George the Girth (Just Need the Correct Size)!

Me petting the girth often! LOL

Yes I said I was done blogging every day but come on! Habits are hard to break!  I had started this one this week and hadn’t managed to combine it on any of the other posts. So here we go! (I am taking the weekend off from blogging though!) 🙂

George the Girth

After looking at a lot of girths last week, I ended up ordering a brown Total Fit Girth for my new saddle in the Black Friday sale at Riding Warehouse, and I love it. But it is a bit too big. So I have to send it back to Riding Warehouse to get the next size down. But until I packed it back up I may have pet it a few times too many.  Like a lot. The leather is soft and it is so pretty. I may actually name it George since I can’t stop petting it!

download (6).png
Pretty pretty

What it doesn’t show in the photos is that the under side of the girth is darker brown so it actually compliments my saddle pretty well since my saddle has the dark brown and medium brown colors and then really dark brown billets.

download (8).png
It is only a few away from the last hole so… Love the propped up foot, Remus. A smaller pad would be useful too it was the only I had in my truck!
download (7)
Love this saddle. I am actually glad I ended up with the different colored saddle, I really love the way it looks on Remus.

So once I get the smaller size girth, I think we will be set. The girth fits the saddle well (once it is a bit smaller sized) and Remus well. Next will be the stirrup leathers! Lund, I am coming for you! 🙂

Longest Week Ever 

tgif-everybody-dance-nowHappy Friday all!! Why does the week after a holiday seem like the longest week ever? This one was painfully long! But the weekend is here! I have a lesson planned on Saturday with Sally who is up to teach for the weekend from SC and possibly get to go on a trail ride on Sunday with Sarah, weather pending.  Remus goes to the vet on Monday to get his shots updated AND he gets clipped on Monday or Tuesday, woohoo. He is getting way too hairy so some of that has got to go! Things be happening! Have a great weekend!

This just made me giggle (and it resembles Remus a wee bit at this point)…


13 thoughts on “George the Girth (Just Need the Correct Size)!

  1. Do I dare admit that May is wearing a girth extender with her saddle right now? Hahaha I have the total saddle fit girth for my dressage saddle. I’ve had it longer than I have had May, so maybe 3 – 3.5 years? I ABUSE it, and it still cleans up and looks great, so I approve!

    (I am holding off and debating getting a new girth for May because I really want to convert my jump saddle to long billets to keep the bulk out from under my leg aaaaaaaaaaaand I want to move one of the billets to the tree point. Then, I will probably guy another TSF girth in brown)

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    1. ha yes Remus used to wear the girth extenders too. I noticed when I tried the stubbens that their regular flap saddles the billets are SO SHORT. I would have had to get a bigger girth for one of those saddles for sure but this monoflap has the longer billets. I do love it though, I kind of hated to put it back in the box to send back LOL 🙂 Good luck on all the customization of your saddle 🙂

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      1. They are SO SHORT and my Albion’s were SO LONG like they literally extended past the end of the flap. May is also an expert at sucking in air and holding it until I am sure she might pass out.

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  2. I don’t have enough spare cash to have buttery soft leather girths right now. Instead I have a hose down-able thorowgood girth that matches my saddle 😀 It works for us for now!

    But also yay for Saturday lessons. I’ve got Saturday as well and I’m really excited about it.

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  3. Remus must be a little narrower than Amber lol. As much as I really loved the girth, she didn’t need it once the saddle fit well and it gapped a little because she was too WIDE lololol. But a good purchase! Glad you bought it. I sure liked it when I had it! I think I’m still waiting to sell it lol. But it should last you a good long time!

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