You’re as Cold as Ice: Dressage Lesson with Emily!

How cute are these from Shawn at my barn? (I love that she even got his white marking on his face)!

WARNING: Heavy media in this blog post. SO MUCH video, so much! YAY.


Can your butt actually freeze? Possibly. It took like four hours for my ass to unfreeze after my lesson and I had long underwear on and lined breeches. Jeez.  I was actually okay riding (not too cold) in my lesson but if I stopped to let Remus have a breather, or stopped to chat with Emily I soon froze up again. The temp showed 23 or 24 when I got to Emily’s. No idea what the wind chill was but we were indoors. It wouldn’t be that bad, right? OMG. It was!

IMG_3714 (1)
fancy ass buckskin (he has his moments right?)

It was like being in a big fridge! Emily was sitting in her chair with Jasper her dog in her lap. Lula (Emily’s puppy) was in Tanya’s mom’s lap when I got there. Dogs were cold too!  Speaking of Lula check out her photobomb in the video below. Special thanks to Tanya who MADE ME RIDE (that is not what I am thanking her for, believe me LOL) but she did take media so I have video woohoo. This is very rare having video from dressage. And wow. Remus has come a long way. He is so much steadier at a trot now (let’s not even TALK about the canter right this second…grhhh). I haven’t seen him go for a while so I was very pleased at the videos. The buckskin may be getting a bit fancier finally! Could we finally get competitive this year? Maybe?? Or at least get decent (ahem) scores? I know you guys must think I am crazy but this horse. He can do it if he wants to even Emily says so!

This video below (sorry all the videos are of trotting and they pretty much look the same so feel free not to look at them all) he is a bit more bobbly with his head but still so much steadier!! I am really feeling we are FINALLY getting somewhere with this trot.

It was a great lesson even if it was colder than anytime I have ridden before! We got some really good trots and I was giving with my inside rein while holding with the outside (Emily is BRILLIANT I tell you and kudos to her for sitting there teaching us with the weather so frigid!) and viola Remus was off my arms and not leaning but actually trotting engaged and relaxing into the contact. WHOA? Mind blown.

tenor (6).gif
Me in most of this lesson! Who is this horse?


Another video above shows the steadiness in his frame. Seriously it was almost like having a real dressage horse. Almost. Then we started to canter (Tanya left by this time and thank god because no documentation was needed of this effort to canter). And it was so bad. Actually once we got into the canter he settled right down in contact and was good but our transitions. Um. Need WORK. SO MUCH WORK. Next time I am going to get Emily on him. Cause this is kind of what we look like now trying to canter now.

giphy (14).gif
Actually this may be better than what we look like!

S0 if I can remember to stop poking my elbows out, sit back, hands up, legs long etc etc we might get there. One thing to note is that even though I still perch forward (my go to method of riding anything, sigh) this Stubben saddle is to die for. I am definitely sitting back more in the saddle in this monoflap jump saddle than I ever did in the dressage saddle. I am not ready to rip my eyes out looking at these videos which is huge! (Believe me I hate watching myself ride)! I love this saddle so much everytime I ride in it I just thank the stars that Amanda browbeat me into getting it (HA just kidding but she does browbeat me often)! And those Lund leathers. LOVE!

ME everytime I ride in my saddle!
another blurry screenshot but cute buckskin alert!

Final blog posting of 2017 is completed! Here we come 2018!! Are we ready? Nope but will we have fun? Yep!  Will I stay awake for the New Year. Doubtful! Stay safe all if you go out for NYE! (We are hermits and stay home).


14 thoughts on “You’re as Cold as Ice: Dressage Lesson with Emily!

  1. Happy New Year! You’re crazy to have ridden! I’m pretty sure I’m not riding any time soon. High on 17 on Thursday so I’m sure my lesson is cancelled (or I can just cancel it now). Oy. Batty and Jiminy are fine, Subi is miserable and I think I just spent $400 to improve his life yesterday… And thanks to Amazon and guaranteed delivery (FAIL), life won’t be entirely improved until Tuesday. I’ll blog later. DON’T PROMISE ME 1 DAY SUNDAY DELIVERY AND THEN ONLY DELIVERY ME ONE BOOT!!!!

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      1. If they had said estimated delivery it would be one thing, but NO. Guaranteed delivery! I can try having him wear 1 new boot on 1 foot (where he’s getting a rub) and keep the old boot of Batts on the other hoof? Seriously Amazon… wtf?

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  2. I think that is a great place to be at the end of December! Whoo! The canter departs will improve, especially once your butt isn’t freezing haha. Seriously, there is complete truth to the saying “freezing my ass off”. (Point of reference: It was -25 when I turned out horses at 8AM this morning and I was like what am I even doing with my life right now. Ass definitely frozen.) And so happy you love the Stubben! 😀

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  3. WOW! you guys look so so so good!!! Emily sounds like an awesome instructor. I’m sure that tge canter work will come as Remus continues to build those good muscles doing that awesome trot work. Also huge kudos to you for riding in that ungodly temperature!

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  4. Oh man sounds like an awesome lesson and totally worth facing the cold!! Remus is totally fancy dressage horse – he looks so pleased with himself!! (Even if a little cold lol)

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  5. Thanks for getting that song stuck in my head =P

    He does look lovely. I cannot believe you went for a lesson when it was that cold. No way jose.


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