So we had our holiday party this week for work (yeah…..) and I have busted my ass to keep up with workload while some people roll in late, leave early etc. etc. SO I, in a total Christmas spirit, said EFF THAT and took today off from work. Do I have work to do, yep. Am I going to do it. NOPE not today. I will be back at on Monday but I needed a huge TIME OUT today.

giphy (7).gif

I am not feeling the holiday spirit at all with work so I thought a day not being online with work stuff might help infuse a bit of Christmas back in me (Probably not but still). I have my personal training this am at my gym (you may laugh but exercise does help chase the blues a way and if you laugh a LOT with your trainer while doing it, it definately helps!), then I am running to pick up an adapter for my husband for UK (He has one for every gadget so far but realized his computer one was lacking!), then going to pick up some gifts if I can wedge myself in a store (I dont need to shop a lot just need to pick up some little things like gift cards etc for mail carrier etc).

leslie-knope-trash-present.gifI have still not sent any cards out yet. Umm okay, that is on the list today too. What else?  OH IT IS COLD AS SHIT HERE as in 18 degrees this am. AND SNOW is coming this afternoon. (We have had snow 2 x this week, this will make it three, not a huge amount but enough to cause traffic issues and ice etc). IT is a pain in the ass. I still have not rode my horse but am going out today if the damn weather behaves. I have to at least take his heavier blanket out.


tenor (2).gif

I hope everyone has fun-filled weekends planned.  Have a great weekend! Anyone else have lessons with Sally planned this weekend? And I have a lesson with Emily scheduled next week to fit in before the holidays! YAY that does put me in the spirit of Christmas!

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12 thoughts on “FA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA

  1. Oh god, I am so with you. I took last Friday off from work and it was THE BEST THING EVER. It was 1 lonely degree this morning and I am planning to take Ellie to a little show at her birthplace barn tomorrow morning. WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME. But at least it is going to be fun (though I may die of frostbite), so ya know, that will be fun (and cold) haha. Yay for lessons though!!

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  2. I’m completely not in the holiday spirit. I took today off to visit the doctor (urgent care since my pcp couldn’t see me) and got antibiotics so yay? And the hay guy dropped off round bales so the horses get to eat, but beyond that, I don’t care about anything. I canceled my lesson yesterday and the opportunity for a makeup lesson tomorrow even if I do feel better it’s probably not a good idea. I’m just in a black hole. More snow, we need that too…

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  3. ugh it’s looking a lot like snow here right now too. booooo. it hasn’t been bad enough in baltimore to make any kind of difference as far as i can tell…. but ground conditions are rapidly deteriorating and dammit if we didn’t almost die just trying to walk up and down from the arena last night. sitting atop 17hh of awkward when it slips on the ice is NOT FUN lol. bah humbug.

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  4. We don’t have any holiday decorations and I’m not planning on buying any until I have more space to store stuff. So I’m not in the holiday spirit either. Decorations really help me get there. Oh well.

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