Day 21–Your Perfect Schooling Outfit

Me cross country schooling once it has turned cold!

I really don’t have “perfect schooling outfits”. If it has any purple on it I will buy it but otherwise brands or styles don’t bug me too much.

I have a bunch of different breeches but my favorite right now are a pair of Tuff Rider full seats that are corded, they are warm without being bulky and are usually the ones I grab when I need the warmth. They were cheap too! I actually should buy a few more pairs (VIOLA added to cart need to buy some more).

I use various sunshirts (mostly purple too) in the summer. I find it harder to dress in winter as I usually have so many layers on. I end up wearing turtlenecks and sweatshirts or hoodies in the Winter so not very on trend there. I need to be warm but I can’t sweat too much so I should research better WINTER shirts. There is a task for me!

My One K Helmet is my favorite helmet ever. I have two pairs of cheap gloves (both in navy and black) that need replacing soon. I have my Ariat boots that I love that fit so well and are so comfy. I actually need to buy another pair as I wear these ALL the time now and am going to go through them too fast. I have a pair of Ariat jod boots and half chaps I haven’t worn in a year now. I just prefer the tall boots.

I love my oilslick spurs and I have purple straps as well.  I love all my riding socks but have one very warm fuzzy pair that I must find another pair, they will be on today when I ride in my lesson. I don’t know all the brands but I like the Peddles a lot as well as they have a reinforced foot bed.

If my feet are warm I am usually okay!

One thing I do have to look for is a new vest. I have had the same Tipperary vests (green one I bought off a Dover tent sale  and a navy one bought off a friend). I would like a new vest but have to figure out what one I can afford and can be comfy in. Seriously it needs to fit the boobs so I can actually get it on! And I know the ones I have are not the safest.

Me trying to get that damn vest on every time!

And I look forward to Amanda’s Black Friday sales coming up on Thursday. Because it is just not Thanksgiving unless you spend a wad of money courtesy of!  Keep an eye out for it. You can get yourself in trouble just like me! 🙂

So perfect schooling outfit, nada. But I have a lot of items that make me happy when I wear them. So maybe that is the perfect schooling outfit after all!!



14 thoughts on “Day 21–Your Perfect Schooling Outfit

  1. Same here…I don’t ahve much so I just wear whatever I pull out of the drawer. I recently bought an Airowear Mesh vest and adore it. I need to do a review on it still. It molds to your body no matter your shape and is super comfortable.


  2. Oh those Tuffriders look nice… I used to have a pair of the winter weight tuffriders but after many, many years, the drawstring in them gave out…. right before I stepped onto my horse for a clinic with Marilyn Payne… in 6 degree weather. I have been looking for another pair to try since then!

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  3. Yeah that’s part of my Christmas shopping for myself this year. I’m grabbing a pair of brown silicone full seats (dark color to absorb sun and the fabric is kinda thick so they should be warm for the winter here) and some other fleece lined breeches courtesy of whatever sales Amanda can post because I need winter breeches lol. Summer? Check. Winter? I will die as of right now lolol. And me, too! Keep my hands and feet warm and my whole body is good to go lol

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