Dashing Through Dressage: Lesson with Emily

Isn’t this the cutest tree Shawn made at our barn!??

Okay no dashing was done obviously (because Remus, remember?). I had a lesson with Emily on Wednesday and it was great to see her. She actually backed her baby warmblood Champ (if you don’t follow her on instagram@emilydonaldsondressage you should!) and she was all happy how good he was!!

SO cute. Pay no attention to the feather stuck to the mirror, damn Pigeons!

You Are a MEAN ONE, Mr. Grinch

Image result for grinch gifIt actually was a good lesson. But Remus was a bit Grinchy to say the least. He was leaning on my inside hand like no one’s business. My shoulder was aching, my whole arm hurt. So after working on some trot work we started putting his head to the wall and counterflexing him to the outside to get him off my damn arm and then move his hind end toward the inside track. WHOHOO He got mad. Emily had to help us by walking besides us a bit. But hey it worked, he stopped leaning and starting carrying himself. So YAY US? I was sweating by then (it was in the 40’s and I think I overdressed because I was freezing at the barn!).

Run Run Rudolph

g2XqaN (1)

And then we worked on getting MORE TROT. Oh my god my glutes, my abs, my thighs are killing me. Remus made me work. We did two strides where I made him move forward then I could relax for a few strides then I had to do it again. He had to move forward. And he did. But omg I am so damn tired. Run Run REMUS PLEASE. Never going to happen is it? But we keep trying!

Oh Come All Ye Faithful

Image result for dave grohl gif

And then we started the canter work. Mind you I was already beat up feeling by then. And of course as I asked Remus the first time he got shitty and went above the bit and was rude as F. SO we walked him and made him behave like a grown up horse and try again to trot. He was better then and I still had to work the counterflexing to keep him from leaning on my inside hand. There were a lot of things going on and I don’t think I did any of them that well LOL.

Related image

But we got the canter going and the first time going into it was not great but he went into it. One departure he did a nasty buck and jarred my back. GRHHH we got him back to the trot and managed to get him back into it with no real buck and once he was in it we settled into it pretty well. He is getting there, he just is such a jerk at times! But we finished up with going the other way and he definitely was better. I am going to get Emily to ride him some in the New Year just to get him CANTERING again. My back just can’t handle the jarring lately. She is eager to do it (#shemightbeinsane!). He is such a nerd though because in the jump ring, he is a bit slow to canter but no bucks no shenighans. I think he knows he has to work harder in the dressage lesson so he tries to be a rebel!

pinocchio-real-boy-gif1So we continued to work on the trot some more and what do you know, no lean, no heavy, and he was more engaged and moving from behind. And then we collapsed and we were done! Whew. He definitely is carrying himself in a frame about 80-90 percent of the time now which I really didn’t realize till the lesson. Like wow, Remus is almost a real boy. ALMOST. So close!

We have a lot to work on and Remus was huffing and puffing when we were done (So was I to be truthful) but it was a great lesson. Great timing right before the holidays!!


I am heading to Dad’s either Friday or Saturday (depending on when I get my #xmasshit done! OMG SO MUCH STILL TO DO). So no horsey stuff down in VA. 😦 Merry Christmas to all (Or Happy Holidays etc. etc). Have a great holiday all! tenor (5).gif

12 thoughts on “Dashing Through Dressage: Lesson with Emily

  1. ugh man, c’mon Remus – it sounds like you’re taking notes out of charlie’s book of grouchiness! cantering is supposed to be FUN, remember???? lol… horses….. maybe he’ll give you his own christmas gift when you come back from VA in the form of going FORWARD for a little while?? at least that’s what i keep wishing for haha. hope you have a great holiday with the family!

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  2. Oh Remus! You get some days off, but you’d better be forward afterwards! Amber has been a bit grouchy with me, too, though I think for opposite reasons. I think she’s mad at me because I left her at the vet and she’s mad at me because I haven’t been able to get her out for a ride lol. I was actually super proactive and got ALL my shopping done in like November. Which works cause my vet bill this month…Yeesh lol. This is the first time I haven’t procrastinated horribly LOL! I hope you have a great holiday with the family! Merry Christmas!

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    1. ha ha his bucks aren’t bad they just throw my back out of whack. And he only does it cause of the spurs. BUT horse. IF you cantered I would not need to use the spurs. I think he needs to come to boot camp to your new barn and have Gem teach him the ropes 🙂


  3. A) That tree is SO CUTE and I usually don’t really get into Christmas decorations (for not other reason then I am kinda lazy).
    B) What a naughty boy! I can’t believe that adorable little face tries to buck you off LOL. He is too cute for such naughty behavior. Sounds like he is doing well overall though! You for him growing up!

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