so maybe this will prompt some writing ๐Ÿ™‚ Course it may mean everyone stops following me cause they will have fallen asleep ๐Ÿ™‚ HA HA


      1. I just intersperse NaBloPoMo with anything “important” I want to write! The Novembers I have participated in this have been my most prolific (and maybe most boring for others haha)! ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  2. Fun! I can’t wait to follow along, and I might even join in on a few. (Family coming into town for Thanksgiving, a new house, and general work craziness might make posting everyday an instant fail) Great ideas!

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