Day 30–Your Future With Horses

tenor (2).gif
Whew,Β  what a month! That’ll do…

Wow, last day of NaBloPoMo 2017. Thanks Clover Ledge Farm for pushing me to do it. It was tough writing every day but with the help of the topics it was easier than I thought it would be.

NaBloMoPo 2017 is done!Β 

Am I going to still write every day? PROBABLY NOT, girlfriend needs a rest. But I am determined to keep blogging, I love it.

And that leads to today’s topic! My future with horses. Well as my dad keeps asking, when I am going to give up on this silly horse thing…ummm never??

giphy (6).gif

My plans moving forward continue with us being the combined age of 67 next year riding Intro yet again LOL (Remus will be 15 and I will be 52 next year, how did that happen)? We will continue taking lessons with Sally and Emily and maybe try to fit a few clinics in this winter. No huge plans but just plan on riding and having fun with my buckskin!

Fall colors with a fall colored horse! πŸ™‚

Goals for next year: Competing and riding Remus. Also, I want to fly to Texas to meet Presto next year. I want to hang with new and old friends with their horses and ponies and just enjoy it all. Because life is way too short as I realized this week (a good friend of ours from Texas died unexpectedly and she was way too young to be gone already). So seize the day and all that shit!

download (10)
Remus and me seizing the day!

Thanks for reading along (and hope I didn’t bore you silly) the last 30 days! For now,Β  enjoy the video of Remus lumbering over to me in the field. He had to check A) the hay situation on ground, cleaning that up then B) meandering over to me to see if I had carrots (I did). He really does make me smile. Hanging with him makes even the worse days better…Thanks again for reading my blog during NaBloPoMo 2017!


13 thoughts on “Day 30–Your Future With Horses

  1. Haha yeah no giving up horses. It was great to get to know you better this month, and I’ll miss the daily blogs! I definitely looked forward to it. I’ll miss hearing about all of your stories! Why does it feel like you’re going away?! lol You’re not lol But still haha

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