It is the Weekend, Finally! (Close Enough Anyway)

So true….

Thank goodness it is Friday! Seriously longest work week EVER. And I have fun things planned!! I am riding with Sally on Saturday at Kealani YES. Actually that is the only fun thing I really have planned but it encompasses the whole weekend. Friday/Sat am is the anticipation. Saturday is the lesson. Saturday evening into Sunday  hopefully will have the  good memories of said lesson. WHOHOOO.


So sad it does not take much to make me happy and change my whole mood. It is a gross muddy mess and I am sure my horse will be gross but I don’t care!! And the forecast shows warmer weather (high 40’s to high 50’s) but actually shows RAIN on six of the next seven days. Might be time to get water wings on the horses honestly. Sigh. But warmer so yay!?

Goodbye Fat Wallet LOL

Next week, Remus goes to Emily’s for boot camp. He gets his feet done on Valentine’s Day (Happy V-Day to you Remus LOL) and then I will haul him over to Emily’s that day. Since it is going to rain all week, it probably is a good thing at least they have an arena there so he will get ridden.

For the next week after today it JUST might rain all the time…

Like I said it is supposed to be 50’s tomorrow so I don’t even know how to dress to ride in that warm of weather. LOL

Me riding lately…..what do I wear if it is warmer??

Happy weekend to all! Anyone else have some fun plans this weekend?


6 thoughts on “It is the Weekend, Finally! (Close Enough Anyway)

  1. I’m ignoring all weather… But hopefully your lesson is good and someone behaves…

    It’s looking like lessons tomorrow. Boo. But I need the money so… But I get to ride Ranger on Sunday! I said I needed more zen in my life and since Ranger is zen time, I was offered an extra ride this weekend. So more Ranger time!

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  2. yay i’m glad you’re going to the lesson!!! i think i’m probably skipping mine this weekend… even tho charlie is technically cleared for duty, i don’t really want to risk it. we’ll see haha. i’ll just have to live vicariously through you! stay dry!!!

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  3. Yay!! A lesson!! Have fun! I’m dreading this weekend for the show actually. SO TIIREEED lol. I seriously need to catch up on sleep. But it’s supposed to be rainy next week so we’ll see what actually happens. I hope you don’t get horrible weather tho!

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  4. YAY!! So fun! Can’t wait to hear about it. I got a great ride in yesterday but today is 34 degrees and raining. Just too cold to hack out in the rain (which was my plan), and the couch is much nicer LOL!

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