A Good Habit to Have!

Dachshunds: They get the job done! LOL

Totally horse free blog post today. Sorry.

But I have mentioned a few times to The Everything Pony and Patently Bay before about my dachshie addiction. We have had a couple dachshunds (we don’t have any right now, so sad) and we even fostered for awhile. I still have a habit of collecting dachshund themed items though (this could be a whole post of all my items but I will just share a couple!).

For those of you inclined to hoard (I mean, collect) dachshund (or any dog-themed) stuff take a look at my shower curtain and bathmat from Overstock. (I also have the down comforter from them too so yes I have a problem! HA) But isn’t that pattern adorable?


I also thought I would share the dachshunds we have loved too. Cause dogs. NO ONE minds seeing doggie photos right? I have been casually looking for another schnauzer (we have one now (Gretchen) along with Ollie (we adopted both of them) and have had 3 others) but I would totally do another dachshund instead but the last one we had had back issues and I don’t know if I can do that again. But they are the cutest!!

First off, we had a rescue dachshund named Helmet that we fostered (failed) and took to Texas with us when we moved there due to no one wanting a 13 year dachsie with heart failure (we loved him and he lived with us in Texas til Mark came home to the farm one day and found him dead on his doggie bed). Here he is on his own and also with Peeves our manx cat we got at the Taylor Horse Sale in Texas (Still have the damn cat 13-14 years later).



Not a dachshund but had to share this is one of our schnauzers (Max who we lost a few years back way too young with lymphoma) with Peeves too!


Then we got Pippin (also from Taylor but I didn’t get him after too many Coors Lights at a horse sale(unlike the cat!).

Seriously so cute!

Here is Pip with Max and also a couple photos of him when I took him to work and he slept in the file drawer and on the trip back from Texas when we moved back. Photogenic beast wasn’t he?

pip and max

Max and Pip on way back from Texas to East Coast in 2009!

Pippin had back issues several times and due to his health issues we had to put him to sleep rather than have him suffer. I still miss him. Ollie reminds me a lot of him in some ways though I don’t think Ollie has any dachshund in him. But he has the mischievous streak they all seem to have.

giphy (1)
IΒ  may have watched this gif way too many times before posting! LOL

My dad also had a dachshund named Fritz but I cannot find any photos of him at this time for some reason. I know I have them! He was a red dachshund like Helmet and he lived to a ripe old age of 15. We just lost him about 2 years ago. I just love going through all the old photos looking and reminiscing about times past. Just a sentimental sap here.

Do you look back at the dogs you have had and miss them or start thinking about getting another one? Awww dogs. They are such amazing creatures aren’t they? (I have two beside me on the couch snoring away as I type). And do you have a tendency to buy stuff just because it has a dachshund (or a pug or corgi orΒ  beagle or whatever) on it? Tell me I am NOT alone!

Life is so hard for the current dogs!

17 thoughts on “A Good Habit to Have!

  1. Hahaha OMG I LOVE that curtain!! And the mat…So cute! Now I need to share the new dachshund quilt set I bought haha! I tend to accumulate a variety of things depending on what it is – my fav heat changing mugs are Harry Potter themed. I won’t usually buy shirts with horses on them but I will if it’s a dachshund. Now I have to grab all of my dachshund themed things LOL. And how sweet are those doxies!! So adorable. I know when I feel like it’s time to get another dog I’ll be getting a dachshund πŸ˜€

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  2. We lost our Dachshund mix a little over a year ago. She looked a lot like Pippin, only shorter/smaller in body and longer in leg. (I used to joke that if most dogs fit in 3×3 boxes and Dachshunds fit in 1×5 boxes, then our mutt fit in a 2×4 one.)

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      1. We have NO idea what the other half was; we found her on the side of the highway (no, really) after seeing someone we think was kicking her out of his car (GRR!). I always thought she was a MinPin cross, because she had that exact face Pippin has – not what I typically see on Dachshunds around here – and these fragile, delicate leg bones that reminded me of MinPins. On other hand, my mom insisted on doing a doggie DNA test, and it came back 85% Dachshund and 15% Poodle… lol

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  3. So sticking cute. Sleeping in a file drawer? How did you get any work done with that cutie pie in there? I’ve only had two dogs before my current two and I miss them both dearly. I still have their pictures up and look at them often

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  4. Helmet. Pippin. Fritz. SO MANY GOOD NAMES. I love them all. And that shower curtain is SUPER cute.

    I’m weird in that I DON’T buy things just because huskies are on them. People give me lots of husky-related stuff though, so I guess it makes up for it? I have a TY beanie baby husky in my car right now because one of my barnmates left it for me after I got Taiga. It’s the second one I’ve had! The first I gifted to a friend’s son when his sister was born because everyone wanted to see the baby and I know what it’s like to be the oldest when everyone is interested in the new addition. He still carries the husky around with him everywhere ❀

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