Day 06–Your Favorite Tack & Riding Clothes

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Here are a few of my favorite things (if you have Julie Andrews singing  in your head now, you are welcome)!

We know Amanda ( steered me to a lot of my purchases. But she has good taste I give her that!! My wallet may hate her but she never steers me wrong! HA!

Mango Bay Belts

download (8)
These are the 2 newest to  my collection!

Mango Bay belts are amazing! For not being a belt person I now have four or five of these. Love them, they are good with jeans or breeches and they are comfy and attractive. Win-Win! Thanks Amanda for showing me them in 2016 at FHI!

Eponia Bridle

Another Amanda-influenced purchase (IS there a therapy group? There should be!) but I do love how this Eponia Cookie bridle (it is a combo brown and black and is even sharper in person) looks on Remus and love the leather and shhh actually want another just brown one to go with the new saddle…..I think I need help.

pay no attention to the crappy rain and the crappy reins (HA ) the bridle is the key here! I had swapped the Eponia reins off due to the rain.

Stubben Saddle

My precious…said in the best Gollum voice EVER!

IT IS ON ITS WAY! (This is not the actual saddle but what it looks like from Stubben site!). Stubben is having its holiday sale. And they actually had one of the Zaria Optimum Monoflaps in Remus’ size and my size. GULP after paying for it, I promptly went into a fetal ball. It has a 29 tree, a 17.5 seat, has biomex seat which I LOVE and is a monoflap. These monoflaps were so out of my league in cost, I was looking at the other models in the sale then found this one (I actually found two on the site and hemmed and hawed over which one to buy). And it actually cost a lot less than I thought it would. I am sure it being a demo, it will need some TLC but if it works how excited will you all be to get me to SHUT UP about searching for a saddle!

tenor (3).gif

I go back and forth between EXCITEMENT and HORROR that I spent so much. It is on the UPS truck right now and should be here today (fingers crossed)! I have seven days to make sure it works for both of us. I am still so skeptical that I might have found something. But if it works it will definitely be one of my favorite things! For sure! Oh, I just got this text while writing this blog on Sunday!

Hi, you have a package coming tomorrow.
tenor (2).gif
Me sitting on my front stoop all day today in the rain stalking the UPS truck!

Other Favorites

I have lots of other favorite things: My Majyk Equipe boots (both original flavor and PURPLE), my Kerrits blue show coat, my One K helmet with sunglasses no less, my MDC stirrups, and my ROMFH show shirt with magnetic collar (Cool and clever, all in one shirt). I know there is more!!

Listing all this I realize the only thing Amanda didn’t make me buy was the helmet (found on Tack of the Day) and the show shirt (found on Riding Warehouse so definitely still Amanda’s fault).

Hope all had a great weekend! I have a busy week up ahead if the weather cooperates. Lesson with Sally on Wed, CC schooling with Sally Saturday maybe, and a Paper Chase on Sunday! YAY!

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18 thoughts on “Day 06–Your Favorite Tack & Riding Clothes

  1. That saddle looks LOVELY! How fun to find the exact one you want on sale! Yay!! And I am totally with you on the Mango Bay belts. I believe I was also influenced by Amanda and caved this past summer to buying three of them LOL! 😉

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  2. YAY THAT SADDLE LOOKS AWESOME OMG!!! Congrats!! I so hope it’s perfect for you guys. Crossing all fingers and toes and knocking on tons of wood! I’m waiting for Black Friday to buy me some Majyk Equipe boots, more breeches, and a few other things I’ve been waiting on until the end of show season (I am SO HOPING the sale is HUGE at RW otherwise I’m going to be so broke for Christmas lol).

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  3. Totally with ya on the MB belts, ME boots, and One K Helmet 🙂 SO EXCITED FOR YOUR SADDLE TO COME!!! Fingers crossed that it works for you guys. I also still cringe when I think about how much I spent on my saddle, but worth it to have one that actually fits!

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  4. I blame Amanda for my Animo addiction. It’s a problem.
    And SO exciting for your saddle to come! I did my second test ride in Countys this weekend and the rep is going to let me show in them this weekend. My bank account is already quivering in fear…

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    1. depending on cost if they are over 1500 they are returnable with a restocking fee and you pay shipping. Considering how much this saddle was I am fine with that knowing I can return it. The under 1500 are not returnable I dont think! I know i could sell this one for more than I paid for it most likely there are some good deals on that site!!


  5. Finally caught up on all your posts. SO FUN! I love this topic as well- what is better then discussing what we throw our money at?!? I actually just got my first mango bay belt from Dover- I twas on clearance for $7!!!! NO JOKE. I’m obsessed with it already and now I may need to buy more. I have been thinking of trying ME boots for Rio as well… don’t tempt me!!

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