Where Would You Choose to Live?

2dDEdwR.gifSo blog fodder is a bit light still due to me still fighting the cold/flu/crap in my chest. I managed to get out to see my horse this weekend but that is about it. I am sure he is still a muddy mess but since it is 10 degrees (windchill of -3) right now we shall see if he gets brushed today or not. One issue is that I cough so much that I can imagine how much fun  it would be to breathe cold air in my lungs and cough dust bunnies out my nose. UGH.


Anyway Remus was DISGUSTING from the mud. ICK. And you can see the pecking order here below in the video. Sterling came flying up for carrots and Remus just moves out of the way (To be fair Remus was at the gate and got 3-4 carrots before Sterling even realized there were treats to be had!).

So my question today is if you could choose where to live where would you live? My husband and I have some inquiries out and I am just curious to see where you would choose. Two options for us right now (who knows if they will happen but just for shits and giggles I will throw them out there): New Hampshire and Memphis, TN.

could he be any more disgusting?? I think not….

I would say for me I would like to live near Aiken SC, followed by anywhere in NC for me since my family lives in VA would be ideal but nothing works out like that LOL. Since Mark is the breadmaker we go where he has work not where I want to go. The good thing about my job is that I could do it 100 percent remote if needed (though I have a chance of a job up in NH if that worked out but brghh I love NH but so cold in the winter!). Of course it was only 3-4 degrees different in NH over the weekend compared to here.

These two do NOT get a vote since I am pretty sure they will go wherever we go as long as the couch goes too LOL!

Wherever we go we definitely want to find a farm or farmette to buy if we moved away from here. We have been looking for almost a year up here and I am pretty sure it just is not going to happen in the DE/PA/MD area for us (Having Remus at home and a small bit of land). Not that we have to have him at home. But it would be nice.


As I said this is all just speculation, nothing firm, nothing happening but some things in our work have made us stop and think. SO where would you live if you could (and we are not rich so don’t say Ocala or CA that ain’t happening HA HA HA)?

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!

20 thoughts on “Where Would You Choose to Live?

  1. Hmmm… I’m pretty dang happy in Dallas. So, that would be on the list. Maybe mid/northern California? Pay would have to increase of course to cover the increased cost of living. And I’d have to scope out th H/J scene. Probably not in the NE (too cold in winter). No where that is humid either. Ick! Fun to think about. Fingers cross that you guys find the perfect situation!

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  2. OH! I have a list.
    Upstate SC (take me back…), all of NC west of I-95, most of Virginia, but not metro DC, Phoenix, Dallas/Ft Worth, Sacramento/Davis, Athens, GA. Potential for Louisville or Columbus, but I’m reallllly over cold weather.
    I also have a secondary list of vet schools I would work for, which pulls in places like Baton Rogue and Gainesville.
    Needless to say, this is something I think about a lot.
    Weather is a priority for me (spoken as we get 5″ of snow UGH), obviously I have to have a job (so either a decent size city, one with a vet school or if I move into consulting, major airport), low COL (so I can afford ponies), close to an at-minimum-decent airport, close to family is a bonus.

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  3. If you move to NH, we could show and hang out. Just sayin’!! The snow sucks though. I love Maine because I grew up here, but I would definitely pick mid Atlantic, maybe Maryland or Virginia for the milder winters and lots of horsey things to do!

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  4. wait no you can’t move!!!!!! i actually really like where i am, which was not something i expected to be saying about baltimore 10-15 years ago. but there ya have it, i can’t imagine living anywhere else — and i’ve definitely had a few opportunities to think that through over recent years.

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    1. I agree with emma! I like it here except when I don’t. I’d like to move to my dream farm after I win the lottery which takes care of most of my issues here and the I can go south when it’s cold.

      I’m also thinking Australia or Switzerland…

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  5. I’m actually happy where I am (Sunshine Coast, BC). There are lots of other areas I would like to explore, but I prefer the non snowy winters and moderate temperatures year round we get here.

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  6. This has actually been a topic of conversation with me and my husband recently. We aren’t super serious about it, but more serious than we’ve ever been about talking about moving somewhere.

    Anywhere in the states besides CA would probably be Washington. Due to my husband’s job, we’d have to be adjacent or in a bigger city so the cost of living wouldn’t go down enough to justify the move. CA is good enough and has better weather.

    What we’ve been talking about is actually getting out of the country. That revolves around 2 options: Japan and Canada. We have family in Japan and loved going there and visiting. The major problem with that option is I cannot find any information on owning horses over there. So no horse = no move. Otherwise, I think it would be grand to live over there. (Languages are my degree and I can already understand 50% of what is said in a conversation so learning the language doesn’t factor into my con list). Canada would probably be Vancouver area since we like the west coast. Not much change in the cost of living from what we have now from what I’ve seen in my research. We are planning on doing a trip up there this year so that one is more of a real possibility than any others.

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  7. If we are really dreaming, I want a farm in the country side of the UK or Scotland. My husband is wishing to move to the east coast here in Canada but I worry about what options there would be with eventing or anything jumping related.

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  8. We went through this when I was ending my residency and had the option to move anywhere. We ended up here in SC and love it. We are 2 hours from Aiken and 1 hour from Tryon NC and somehow in a pocket of reasonable prices for land. I adore TN though! Good luck with the search

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  9. I’m kind of like Emma, my past self would be totally shocked to hear my present self say it, but I’m really happy right where I am. I tried for years to get out applying for over 40 jobs elsewhere in a very short time of concentrated effort. Nothing worked out though! I’ve done so much research on other places (all with 4 seasons, all with mountains) and can honestly say I’m really happy with where I am. I think I would love being in upstate NY near the Adirondaks or in NH or VT or ME, but I do appreciate not having quite as long of a winter where we are. Our winter more closely resembles that of northern New England, but it is about 4 weeks shorter on most years. Access to lessons and shows isn’t the easiest for my chosen disciplines, but definitely workable. All of my chosen passions/sports have great venues no more than 3.5 hours from my home. Cost of living is very affordable and natural disasters are very few and far between – which is lovely.

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  10. I really like where we are- close enough to Charlotte if we wish to go to the city, far enough away that we don’t have the city traffic. Less than 2 hours to Tryon and Southern Pines, and 2.5 hours to Aiken. So I think Mark needs to look harder in my area 🙂

    If I had to choose between NH and TN, I’d pick TN because I simply can’t do winters like I used to.

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    1. yes TN seems to have more real estate listings where we could have what we want. BUT i KNOW NOONE IN TN (I would much rather be in NC he keeps looking)……(PS dont you have a blog to update?? ahem??) 🙂


  11. Since NH is on my 3 state list of possible places to move, I vote for NH. If my husband weren’t insane about not being hot, I’d move back to the mid atlantic. Even if we suddenly got rich, I wouldn’t want to continue living in CA. The wildfires and mudslides and drought terrify me.

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