Remus Is Not Going To Be a Happy Camper!

Planning is SUCH fun!

Since the weather is GOD AWFUL (actually the sun is out today but it is still cold as snot and yesterday we had snow and we are supposed to have rain later this week and oh is that enough WINE (Whine) with cheese for you?), I decided to grab the bull by the horns and start planning. The ring is a mess, I haven’t ridden in over a week, and the weather is not getting better.

Me planning….

So I sat down and emailed Emily and started a short-term list. Shall we see how this is going to turn out (evil laugh, poor Remus)?

Me to Remus


Lesson Saturday with Emily. I will haul there and get a lesson in. I will also put said Emily on REMUS so we can A) see if he canters for her and B) get it on video. YES!


Lesson next week with Sally (I hope, weather permitting). I haven’t even emailed her yet due to me wanting a closer forecast in mind in case Mother Nature wants to eff with us some more. But that is on my list. If I can get there sans snow and subarctic cold I will get there if I have to ride him there.

Third and Most Importantly!

Remus is going to boot camp!! WOOHOO! We have done this a few years (I don’t think he went last year which is the first year he hasn’t) where he goes to Emily’s for a couple weeks. I don’t do full training for a month because my husband would promptly divorce me if I spent that much but he goes for 10-15 days and it is just enough to get him all cleaned up and cobwebs in his brain flushed out and he just gets MOVING and WORKING.

giphy (1).gif

Plus there is an arena there so I can get a couple lessons in during that time or just go and ride there. HEAVEN. Of course I am sure we will have the blizzard of the century when I take him there to stay.  These things happen. But at least I feel much more in charge by making decisions and plans. Emily has a spot open later in February so he should be going there after next week sometime.

We have a new boarder coming in March so this works great so Remus is back for herd intros when the new boarder moves in.


So how do you get through the winter blues?? Do you plan (I know some of you have been writing about your plans)? And don’t you get excited just having something on the horizon? Or am I the only freak! 🙂



21 thoughts on “Remus Is Not Going To Be a Happy Camper!

  1. I told Gwyn on Monday night that we were going out on Tuesday for a ride with a new friend and she snorted at me and gave me the mare glare.

    I’m not sharing my plans with her anymore.
    But yes, I plan. I’ve got horse shows mapped out for 2018. *rubs hands gleefully*

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  2. Gahhh that Rumplestiltskin gif is money.

    And boot camp! That sounds SWEET. I’m with Sara, I need a money tree. I’d LOVE to send my three off to respective boot camps.

    I plan! And then my plans fall through because I always underestimate my motivation when I’m working 6 days a week and it’s cold. And so each year I plan for less. And you know, if I was living where I did for the past 4 years this year, my current plan would have worked beautifully! I’d have exceeded expectations! But nope. This year I live 50 minutes from the barn on top of working 6 days a week and we’ve actually had a true winter and frankly, I haven’t felt like riding at all! But I AM succeeding at one goal – being easier on myself. I don’t give a damn about not riding right now. It’s okay. I have active horses who live on 28 acres that they actively move about and use. They’re not withering away and I don’t have any lofty goals for several months yet. I’ll get them fit in due time…it just isn’t due time yet. I’m enjoying winter in other ways and letting them enjoy some well-earned time off.

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    1. PLAYING WITH Huskies is a HUGE part of winter with you!! LOL And yes if i had snow up to my ass I too would not be as anxious. 🙂 I am going to have to scrape to make it work (Boot Camp) but every time I do it is Money well spent! 🙂 HA


  3. Boot camp! Love it!
    Re: the excitement of planning…my husband called me last night to let me know he got one of my proposed show weekends off work so we should go for sure. It’s not til the end of March, and yet I could not get to sleep…like “Ohh I need to make a packing list, do I know the test yet? Must practice lengthenings, I’d better schedule more clinics, I wonder how long the boot repairs will take…” lol

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  4. ooooh boot camp for Remus! how exciting!! and i’m totally with ya on making plans to feel at least a little bit more in control during this awful weather, ugh #sotiredofit

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  5. Ohh Remus is going to get you for that! That’s actually a phenomenal idea to put him with Emily for 2 weeks…I think I’m going to ask my own dressage trainer if that’s something we could do at some point. A month is out of the question because of the costs, but a couple weeks would be doable.

    You better get video!

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  6. Sounds like a solid plan to me! I was always such a planner, back when I used to board my horse and rode year round. Now that they live home with me and are basically retired… My plans are like, hey, maybe we’ll get to ride 6 days a week someday soon? Or not. Whichever.
    I can’t wait to have a horse I can show and make plans for again though!

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