Day 12– CC Schooling with Sally!(and Favorite Horse Color)

Cross Country Schooling at St. Augustine with Sally

I have very little media of these. As in none. I went by myself, ran late getting there due to everyone in Elkton going out the same time I was attempting to drive a horse trailer through and just got a few snaps of the gorgeous fall colors.

But it was a fantastic day! The weather was perfect there was no real breeze, the sun was out and even tho it was low 40’s it was really comfy out there jumping. Like I didn’t get cold till I got off and started putting stuff away.

download (3)
It really is gorgeous down at St. Augustine/Chesapeake City…

I rode with two people who were way above me in ability but Sally makes it all fun for all so no one seemed bored by putting up with me and Remus not jumping big stuff. And I feel I learn SO much watching these other horses go. I am fascinated by how people ride their horses. The one girl on her tbred mare was a complete treasure to watch. Her and her mare have a real rapport and from what Sally said this mare was a piece of work before this (OTTB history I think). BUT dang she was jumping all the training elements out there like wheee let’s go mom. I just enjoyed watching the partnership. Then another girl (I know they were both adults but I am going to call them girls). I am just old-fashioned that way) had a cute arab/warmblood pinto and he was about Remus size. He was a jumper and amazing over some novice elements (He has had some lameness issues is going to be 15 just like Remus and she is bringing him back hoping to go Novice next year).

She had a totally different ride with this horse due to his different build and attitude to the tbred mare but MAN I feel like I get such a bang for my buck riding in cross country schooling with Sally just WATCHING the other horses. I love it. I would go and watch even NOT riding.

Image result for awe gif
me watching horses jumping while Sally teaches…

But ride I did! And Remus was foot perfect. And seriously this saddle is the bomb. Like security thy name is Zaria Optimum! Every jump we just sailed over (We did have to show him a couple first, he came off the trailer WIRED for sound. OMG I couldn’t even get the bridle on him at first his head was so high. Now cooler weather, and gun club down the street bang bang bang might have contributed to it). Once I was on and got over to the other horses he settled right down but he was looky looky for a while. Sally was very pleased with him and me and loves the saddle. YAY. She said my legs have never looked better and I am so secure I am able to work on my upper body more which is good!!

We did all the intro jumps and we went up the ramp down the bank and then up and down the bank in one go (Which I don’t think we have done before). Remus was like sure. No problem. He really was a star. I haven’t cross country schooled for a few months and it was great to have no bucks and no grumpiness at all. He just was like let’s go. He did get a little lazy at the end but wouldnt be Remus without him running out of gas.

Remus most days end of schooling…

Favorite Color of Horse

Well, buckskin is my favorite now. I love standing out in a crowd of bays and chestnuts at events. And Remus’ different shades of colors are just so cool how he changes through the seasons.

remus pretty
Even sweaty in July I love his color!

I didn’t go out looking for a buckskin. If I had been looking I would have liked a blue roan. I saw a lot of them in Texas when we lived there, and when I was growing up Pasha’s half brother was a blue roan with bald face and four white stockings and was a MORGAN! I loved him (Frito was his  barn name but his registered name Mi Hope Master Penn or something like that, the things I remember HA). He was cool, I will dig up a photo and post later.

Image result for blue roan horse with stockings
Something like this in color…

I also like the loud ass overo paints (Nothing against tobianos but I prefer the overos). I would love to have something like this in my barn! IF I had a barn LOL.

Image result for overo horse photoI like palominos too and grays. But I guess the best thing I can say is that I like to stand out. Nothing against solid bays, chestnuts, browns but louder the better in my book! I know you don’t ride the colors but I am quite fond of splashes of color (I can feel some of you cringing!)….

I am sitting here Sunday morning writing this pretty sure I am skipping the Paper Chase today. I feel my body and Remus both got a pounding yesterday and my foot is killing me and 7 miles is a lot of riding. Ehh….there is another one next week I will try to hit. The fact we had two jumping lessons this week with Sally is a win in my books. AND she hinted that I should come to Aiken for a bit this winter with Remus. I think my husband would have a heart attack but…hmmmm….how fun would that be??

Hope everyone else is having a great horsey weekend too!!

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9 thoughts on “Day 12– CC Schooling with Sally!(and Favorite Horse Color)

  1. Yay for a great XC schooling! I am with you on the enjoying to watch other riders (esp higher level than me) because you learn so much! And I have to say the “loud ass overo paint” made me snort laugh out loud haha! Love it! Remus is definitely a cool buckskin color.


    1. it is fun! its some good terrain (a bit of hills but not too much) and the jumps are nice. they keep the place nice too. It only costs 40 bucks to cc school there too! I missed Harvestfest there (the HT your friends went to) and I usually go to that one. It is definitely worth going to see what you think. they have two events Springfest and Harvestfest but have schoolings usually in March and off and on thru the summer up to this past weekend. They have water and jumps for BN on up (they took intro out of it for some reason) and they have a big ditch and a baby bank and a big bank both. I dont think they have a small ditch. Its a fun course. Its about five-10 minutes south of Chesapeake City. They had the course walks on course walk but i dont see them now. They go from elem-training. Its a fun venue!


  2. So glad the saddle is even better with xc!! Once you get that perfect one…. I can tell my Sinead is not for dressage, but boy I pull out the jumps and only one time have I ever felt that I might come out of the tack, and Amber jumped HUGE and I still didn’t move that much. Sooo….YES so happy it’s right!

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