Heads or Tails? What Did We Choose?

Related imageSo last we discussed, Mark had a good offer on the table. In Memphis, TN.  And the decision we made was….drum roll please…

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This made me laugh for some reason over all the other drum gifs

We are moving to Tennessee. Yep. Head spinning. Heart racing. So many things to do.

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My head on a daily basis…

Mark won’t start for a month from today so we have a bit of time. We have a call with the relo person today. We are beginning to purge the house of all the crap we moved from Austin to Houston and to Delaware cause I sure as crap am not moving it all again. Simplify, downsize is the motto. (Whose idea was to give us all this crystal from 16 years ago at our wedding that we never use let alone unpacked?)

On one hand I want to vomit. On the other hand, it is exciting, we have no kids, we can gamble and move. The property values look much better there so we could possibly get a farm. I have looked up events nearby (Ha, nearby is not really what they are) and it looks like for me to go somewhere I will be hauling from 3-5 hours or more but at least there are some that Amanda goes to and KC goes to and etc. so I will get to see friends.

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The list making begins…

The logistics are boggling right now. I have to tell my dad and sister still. I have to tell Shawn at my barn (Remus will stay here until we are settled or maybe I will ship him to Roaming Rider :)). I have to tell neighbors and friends and my gym and I am going to miss all of them. It kind of sucks saying goodbye to people I have only just got to hang out with the last year (Emma, Sarah, Alli and others). BUT I already told my husband I am coming back next October for Fair Hill International. And I will be close enough to finally drive in and meet Presto and get back to TX once in awhile (still a haul but not as bad as from DE!).

I am coming back to see Dad periodically so can even drive up to events and see everyone once in awhile. But to leave this area where if you throw a rock you hit a great event and/or instructor or trainer (Okay no rocks were really thrown) is heartbreaking at times. I will have to find a new teacher for both dressage and jumping. It is just scary. Not to mention selling this house, finding a new house, Mark starting a new job and so on. Luckily my job I can telecommute mostly (I assume this will be allowed, I have emailed my boss about it).

Image result for cover eyes gif
me all the time and now even more so!!

SO that is it in a nutshell. I have a lesson with Sally tomorrow so yay riding and hopefully Tanya is coming to be my media person. Haven’t jumped since last Sally lesson so this could be hilarious (or not).

Image result for moving day gif

Anyone have any fun/horrible moving stories to tell me btw? I have a feeling I may have some before this is all done! HA

41 thoughts on “Heads or Tails? What Did We Choose?

  1. It is going to be sooo exciting for you guys!!! A great job for the Hubby and you will find a new environment for you and Remus. You have such a great attitude. Remus can come stay with me!!! But he will likely learn bad habits from Gemmie. HA!! I can see him now trying to get out of work using all her tricks 😁 Good luck with the move and telling your family. I hope you find your dream farm in the process.


    1. thanks, we have Brook Ledge right here at Fair Hill so good to know. I just don’t want to haul him 14 hours and have to stop rather pay someone to do it for me. 🙂 thanks for the link and am def looking forward to being driving distance to you and May 🙂

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      1. Also – Flying Cross Farm (in Goshen, KY) is basically right down the street from me and does a really cool recognized event each year in September.


  2. Yay for Mark, boo for the rest of us, and you should buy the little blue farm and fix up the barn. Because it’s cute and I liked it. And my opinion matters. No, you can’t take Jiminy with you. But, if he acts up, I might reconsider… Maybe just maybe we should try and ride before you leave (I’ll give up on you as Ranger media person)? And I should get to know Tanya since I’m going to need to find an alternative person to ride with and I’m pretty sure she mentioned Moo was a good candidate for trail rides at Emily’s? Or I was talking to another random person… I’m so lost!

    But, remember, it’s all about ME! Me! Me! Me! And, find me someone to rescue me from work too! And my boss didn’t approve of your last note… Haha! Congrats to Mark! Tears for the rest of us!

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      1. Sounds good. I’ll hold you to that! But you know it’ll rain or snow like it does every time it rides or just be freezing!!! I’m also off some days the following week just because.

        No you can’t have Jiminy.


  3. My parents moved from NC to TN a few years ago and have been really happy there – and, as an added bonus, no state income tax in TN 🙂 They’ve been looking for a farm down there recently (no idea why…I’m the only horse/farm person in the family, and I’m tied to the DC area for now) and found lots of good options! Enjoy your lesson tomorrow…we’ve got teeth and spring shots tomorrow…so I’m hauling to NJ to ride with Sally on Sunday (I have lost my mind…though it’s not as bad as the 3 DC-AIKEN trips in one week…)

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    1. OH no i was hoping to see you tomorow 🙂 ha ha ha i love how you put your horses (Cause i didnt remember your name but remember the horses!) HA HA HA See you soon i hope.

      Good to hear that about your parents!! thanks


  4. I’m so glad Mark was able to find a job- it’s hard to when you have a position like his! While it’s not NC (insert super sad face here), it’s exciting to be able to go on a new adventure! Start mapping your way to River Glen HT in TN and the ones at KHP!


  5. Congratulations! That is a huge decision but what a great time to purge and downsize. I let go of sooooo much crap in both the house and the barn when we moved to the new house three years ago and I don’t regret it at all! Everything will work out!! 🙂

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  6. I had a really horrible time moving from Area II up here where there are sooo many less convenient shows. If I was still in PA though, I think I would never have been able to advance my last horse as well as I did, and I discovered a whole new group of really, really great people. So while it may be hard at first while you get your bearings, just think of it as an opportunity for bigger and better things to come your way. Good luck with the logistics of everything!

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  7. Omg yes on the crystal!!!!! When I got married people asked if we were registering for crystal and I said “hell no! If I need some i’ll Use my parents since they never use theirs!!!” So yeah, get rid of the crystal!!!! Though this means you’ll have a dinner party in your new house and want to use the crystal 😂

    Hope the move goes well!!!


  8. SO exciting!!! Change is definitely hard but I am excited to hear about your journey. Sounds like a good opportunity, and you seem to have a great attitude about it which always helps. Let me know if you ever drive through Dallas, I’d love to meet you and I’m sure Rio would too!

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  9. Change is hard but it definitely is an adventure as well. I haven’t moved more than across parts of CA, which is large and huge moves but still the same state. No real suggestions here but an offer of an ear if you need to vent moving stress. I’m sure you will find the horse stuff you need but it will take time. Remus will be there for you though, being his normal goof self.


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