Remus: All About the Treats

We got decent temps on Tuesday (low 40s!!) before a snowstorm was coming through on Wednesday so I cut out of work early Tuesday to go see my horse. I was toying with riding but the ring is still pretty chopped up and frozen in parts so Remus got a brushing and clip instead. And lots of treats. Because that is what he expects. Spoiled rotten horse. Plus once I was there my throat seized up and the coughing commenced again so probably was not a good idea to ride. But Remus at least got cleaned up a bit and looked better by the time I left. For some reason he lost one of his brand new purple bell boots so he was rocking the two tone color combo with one of his old black one and the other purple (I was too lazy to go look in the field, that will wait till this weekend when it is warmer). But dang horse how do you pull off a brand new bell boot? If he broke it I am going be so pissed!

Me looking at Remus mismatched bell boots….

His mane is atrocious and for some reason this year is poofed up (and he has rubbed a small part of it somehow, no hay feeder so Remus why must you do this shit to me?) See the red arrow below. THAT is where he has rubbed. You can barely tell because of the poofiness of his mane at this point. LOL and I think Remus has watched Henry’s instagram feed because he is working his own side eye mare glare right there isn’t he?

where are the treats lady….?

He also was a pill standing on the cross ties. He is usually pretty good so he was just irritated I brought him in and didn’t feed him his grain and then turned him back out because they don’t come up till 5 or so now that is staying lighter longer. Brat. Sometimes I just wonder why I put up with him.

He is definitely not as heavy as he was in the Fall….but not too skinny either…

I am keeping a close eye on his weight. He gets alfalfa at night in his night hay and I am pleased to see he is not gaining weight on it (But not losing weight). Last year this time he looked so much poorer so I am really happy. His coat while fuzzy is gleaming too. So I think whatever we are doing is right for him. I wish I was riding more but otherwise he is in good shape. This is one of the first times I could leave his blanket off for a bit so I could scrutinize him more AND could use the cross ties under the overhang so I had more light!


Speaking of riding, I rearranged my schedule so I can ride with Sally this weekend! Even though we haven’t ridden in FOREVER I feel like a lesson will be good considering A) the footing will be great at Kealani, and who knows when it will be good at our barn again and B) I need some bolstering that we can still jump (Hopefully we can LOL). And it is supposed to be around 50 on SATURDAY (last time Sally was here in early January it was single digits and I was sick in bed with flu so it has to be better, right??) I just have to hope I don’t start wheezing on course!


So Remus got his bridlepath trimmed and some of his yak facial hair and his front fetlocks. (I couldn’t reach his back ones and I was tired of coughing by then). So he looked a wee bit better. I re-blanketed him and turned him back out where he proceeded to do this. Brat!! Good thing he is cute (I even got a video of him stomping the ground like a wild mustang but the light was bad).

STARVING (even tho he had about five stud muffins and a bunch of carrots!!)
IMG_3870 (1)
Pissed off now and about to paw at the fence…

So I am pretty sure he is only here for the treats and it being winter does not faze him at all….cause less riding. more treats, more hay. OH YEAH. This morning I am on my couch on my laptop looking at it snow outside. Again. Spring are you coming?? Please??

Image result for brat gif
Remus on a daily basis….

13 thoughts on “Remus: All About the Treats

  1. Good thing you saw Remus yesterday because for a storm that was going to miss us, the roads near me (and thus Remus) were AWFUL. Seriously. Nothing around me was plowed except for my street because my neighbor was illegally plowing it. Even with the truck, we were slipping down my road. Oxford Rd was completely covered until you got into New London. 896 was ok. But all the back roads are a completely snow covered mess… I don’t know what happened. We thought about turning around and calling off work, but then decided to push through. Things got better, but I’m so full of regret right now. I could be at home on the sofa with puppies and cats… Instead I’m at work. Without puppies (or kitties).

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    1. yes and it is sTILL SNOWING. How are they in school today (Oxford and Elkton etc schools closed but our local schools are still in session). There is ice under that shit too. Mark had to drive to West Chester and it took him almost 2 hours. UGH. HATE WINTER. (This is why I went and saw him yesterday!! I knew it would be worse than they said, 1 inch or less my ASS). Sorry you are at work. You can come to my house and sit on the couch with my pups if you want (That is where I am) HA…


      1. seriously… I guess they’re all concerned about snow days now? What happened to building snow days into the calendar? They’ve gone from over hyping these to under calling… Or I don’t know. This is the worst kind of winter though. Took Erik an hour-ish to shovel the driveway and then it was all covered again… I’d rather have 1 or 2 big storms than these tiny storms. Drive me insane. Have to put hay out tonight. Erik will hate me for that!

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  2. Hahaha oh Remus! He is so funny. His weight does look good! I’m stuck on the “but, sir vet, I HAVE been cutting Amber’s food down – she just gets FAT ON AIR.” Haha! His clip job looks great! And yeah, Amber destroys her mane, too. You just can’t win. I hope you beat this cough though! They’re the worst. If I get coughs it’s usually the bad kind, and my lungs feel like they’re imploding. I hope your lesson goes well this weekend!

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  3. I’m in it for the treats also…I think I’ve had like 4 cups of hot chocolate and no less than 6 brownies. Ahhh, snow days. Have fun at your lesson with Sally! I’ll live vicariously through you since the entire state of NC will be shut down for at least the next 6 months (we have like 4 inches of snow….oh the horrors).

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      1. Actually 4 days, muahaha. Monday we went on a 9 mile trail ride and I rode him again yesterday since I knew he’d definitely have today off. Can’t have him thinking he’s back on vacay!

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  4. This weather is crazy! 2” down here, freezing overnight so ice everywhere tomorrow morning and then nearly 70 on Sunday!!! I’m enjoying laughing at all the southerners freaking out about it.

    I too took advantage of Tuesday and snuck in a ride while dinner was in the oven. Gem was in beast mode and we ended up cantering for a half an hour. She still wasn’t tired at all. I need it to warm up so they can be turned out 24/7 again!

    Remus looks amazing with his clip and his weight is great.

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  5. I haven’t been riding either – 8 degrees is too cold for me, thanks! And I let out a string of language yesterday when I looked out my office window and it was snowing. Again. If it hurts to breathe, I’m pulling my amateur card and not riding. Will my horse be out of shape? Yup, but guess what, we go BN, not Advanced, so it’s not the end of the world.

    Remus as always looks adorable. Because I love him. So much.

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