Nothing to See, Move It Along, Blah….

The bean is content and I think I am Goofy (It is a metaphor, run with it!) HA

Wow ye old blog content has dried up big time. I went to dad’s for the weekend for bills and pills (I kid you not most of my weekend is cleaning up his kitchen, making up four weeks of pills for him and doing his bills and updating his checkbook. If this sounds stimulating, let me tell you it is not)!

How I feel after a weekend there…

It actually was a good weekend since I hadn’t been home since Christmas and my dad was in a pretty good mood. But boy it is exhausting driving there doing all the stuff then driving back two days later (it is about 4 hours each way). Dogs don’t care they love to ride and snore the whole way!Β  OR play. It matters not to them LOL!

These two having fun while we drive!

We headed back on Sunday in a torrential downpour which means we have to get all the stuff in the back seat of my truck along with two dogs. So we were full to the gills. I was planning on going to see Remus when I got back but the weather was pretty gross.

Not that the upcoming week forecast looks much better. 40’s today, snow tomorrow 30s and 30’s and rain till Saturday. WTF. I wanted Emily to come do a lesson at my ring but it looks like I have to ask if I can haul or wait till weekend. So I am starting Monday out in a very foul mood. I hope all of you had better (more horsey)weekends because even if I have no content I am always entertained by all the updated blogs on Monday!! WOOHOO (Thank goodness for small favors, am I right?)!

Happy Monday (or not)!


One good thing happened last week! LOL Liz instagram messaged me a photo of an ear bonnet that she said would be perfect for Remus. In less than 5 minutes, it was bought and is on its way to me. OMG this is cracking me up. I do need to rethink my color scheme (more yellow and blue less purple once in a while but…. I can’t wait). This is even making me smile thinking about it on a gray, cold Monday morning!! Thanks Liz for enabling almost as much as Amanda does!! THIS is going to look great on Remus!

Image result for minion earbonnet
I think I bought the last one but let me know if you want the link!!

14 thoughts on “Nothing to See, Move It Along, Blah….

    1. OH NO at least I am not sick anymore I guess i should count my blessings! Let me know if you need anything!!! I am only a hop skip and jump away πŸ™‚ (AND YES THIS GROUND WILL NEVER EVER DRY UP!)


  1. omg that bonnnnnnnet thoooooo!!!!!

    but also yea this weather is killing all things outdoors. blech. you should def haul out for a lesson with Emily tho – it’ll make you feel better!

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      1. ugh omg barn ppl…. they really need to chill out and leave you alone!! seriously tho the incubation period (i looked it up) is 2-10 days so…. ya know…. tomorrow will be 10 days since we last traveled (yes i have been monitoring lol) and the new bolton case was earlier than that. any new cases should have been discovered by now. meaning… the coast is probably clear. just sayin! πŸ˜‰

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  2. OMG the bonnet!! Those googley eyes!! I love it! So hilarious! I am so glad you bought it because I cannot wait to see it on Remus. That’s going to be the best lol

    I’m sorry the weather is supposed to be bad this whole week! That certainly puts a damper on things.

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  3. WordPress just ate my comment…?…so apologies if this is the second one!

    I canNOt wait to see that bonnet on Remus. You’ll have to consider black/grey with a striped scarf to update your wardrobe so you can look more like Gru lolololol Black/grey are easy to come by and match well with anything else πŸ˜‰

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