Fun Day at Plantation This Weekend (No Riding Involved)!

fave paris photo
Seriously the cutest face in the world! Meet Paris!

I helped out a friend (Brooks from Straight Up) this weekend on Saturday with her lovely, lovely OTTB mare, “Paris” and almost stole and brought the mare home with me! Paris was so sweet and well behaved and so pretty!! I kept telling Brooks I was stealing her but I also assured her I would not be riding her (She is a young tbred after all).

She was really fresh for dressage but so cute!

Anyway they did well on a coolish breezy day at the Plantation Halloween Event. Their dressage score was around 35 which was about midpack and she did a nice test albeit a bit of looky lous going on. Brooks was a bit concerned on how looky Paris was being but she ended up with one refusal in stadium (spooky spooky jumps LOL) and one rail and then clean cross country so it was a fabulous day for her. Paris is so willing and so game. She really impressed me. I think she ended up 7th. Plantation has a tendency to be kind of wild with cool breezes and lots of flapping tarps etc. It did not disappoint. LOL. A lot of horses were feeling pretty fresh!

I had a great day hanging out with friends and babysitting Paris while they all went and walked the course. I also realized I was very glad I did not ride as the courses were challenging per normal at Plantation. The BN had some huge ass jumps and three water crossings alone and the Intro had some other challenges that would have ended me on my ass mostly likely!!

There were lots of costumes but I only got a couple photos of the best ones that I saw while I was there. I am sure more came out after I left. The Intro and Elementary are usually the ones with the most costume and I was done by 2 so didn’t get to see many of them though I did see one person with wings that looked intriguing!

Very cute unicorn (unfortunately my quick snap as they trotted by didn’t get a good shot of the horn)!

Sunday it rained its ass off so I am glad Saturday was a glorious fall day! I should have ridden on Saturday as due to rain I couldn’t on Sunday (it was TORRENTIAL) but I do not regret spending a fun day drooling over very nice horses! I have a lesson this upcoming week with Emily hopefully so am looking forward to riding again!! Did everyone else have a fun horse-filled weekend??

download (3)
Indian with headdress, getting ready to do dressage LOL! Great appy!

Now I have to decide today (MONDAY) if i am signing up for the last event of the year  for next weekend(Need to decide on intro or elementary, am toying with just signing up for Open Elem and just doing the same test and having fun on smaller jumps since we haven’t jumped much!). Or just skipping it. We shall see!!

Pretty much a given we will make a spectacle somehow 🙂

11 thoughts on “Fun Day at Plantation This Weekend (No Riding Involved)!

  1. oh well THOSE THAT PROCRASTINATE GET NOTHING. The event is full. 😦 I had my entry ready to submit. No worries they are calling for rain now for Sunday!! I dont think it has ever filled up before!! Wow.


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