Emerging from the Flog (Flu Fog)

Me trying to get away from this sickness….as fast as possible…

ZERO HORSE BLOG CONTENT THIS WEEK GUYS. Massive fail. However I may, just may be crawling out from the flu fog. I have not had a fever since Monday night. The body aches are gone. The cough however is still the monkey on my back and will probably be there for months now.


We had ice yesterday but the temps the last few days have been nicer. AND I am too sick to go see my horse. Literally the thought of driving out to the barn exhausts me. SO Hopefully by the weekend I will feel better. Cause this constant need to snooze? Is killing me.

Reporting for duty….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

The dogs have been extremely helpful in nursing me back to health. The only issue they have with me is when I cough so much I disturb their naps. Sigh. My husband has been wonderful as well and he must be wondering who this hideous hag is that is sleeping during the day and coughing all night.

I will be right here mom if you need me!

Shawn from the barn texted me that Remus is thriving and loving his alfalfa addition. I do not think he misses me at all. Beast.

Mr Enthusiastic NOT

The weather is nice now but going to chill up again and chance of snow next week but at least not those horrible temps. It is sad that seeing low of 20s doesn’t bother me so much now.

I think there is a Sally lesson possibility next week (The week of the 20th) but due to sickness and me probably having to go see my dad again I might have to skip. I hope to get riding again soon but might have to curtail lessons until February just to get my strength back.

Me earlier this week possibly

I am in no hurry so except for this blog getting mighty boring in early 2018 we have time to get lessoning again!! I have a friend doing a cow sorting clinic in February I might tag along with (no Remus thank you he would die of a heart attack I am pretty sure the way he hates cows) and some other things upcoming but otherwise….ehhh one big fat ehhhh right now!

Dynamic Duo of Floofs

I am loving catching up on all the blogs. Some of you are so driven in this winter weather.  I live through you all  DOING STUFF when I am sitting or laying sideways on this couch recuperating! HA thanks for taking me along for the ride!


7 thoughts on “Emerging from the Flog (Flu Fog)

  1. Your pups look mighty happy to be home with you holding down the sofa. They look like they’re doing a great job! Happy you’re starting to feel better. Remus looks like he’s without a care in the world… how ungrateful they are… the only one who cares is Subi but he’s going to be mad when when I take his boots off tonight before the mud comes rolling in… he’s Mr. Confidence in his orthopedic boots…

    Continue to feel better! Winter can’t last forever, right?

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  2. so glad you’re feeling better!! and honestly, when we look back at this miserable cold period, it’ll be hard to tell who was really the wiser: those who just stayed home getting strong for the upcoming season? or those who trudged miserable circles in the cold?? idk haha, sometimes i’m not so sure!! 😉

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  3. Your dogs look so comfy on the couch! Right now I have a gross 4 year old on there with me. I’m pretty sure he’s picking his nose. So I may come visit you, mmmmkay?

    Remus looks devestated to have more of a vacation bahahaha

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