Winter Doldrums

My life…Dilbert is the best at expressing my feelings!

It is not even that cold here. We have had a pretty mild Fall into Winter. But I am in the winter dumps. Work sucks. And I have had a few minor health issues going on while not earth shattering, still are enough of a pain to make me feel like crap most days.  I know this blog should not be a place for woe is me and I am sure I will get over the doldrums but right now…ugh.

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I hope to get out to Remus later today and I am going to the gym at noon for a class that while tough usually gets me at least feeling better.

giphy (1)
Let’s get physical (yes this song now is in everyone’s head you are welcome 🙂

They are calling for snow tomorrow (Not a lot but messy). My husband leaves for England a week from Sunday. See me assume the fetal position and stay there LOL.

I need Cher to slap me…

Christmas is coming and I have not bought one gift for anyone. NOT ONE. and it is December 8th.


Anyone else in this winter dullsville kind of mood? Bah Humbug. I will be over here crying ice cubes…LOL


And because there is never too much Dilbert, one more choice nugget!


Anybody hiring? 🙂 Happy Weekend all. At least it’s finally Friday!



23 thoughts on “Winter Doldrums

  1. Hang in there! Winter sure sounds like it sucks anywhere not on the west coast. The only thing I have to deal with is the light going away. Maybe make a day this weekend to indulge yourself? Spa, cocoa, books by the fire whatever is your favorite thing to do? It might boost your mood.

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  2. Is it bad that I am actually happy that someone else is feeling it too? It is just so tough to remain motivated at anything this time of year. Buuuut the horses will be fine. Work will straighten itself out again (or something else will come up). Spring will blossom again, and we really won’t be any worse off for being kind to ourselves this season.

    As for Christmas Presents, I rely on Amazon Prime. (Although, I believe their cutoff this year is the 21st or 22nd for Christmas delivery)

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    1. i actually had written my blog before you posted yours so was thrilled to see yours was similar. Ha 🙂 it is just coming up with things for people I hate my family is just so annoying. Horse people are easy to buy for. LOL

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  3. Ugh, I have strep so I feel you so much right now. I just want to lay around my house and sleep. Every time the poor dog needs to go outside I wonder why I have a dog (oops, I really do love him!) And Dilbert explains my life so much right now.

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  4. I have been feeling doldrums-ish, too! Very Bah-Humbug. Probably when I start wrapping presents the Christmas spirit will come, but I think also I’ve bought everything for everyone (online so no PEOPLE haha) and I think not shopping now, or going to the mall has been part of it but I’m just not feeling the Christmas spirit this year. I do still need to buy for my best friend so maybe I’ll venture out into the mall wilds and maybe that’ll help haha. But like, it’s kinda nice to hear other people are feeling the humbug too! lolol

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  5. ughhh, I’m there too. I’m supposed to be enjoying my temporary work schedule but instead there’s drama and I’m worrying over it. I think I’m in need of a new job also! I think it’s the dark days and lack of pleasant riding weather that really make winters the toughest season, though.

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  6. The Dilbert strips had me rolling! It’s so BLAH here also. Supposed to snow maybe up to an inch, so everyone here is freaking out 🙄And my CT tomorrow just got cancelled. And I’ve got some random right hand weakness going on and my ortho just scheduled me for a nerve test the day after Christmas. AND I also haven’t bought presents and the kids keep asking why we have a tree and no presents 🤯

    So. Thanks for letting me “woe is me” on your blog! 😁

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    1. the worse thing you posted (even above your hand) is your CT Got cancelled. DONT THEY KNOW I LIVE FOR THAT SHIT LOLLMAO 🙂 I hope they figure you out. And HA at least i dont have kids… are welcome to woe away 🙂


  7. Hear hear! Preach it cuz I’m right there with you. It is 36f and slush is pouring out of the sky right now. Yuck. I moved south to avoid this crap! I haven’t ridden in a month. Boo. And um…we just finished wyatts Birthday and I have zero interest in Christmas shopping. I did get my blogger secret Santa gift though and will have that out in the mail this week.

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  8. Uggg, I am so with you. You can woe is me all you’d like! We’ve had a fairly mild winter so far and just got our first snowfall yesterday and I am still crabby about it all. I don’t do well in cold temps and the snow just makes everything much harder. I am pleased that I was super organized and got all my Christmas shopping done (online) and am only waiting on three more gifts to arrive before I am DONE.

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  9. Put on some Christmas music, pour a large glass of sparkling rose, and light some pine scented candles and the fireplace! That is basically what gets me in the mood while I snuggle up on my couch and on-line shop for presents. Seriously- who goes to real stores these days? I hate people, so I dont! LOL!. But in all seriousness, I hope you feel better soon and that your health issues get sorted out. Good jingles are headed your way!

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  10. I definitely had a “bah humbug” day or two late last week and early this week. It’s just so hard to adjust to being bitter f*cking cold so fast (we did get snow and it’s been below zero with windchill). So I hear you loud and clear! And yeah, Christmas gifts. Erm. I best get on that lol. I’ve gotten portions of gifts for people, but definitely am nowhere near done.

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    1. lol i feel bad cranking about it to you of all people (it is COLDER where you are for sure). …..ha on xmas i cannot believe this year is almost overWTF How did that happen?? 🙂 I bet the huskies are loving the cold!!


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