Day 22–The Importance of Riding in Your Life

I might be JASON actually LOL

Do I have to ride? Nope. Do I like to ride? Yep. But is it that important? I am not sure. I mean yes I love having Remus and taking lessons and would love to have him at home one day…BUT I think the most important thing of riding to me is not the actual riding but the actual interaction with fellow horse people who also have horses. I like following all of the bloggers I follow now, I like following local riders I admire and/or friends who ride nearby.

Sure I love to ride but I am just as happy to go out and give Remus a carrot or to go and visit with barn-mates as actually throwing a leg over. I should be more motivated on the riding part but it never has been a deal killer for me if I can’t actually ride.

I enjoy completing a course clear and making Sally laugh and actually doing a transition exactly like Emily wants me to do. I enjoy cantering across a field with Remus and watching his silly attempts at bucking. But what is important to me is having friends to share it with and have fun with!


Emily Lesson

download (1).png
Rocking the saddle Remus is….

Speaking of riding, I had time to squeeze in a lesson with Emily on Tuesday. YAY. She approves of the saddle (Double YAY) and actually loves how I ride in it and how good Remus goes in it. Remus (besides running away from me when I went to catch him in the field ummmm okay?) was a good boy. He really was. No bucking which is huge.

giphy (1).gif
We may not be finished yet but we are getting closer…

His trots and walk transitions were great and his canter while still a work in progress actually getting into the canter, once we were in it it he settled right down and we had some of the best canter works in months (if not years). He definitely was steadier in the contact to the bit and I am so much more stable in this saddle I can drive him forward a bit more. I still have a long way to go but I can see a bit of light at the end of the tunnel!! If I could remember elbows in, thumbs out, shoulders back, inside rein not holding, and so on we might have something! It was great seeing Emily again too who was rushing off to a lesson on Bunny right after mine. She is amazing. So off to VA we go today but at least I did get to ride my pony before heading South!

download (2).png
One day I will get better media but for now let’s look at the pretty saddle!

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7 thoughts on “Day 22–The Importance of Riding in Your Life

  1. Such a pretty saddle!

    While not riding can be a deal breaker, the bigger deal breaker is walking outside this morning to measure Batty for a new sheet and afterwards having Subi walk up to me (having EATEN HIS BREAKFAST AND MOST OF HIS CHOPPED HAY!!!!) for carrot and just to say hi, lick my head (he’s a weirdo), rest his head on my shoulder for a few moments. THAT is what I need in my life. I’m fine with him retired, I’m NOT fine giving up that yet. That’s my deal breaker.

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  2. i’m with ya on feeling like the social and friendship aspects of riding and barn time are also super important. they’re not the #1 for me, but they’re definitely deeply meaningful πŸ˜‰

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