Throwback Thursday

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Well, this post was the one for LAST Thursday but silly me left the photos home in a shoe box so here it is this week instead.

This is just a potluck of various photos I found while cleaning the house out and they took me down memory lane so I thought I would share.

Pinto Arabians

This was a few months after I got Indy (Note the bride path growing out from his Arabian bridle path)

I went through a stage. I like horses with color as you all know. This was back when I was still boarding at Mrs. Bradley’s (so early 90’s I think). I bought this cute little half Arabian gelding from a breeder in Delaware (Indy was his name). Indy was green broke(I was braver back then LOL) and we got him going and showed him some. He never did grow that much so I ended up selling him but he was fun. He was a goofy guy. and had half Arabian papers.

Oh so serious I was. And so damn young. OMG.
SO it is good to know like almost 30 years later I still lean forward! YAY me? LOL

Morgan Horse Of Course

Another nice horse I had (and this is even farther back on the way back machine) was Blue. I always wanted a nice fancy Morgan horse. Nemour’s/DuPonts’ used to have a sale every year up in Delaware and we always wanted to go to it. One year we did attend and there was a mare there I had seen at a couple of the Morgan Shows I had attended and I really liked her. So I ended up buying her. Something about a fancy auction makes you do silly things. HA

still LEANING OMG somebody STOP ME!! HA

Her name was HVK Blue Moon.  I loved that mare however,  I ended up selling her to Hylee Farms out in the Midwest as a broodmare. Blue was a lovely mare but she was born at a big Morgan farm (Kohler Stables) and someone had pushed her too much as a youngster for showing and she only had one gear and it was fast and go. She would stress so much in the ring that it just wasn’t comfortable to ride her (my shoulders would ache after a class with her, she was that strong) and I couldn’t sell her to another riding home knowing how she was. She wasn’t dangerous just very very strong. Hylee Farms was thrilled to get her and I imagine she lived out her years there, every once in a while I see some of her offspring.  I do love a Morgan and she was a great one even if she had a bit of a fast gear. We won and placed in some great classes and had a blast showing her. Blue was great on the ground and a toddler could lead her.

Past Dogs

Josie, best Lab EVER.

Then I found a couple photos of some older dogs of ours.  Josie was a great dog and the year we moved to Texas (2004) we lost her to kidney disease. She got Lymes in 2001 and it attacked her kidneys. She was just the best, never needed a leash. Totally laid back. She did shed like a banshee though!

My dad’s Dalmatian Jake and Fritz (our dachshund) in Mark’s lap.

Jake was a great dalmatian and was Dad’s dog (his second dalmatian in fact).  He finally had hip issues and had to be put to sleep. But never fear Dad ended up stealing Fritz (OUR dachshund) before we went to Texas. Fritzie lived to about 15 years and died a few years ago. He was almost white by then, bless him.

A Creature of a Different Sort


I worked at a vet clinic for awhile out of college and we had a farmer bring us a baby fawn one time. Frankie (because of his blue eyes of course) had been hit by a combine tractor and needed surgery. Frankie was so spoiled by us. We had him there for almost a year while he recuperated.  The first person to get to the clinic in the morning had to get his bottle ready in the microwave. OMG the ding of that microwave and there would be tiny deer feet dancing thru the hallways. They ended up rehabilitating him to a wildlife place. He was so cool but always would have a limp from his leg.

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Sliding into the weekend like the Fresh Prince…

We are off to Memphis Saturday morning. I have to get the dogs into the daycare by tomorrow afternoon then we will head to BWI to stay somewhere due to an early flight on Sat. Wish us luck house hunting. We have four houses to look at but I don’t think any of them are going to be it. A couple do allow horses but I think they are bit pricey so we shall see. We are also going to look at some apartments to get Mark situated for his work and at least I can get a bit of a feel for the area. Our realtor offered to show us barns but I think until we know where we are going to live I can’t find a place for Remus yet.

So happy weekend to all a day early. Doubt I get another posting in for tomorrow unless I get motivated and post the houses we are looking at. Hope you all have a wonderful horse-filled weekend.

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OMG I can feel Friday coming….



12 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday

  1. Fingers crossed that everything goes well in Memphis this weekend! It’s nice you have a realtor that is willing to help you out with the barn thing. I was stuck with google and facebook to try and find a barn!

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  2. So many gorgeous critters! And DEER!

    Good luck with the house hunt…hopefully you’ll find some good local eats while you’re there to help the process be less painful as eating makes everything better, I find! :-p

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Love the flashbacks of ponies and doggles! My friend and I had a huge flashback the other day too looking at pictures of us and then me when I was little. Like REALLY little haha. Crossing my fingers for you guys that you find some house options this weekend! Especially with potential to house Remus!

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  4. Love the breed photos! I never knew much about the breed stuff, but I’ve made friends with people who are really into it. Definitely a different show culture!
    Morgans are wonderful horses, they have great brains (usually). I prefer the older type (like yours) that were stockier vs the newer ones that look more like saddlebreds.
    Good luck this weekend! Hope it’s a successful trip!


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