A Shave & A Haircut, Vaccines Too

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Remus on Monday….

Monday was a busy day in Remusland. He hitched a ride with Sterling to go to Unionville Equine to get his shots and his coggins updated (Sterling had gone to get some melanomas taken care of so I think Remus had the better visit)!

That place is gorgeous. Like I would live in the treatment area of this vet clinic. That nice. Remus came in with Sterling and stood there and watched them work on Sterling with a puzzled look on his face. (What they doing to Sterling? THEY aren’t going to do that TO ME are they??).

download (5).png

download (6).png
Why he get cookies, wait what they doing to him?

Then Dr. Mark came out and fussed over Remus (actually not one person who passed Remus in the aisle could resist stopping to fuss over him, Dr Mark actually told me if I let him go I might not get him back from some of those people. LOL). And Remus was like do you have cookies? And they did! He was good as gold for his shots and getting his coggins drawn and he is in good weight and looks great. We will keep an eye on his weight as we don’t want him losing any over the winter but he is just about perfect now. Not fat (though his big butt got in the way backing into his slot in the trailer..shhh) but not skinny. Fingers crossed he stays this way.

download (7).png
Quarter horse or yak? You decide (Also he was not 100 percent sure of the place till COOKIES then he was like alrighty then! πŸ™‚

THEN he got clipped in the afternoon. Jess did the honors as I had to dash to work right after the vet and couldn’t get back in time. She bathed Remus at least partially and he was NOT IMPRESSED at all. If he could of I am pretty sure he would have given her the middle finger over that.

download (10)
pissed off buckskin

Then when they were clipping him, the good clippers broke so they had to break out the older (louder) clippers and Remus was STILL NOT impressed at all. But he was good. But by the time they were done, Jess couldn’t even get a decent picture of him. Remus was like EFF YOU LADY GO AWAY.

download (11)
Even angrier buckskin would not stand still for photo. OH he is so mad πŸ™‚

I haven’t seen him in person yet but hope it at least helps next time we ride with him getting less sweaty. I also texted Shawn (barn owner) to see if he was sore from his shots (He often has some kind of reaction) and she said (texting me back) well if he is it sure is not affecting his eating πŸ™‚ HA.

Remus eating…

Also, stirrup leather alert! My Lund stirrup leathers arrived and oh my goodness these are even better in person. WOW. I know that everyone said they were amazing but you know they were stirrup leathers. How amazing CAN they be? Well I love them and haven’t even gotten them on the saddle yet!! So soft and gorgeous.

download (9).png
so pretty



14 thoughts on “A Shave & A Haircut, Vaccines Too

  1. I wonder how the Lund leathers wear… i love calfskin leathers but i hate how hard they can be to adjust and i feel like they fall apart like tissue

    I love dr Mark- he’s done both my PPEs!! They both went great so he may have to do all of them from now on…

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    1. I had a different vet but she stopped practicing so since I know Mark through Emily I just thought I would use him. He is such a good guy! Glad you like and use him too πŸ™‚ Small world!! πŸ™‚

      _PS I dont think I can wear through stirrup leathers the amount I ride but we shall see, πŸ™‚


  2. Even angry Remus is adorable. It must be hard to never be taken seriously even when you try so hard to convey your displeasure πŸ˜‚ Everyone’s gotta stop with the Lund leathers. For real. I JUST got Voltaire ones like 4 months ago and last night found a blemish (caused by me, no doubt) and my first thought was, β€œOh well, gotta get the Lund ones now.” You all are BAD INFLUENCES 😈

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  3. Poor Remus! I think it’s so funny when QHs try to look mad. They just DO NOT succeed lol. Amber lets me know she’s unhappy, then when I laugh at her she just gets soooooo disgruntled because I don’t believe her lol. And so excited to see everything put together! You know I’m going to keep poking you to get a Lund bridle…..LOL

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  4. i’ve been putting off charlie’s clip bc it’s been so nice and he hasn’t really been working hard (lol). but man he gets so sweaty! i think his time is coming soon, hopefully he’s not as mad as Remus!

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  5. OMG all this talk about Lund leathers and I’m like… spending a little extra money can’t hurt now can it? πŸ˜‰ But seriously, I’m gonna watch everyone and their leather stories so I can get an idea of how well they wear. Especially since it sounds like they are thinner. I dislike the thick leathers.


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