Despicable Me: Remus and the Minion Bonnet

Even CUTER in person!

The things I do to my horse!! Right? Anyway, the Minion has landed! It got here Friday afternoon. Wrapped perfectly in a jiffy envelope and even wrapped better inside. The quality is perfect. Guys, the eyesΒ  swivel and move, I was laughing so hard and I hadn’t even tried it on Remus yet.


I would totally recommend this company for bonnets. The service was fast (She even apologized for the delay with a handwritten note, but from buying it to getting it was less than a week so I think that is a win in my book). Especially for a small business! And she is very close to me, looks like she is right over by the Bay Bridge in Maryland from the address. Small world!!

Such details and just wrapped nicely and neatly!

I couldn’t wait to try it on my very own buckskin Minion. It just makes me smile. And on all these cold days in February, we all need smiles I am sure.


Update: Tried it on Remus. It fits fine but can we say Remus was enthusiastic about it? Nope πŸ™‚ HA such a grumpy buckskin.


Love to torment this horse. He was all tacked up and ready to go to his lesson when I tried it on him. Next time I will model it with his bridle but I love it. Even if he doesn’t!

Me every morning when I see the weather lately….crazy ass winter!

This morning, sleet and ice are pelting down. UGH. I am so tired of this deluge of crappy weather. Supposedly the weekend will be gloomy (more rain!!) but warmer (even the 50’s could it be?). But today I just want to hibernate. I am sure Remus feels the same and will be spending the day in his shed. Happy Hump Day all. COME ON WEEKEND!!

For real! Come on Friday!



20 thoughts on “Despicable Me: Remus and the Minion Bonnet

  1. He looks unamused. I love it! Those googlie eyes are amazing. This weather sucks. Pouring rain here again all day and then all weekend too. I’m going to need to learn to scuba dive pretty soon if this keeps up. It is either warm (high of 61 today) and pouring rain or cold (30s) and dry 😦

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    1. Yes my back yard is so saturated I sink a few inches when I walk in it with the dogs. I am so done. And the mud at the barn is atrocious (if it is not all frozen). Remus needs to get a sense of humor πŸ™‚ HA HA HA He was p’od about it for sure when I tried it on.


  2. LOVE the minion bonnet. Of course, this means that you now have to do an October/Halloween event and dress up as a minion too… right?

    As for weather – I FEEL YOU! We got a rain/ice storm last night. The barn workers were asking me when I was finishing up my ride if I would mind May being turned out (since we do night turnout) to keep the other mare that has to stay out company. Of course May would love to be outside with the giant round bale instead of stuck in her stall with only a few flakes of hay. I am sure Remus would agree with her. πŸ™‚

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  3. Hahahahahaha this bonnet is amazing and Remus’ face is even better! I am sitting here from home (we got let out of school at 11:15) because we are in the beginning of a huge snowstorm! I AM READY FOR SPRING PLEASE!

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  4. Ha! I read your last post at work and instagram is blocked there so I couldn’t see the bonnet. That is HILARIOUS! I LOVE IT! Even Remus doesn’t…
    Agree on the weather. We had snow, then ice ALL day today. Everything outside is frozen over. Gross.

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