We Rode and We Didn’t Nod Off From Boredom!

Blurry screenshot of a pretty cute buckskin if I do say so myself!

Saturday I was determined to go ride and dragged my hubby out to video. Poor guy never gets made to go to the barn so I was like it is gorgeous out you need fresh air come with me. He actually enjoys Remus and treats him like a big dog (Mark is not that comfy around horses but Mark thinks Remus is a big Golden Retriever more than a horse).

Not sure who was more thrilled to be having to be there on a Saturday (Mark or Remus?) LOL

It was a beautiful day. I will admit I had a bit of grunty grunt annoyance on not getting to go take a lesson. But I got over it. I realized riding in our ring at the barn that I am still pretty easy to exhaust and I might have had a bit of issue keeping up in the lesson  while jumping. (Breathing will you ever get easier please?? I start coughing then have to stop to catch my breath!) Remus was almost an angel when I actually did ride though. I was very pleased.

Image result for angel gifs
No not that kind of angel he was really good! LOL seriously!

As I mentioned above, Remus was very very very good. I have not ridden him in 3 weeks about and he was right where we left off with Emily. The ring was a bit gross still (one end still had some snow and ice where the sun doesn’t hit it and the other side of the ring had a lot of water under the footing). We just had to be careful and I only walked and trotted. Considering our iffiness on cantering at this time there was no reason to get into a fight and lose because of the sloppy footing. I was pleased with his walk and trot though. (This may be the first time I rode him that I felt competent enough to ride on my own without an instructor nearby! LOL so sad right?)

HIs walk (short video above so not to bore you silly) has definitely come on. Does he need more walk? Of course always, but is he being pretty steady and tracking under (for Remus this is HUGE). YES.

His trot was pretty damn steady for him again (he still falls in on the shoulder and he gets looky over by the jumps due to the idiots driving up the driveway next door at mach speed but otherwise, he was on point the whole ride!) and I am just thrilled at how he was moving forward (I didn’t put spurs on so you guys who are regular followers KNOW how bad he can be if I don’t wear spurs). He was pretty much perfect. I mean he did try to dump me once when I had a car speed up the driveway (such a brat) but he didn’t. HA. Mark did not get that on video (thank goodness!)!

I am so glad I rode, and I should have rode on Sunday too but the ring really was sloppy and gross and it was a bit gloomier on Sunday and felt chilly. Plus the cough that won’t leave was back with a vengeance. Spring is coming, riding is coming, all will be okay. I am glad Mark went with me too on Saturday as I always enjoy having him along when he can be there and since it was not an all day show (which is like watching paint dry for him) he was okay with going out there for a while.

Image result for bored gif
Mark at a horse show lol

Here are some more blurry screenshots to show you that we might be finally finally getting somewhere (pay NO attention to my horrible posture, elbows and hands). STILL LOVING my position in this monoflap though.

Moving forward, I have Emily coming out next week for a lesson if I can’t haul still (grhh) and then I am going to hopefully ride with Sally in February. Please Winter behave for me in Feb. Thanks! Hope all of you had fun-filled horsey weekends too ( I have already read the blogs of some of your horsey weekends)!

Could he BE any more fuzzier above his clip job?  I think NOT! SMH

15 thoughts on “We Rode and We Didn’t Nod Off From Boredom!

    1. I actually thought as I swung up over him oh shit what if he just cracked in half right now. LOL ummm nope he didn’t 🙂 HA HA HA I am so freaking lucky I know!! I should get on my knees each night and thank someone for him HA!


  1. yay for getting to ride! this weekend was so freakin nice, i’m glad you got to take advantage of it! tho i took sunday off too haha, bc sometimes we just need a nice pleasant day of nothingness lol. also i don’t remember having seen pictures of your barn’s arena before but it’s really pretty! hopefully we get a nice enough stretch of weather that it gets more rideable soon!


    1. yes the ring is fantastic there and we have lights!! the footing is rubber and is usually really nice this is the first winter it has really frozen up but the weather we had was umm gross? Rain this week but hopefully it will dry up after that! I was glad to ride. just boring to ride by yourself (Most people dont ride in the winter there). Its a small barn anyway.


  2. Y’all are totally killing it these days- seriously, Remus looks sooo friggin cute!!! Great job!

    P.S. Mark sounds A LOT like my husband. Rio is essentially a huge dog to him. And asking him to hold him is hilariousssss! (for me!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. i was too lazy to drag some jumps out (and the footing was bad) But how boring to just trot around LOL (And yes I enjoy putting Mark in situations….i literally handed him the horse to hold as i untacked him and he did if it had been any other horse but Remus he would have squawked loudly). Remus is a lot smaller than Rio though!! 🙂 thanks he really pleased me how well he moved, gives me hope!!


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