Day 11–Find a Horse For Sale Online (Nope)

Well duh don’t we all want a Unicorn?

Find a Horse For Sale Online That You Would Want to Buy

So let’s be serious. I haven’t bought a horse in years. My current horse was free. And my earlier acquisitions…were sketchy to say the least. LOL the last TOP dollar I paid for  a horse was probably 4k back when I was a young adult. SO to be fair. IF I was buying a horse I most likely would ask Amanda to pick me one out. She knows what I like (exactly what she doesn’t like: splashy color, slow mover, easy going, and quiet and calm). She mostly likely would pick me out something more competitive that I would, knowing her. But I would listen and look at what she picked out. She also would pick something that was more expensive than I was looking for….:) But that is the norm with her.

BUT if  I had to pick I have a few options. I don’t do Thoroughbreds (and nothing against some kick ass Tbreds out there) so am mostly looking at Morgans, QHs, Paints. Which aren’t the best options if you want to event. But they are out there. I also don’t need anything too tall at 5.4.

One would be a Morgan again. But it would have to be a sport Morgan not a Saddlebred looking thing. I did a quick search online and…didn’t find much. WTH? I honestly couldn’t find one to post here, but I am sure I would get people like Clover Ledge Farm to help me find one and I would find what I wanted. If I was looking.

Me looking for a horse online the last few days..

Another would be another Paint. I love FLASHY paints.  And would love to have one again but I don’t want a peanut pusher or a western one. I would want one with the talent to event lower levels. The good thing is I don’t need a world beater, I just need something quiet with enough talent to get over the fences. And something that won’t scare the bejesus out of me!

download (37)
Got this one already no need to look further!

Actually writing this blog post made me even more appreciative of what I have at the barn in Landenberg! I can’t find a single horse that I would buy today if i had the space or money or whatso to do so. I spent the last day looking online off and on and really didn’t find one horse to post.


So no worries Remus! You are safe! It really is funny even just trying to buy a horse virtually I found nothing!

Happy Weekend all!


9 thoughts on “Day 11–Find a Horse For Sale Online (Nope)

  1. I hear you on the lack of sport Morgans out there! It’s frustrating for sure, and even the unbroke two year olds are advertised for too many THOUSANDS of dollars. Ummm no. I don’t know that I’d ever luck out again like I did with Ellie, but if you were ever looking, I’d definitely help!!! 😀

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  2. What a good feeling to know that you’ve already got exactly what you want! In a way I kinda have the opposite – there are so many horses out there that would more or less fit my tastes that it’s hard to choose lol. Ottbs that can do low level eventing in a way that I like and understand? They’re a dime a dozen lol

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  3. Ranger ❤️ but since he’s not for sale maybe i can just kidnap him? Granted he’ll scream for Forest and Elliot and they’ll scream back and they could probably hear each other from my house. Need a new plan… I think you’ve got a good one in Remus!


    1. i thought of stealing photos and putting Ranger on the horse i wanted to buy HA! 🙂 and yes CC schooling on Sat i was like yes I have a good one, pointed him at everything and away we went. and saddle is SO DAMN SECURE> YAY (Do you still want to ride next Sat??)

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    1. I wish I could ride a tbred. I have seen some amazing ones but know that their personality would clash with my more laid back self. But damn they can jump (and do dressage) 🙂 But you got mustangs and they are a lot like Morgans in my mind in build and way of going. So that is a good fit for you. I love having a different kind of horse at these events we stand out that way (Sometimes more than we want)! HA


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