When All Else Fails: Let’s Smile at Dog Photos!

giphy.gifI have officially run out of things to talk about on this blog. Unless you want me to vent about how freaking cold it is now. LOL. I hope it warms up before the weekend. It is brutal outside.

IMG_0406 (1)


So I figure I will share some photos of my dogs. Cause they make everyone smile and feel better (Including me!). Both of my guys are rescues. Gretchen (the schnauzer) we have no history on her they found her trotting down the road and she could be 10 she could be 15. She is simply the best dog around and I thank our lucky stars we took a chance on her. She had no hair and horrible eyes when we got her so she looks a lot different now! She has hardly any teeth too LOL Ollie…ahem at least is cute!


IMG_0169And it is good cause he can be bad!! But he had a rough start too being returned to the shelter twice before we adopted him. They love each other and sleep spooned together most days. Gretchen really doesn’t like other dogs much but she adores Ollie for some reason. They seriously are pretty much my life and they may be a tad bit spoiled (MAY).



Do your animals (Be them cats or dogs or whatever) rule your life? Do you think about them first! HA then welcome to my club.  See now we all feel warmer (Those in the frigid areas) after smiling at my dogs photos! Mission accomplished! Stay warm those who are in the cold, and those that are in the warmth, well don’t rub it in, thanks! 🙂

14 thoughts on “When All Else Fails: Let’s Smile at Dog Photos!

    1. We have had 4 schnauzers. They are so much fun. 3 were rescues and our one Alfie who died in 2015 we got as a puppy in 2002. He was great. Actually they were all great. Unfortunately there are a lot of health problems with schnauzers but they are worth it. And mutts are great too (We dont know what Ollie is, he is a mutt :))


    1. yes wtf with the snow there is more than i thought there would be my truck is completely covered and i have to got o doc this am (for foot) and then to WORK. UGH. I hope you feel better soon……:( SPRING IS COMING


  1. ugh this weather is bummin me out but i’m thinking that intense cold snap might be over for at least the immediate future. maybe sorta. i hope? i’m likewise nestling in with le kitties to stay warm 😉

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  2. Our cat rules our life, although I’m teaching him tricks to shift the power balance back a bit our way, lol. We’re too wise to bring Bridget home, otherwise or our lives would be spent as pony slaves 24/7.

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