Day 07–Your Favorite Ribbon(s) Won & Why

giphy (8)
Me on most days LOL!

I have not gotten a lot of ribbons really. I have showed a lot but quite often didn’t place or got those lovely pinks (fifth) and whites (fourth) when I did place. All is fine though. I love ribbons but really don’t mind if I don’t place. Especially in the  horse trials events. Just getting through them in one piece is ribbon enough for me. HA I often forget to even check my scores. Get thru dressage, stadium and cc, go home!

Remus has done okay at the Combined Training and a few horse trials events though. He usually places in the top five there or even the top two once in a while and one time we actually WON (I had already left the premises by then and Tanya had to text me to tell me) HA! I just gathered them up to take a photo and considering I have not shown that much we have a bit of a collection going on.

download (45).png
Note Ollie wondering why the camera is not focused on him 🙂

SO I don’t really have a favorite ribbon but I do have this collection of ribbons that I have gotten on Remus in the last few years. I won a few things back in the day as a kid and have some silver bowls and platters but no idea what happened to the ribbons I did win. But I do collect Remus’ ribbons. Because I am a 51 year old nerd. Not that there is anything wrong with that!

download (47).png
even the box is pretty!!

On other more exciting news: The SADDLE IS HERE, THE SADDLE IS HERE and it is so pretty I may just leave it at my house and just gaze upon it for days on end. OH wait am I supposed to ride in it? It is too pretty to ride in.  Photos of actual saddle to come soon!

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6 thoughts on “Day 07–Your Favorite Ribbon(s) Won & Why

  1. OMG when I first got my Prestige I legit set it on the back of the sofa and stared at it. I just left it there for like 3 days and would walk past it and pet the soft leather….yeah I know; so weird LOLOL But I just loved looking at it! It’ll get dirty once it goes out to the barn! lol And uhhhh…..I still collect Amber’s ribbons lol I mark them actually. For what class it was lol Nerd.

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  2. Oh, pretty saddle! I so wanted that exact one, sadly not to be for B’s ultrawide self, so I’m going to be stalking yours from afar (in an admiring non creepy way, of course 🙂

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