Day 29–A Style/Trend in Tack/Riding Apparel That You Don’t Like (Or Not)

giphy (1)I am not trendy. By a longshot. As any of you that have met me or follow me online can see!

(Puppet, I am made of felt LOL)

I don’t follow trends and I mostly just buy stuff Amanda tells me to buy. Because I am a puppet. But beside that I just don’t care that much. I want comfy clothes, non-tacky looking tack, and classic styles. I will delve into colors (i.e., my blue coat, or my purple pads and sunshirts) but overall I have brown and black tack, black boots, black or blue gloves and black helmet.  I don’t do sparkles, I don’t want boots with different textures. I don’t want too much blingy tack (Eponia bridle aside) and so on.

download (9).png
Us being normal wearing purple (PS Remus was on the bit the whole day except for this one photo we got. FIGURES LOL Nose out….)

But I don’t mind if others wear or use whatever color, bling, style they want. I like seeing people push the norm I just don’t want to be the one to do so. I am the normal person over in the corner here (well as normal as someone on a buckskin can be, wearing purple most likely!) So I have no real trends or styles I despise or don’t like. I just choose not to do a lot of them!

tenor (1).gif
Define Normal?

I can’t believe tomorrow is the last day of NaBloPoMo 2017. And I can’t believe I have written 29 posts in a row. One more to go tomorrow!

Celebrate NaBloPoMo 2017 by writing every day in November, following the prompts given!

13 thoughts on “Day 29–A Style/Trend in Tack/Riding Apparel That You Don’t Like (Or Not)

  1. I hear you on being classic and basic, but I admit I lust over pretty browbands (NOT the droopy kind haha) and embroidered saddle pads.

    And nice work on nearly finishing NaBloPoMo!! I feel as though I have written more this month than I ever have! A little writing fatigue, but man, it made November fly by, which was one of my goals! 🙂

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    1. my husband is pretty much in awe that i kept up with all that all month along with everything else. LOL I am looking forward to maybe not having to blog on weekends at least 😉 I am pretty tired 😉 HA! This is all your fault 🙂


  2. In some ways, I like to be trendy. Now that I am an adult, with my own income, (versus being a horse crazy kid with no money of my own to buy trends), I do like to treat myself sometimes. But, my style is still pretty subdued. I like TS breeches in colors, but I do not love breeches in crazy/outlandish colors. I like brown boots- different, but not too different. I got a green hunt coat, which isn’t even very unusual anymore thanks to Lillie Keenan winning the Maclay in one.

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  3. Congrats on finishing NaPloBloMo! I have a knack for looking awful and untidy in even conservative tack and attire, and I don’t imagine look at me fashion choices or sparkle or wild patterns are going to anything but draw more attention to the fashion chaos that is me.

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  4. I’m impressed y’all hung in there for the whole month! And yea while purple has kinda been normalized in eventing it’s still a pretty bright and out there color! I’ll stick with my navy and brown thankyouverymuch lololol 😉

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