Memphis Trip Part I: Traveling Is Exhausting

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and the things you will see!

Either I am getting too old or traveling is getting really crazy. Maybe a bit of both? We dropped dogs off at the kennel/daycare on Friday afternoon and headed to BWI where we had booked a hotel at the Marriott there near the airport so we would be nearby for our early flight the next am.

First issue of the weekend was not the hotel but the parking. It took me about 30 minutes to find a spot and that was by pure luck. Seems there was a Mary Kay Conference going on at this Marriott and I have NEVER SEEN so many soft pink cars in my life. OMG. I was about to have a meltdown and we hadn’t even gotten to the airport yet. Otherwise the hotel was fine, we got checked in and all was fine but then early up the next morning at 5 AM meant a long ass day was ahead.

We tried to get gas in Mark’s car before going to the airport. The first stop was a 7-11 that had just opened and one guy was counting change methodically and neither of the credit card machines worked either inside or by the pumps. I told Mark let’s go elsewhere. We found a Royal Farm that had woken up enough to have the terminals working on the pumps so we got gas. We got parked at BWI and caught the shuttle.

The actual trip out was fine. The flight was not packed so that was good. And there were pretty normal people on this flight (yeah the return one was an eye opener). So that was good, the landing to Memphis was a bit rough due to the cloud cover and the 33 degree temps (YES they were at 78 degrees earlier in the week, I arrive and it is like winter in Minnesota LOL). They had sleet and even snow that day.

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Not really on our flight but it was bumpy!

We got our rental car (after walking like 10 miles to the rental area (OUTSIDE). In these lovely towns like Memphis or Austin where the weather is normally okay they have these lovely open area walkways to the rental cars. Which is great when the weather is nice. HA not when it was 33 degrees…and my coat was still packed in my rolling bag. BRGHH). Yeah I never stopped to unpack it. Live and learn.

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But we got our car (actually small SUV) and headed to Memphis (technically East Memphis).Β  Next issue. Hotel. We had booked another Marriott. And well. This one was not the best. They said we weren’t booked until Sunday. Um. No here is the Marriott App with my reservation 7-9th. It was all fixed and the people could NOT have been nicer. But I was a bit irritated. Then flash forward to the next day and the housekeeping team had CHECKED US OUT when we returned from breakfast. We went downstairs (MIND YOU all our stuff was in our room still!) and I about lost it with the clerk who bald faced lied to me saying nope you are scheduled till tomorrow you weren’t checked out. Okay she gave us new keys and off we went.

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How I felt at one point….

Then when we did check out on Monday the other clerk there, was like did you know you were supposed to check out yesterday? So we went thru the whole thing again. It all worked out fine and except for the loud ass wedding party there on Sat night it was all fine, the room was fine, it was comfy, Blah blah blah. I just expect a bit more from a Marriott. But all was fine.

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Me and Mark after our weekend (PS I am Eeyore)!

It was a great weekend but our flight was delayed yesterday so we didn’t get home till late and I couldn’t spring the dogs out till 7 am this morning. And the flight back was like the Cantina scene in Star Wars. I kid not. The people on this flight were out of this world. And not in a nice way. LOL

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I know I am a cranky pants but when an elderly man leaves his wife to struggle out of a seat to get off the plane (Me and another passenger helped get her out with her cane) you know it’s a bust. Just an odd, odd, odd group of people. Some were very nice, some were…well special. HA.

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The Memphis airport was an anomaly in the fact that about 3/4 of it was empty (No planes, no gates open). It was downright spooky.Β  Turns out a major reno is going on but also I guess Delta lost its hub there? But the photo below only shows part of how empty this airport was.

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But one good thing about an empty airport is that you get thru security very fast. There were no lines at Starbucks. It was fine. But I forget how exhausting traveling is. I was at the doggie daycare at 7 am this morning to pick my kids up. They are very happy to be home.

There is NO place like home says Gretchen and Ollie!

Let me catch up my wits and I will post more about what we did and saw this weekend but for now:. People drive even crazier in Memphis. The food was amazing. The houses were interesting. We did find one that was a possible. I did like the area down there especially when we got out into the country and our realtor is lovely down there and her daughter rides professionally hunter/jumpers in the area so lots of horsey contacts to come too!!


21 thoughts on “Memphis Trip Part I: Traveling Is Exhausting

  1. I’m so surprised you had so many problems with Marriott! We stay at them almost exclusively and have never had a problem. Wish the weather had been better, but I am excited that you are already making some horsey contacts!

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    1. ME TOO with Marriott. If that is one thing my mom taught me was where to stay and she loved a Marriott. It was very odd that hotel. It was a nice hotel but just odd. No trash cans anywhere in the lobby (I had to go behind the bar (closed) to throw away something) no do not disturb signs. No real restaurant either it was just an odd Marriott. HA
      I told Mark next time we are coming up your way to see Kentucky. πŸ™‚

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  2. There must be something going on with hotels recently…. And a Marriott for goodness sake! Geez. And some people travel easily – that is not me either so I feel you lol. At least hopefully now tho you can relax with Ollie and Gretchen!

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  3. That sounded like a real adventure! Fingers crossed the actual lmove is less adventurous and perfect house and barn come your way without too much effort:)

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  4. I thought of you this weekend!!! I was talking to a guy about Ol’ Miss and that lead to Memphis and he mentioned the horse area of Memphis was called German Town so I wanted to pass this on to you but it sounds like you already have a horsie contact so even better!!!

    Sorry everything else was stressful and crazy but glad you made it home!

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    1. hi there was actually a show going on at Germantown. It was Springtime in Dixie (and it was a hunter/jumper) but it SURE wasnt springtime i tell you! πŸ™‚ HA We didn’t go because it was so darn cold, Mark would have divorced me (He only took a light jacket). That was where my realtor’s daugher was showing. We will get out there next time but they have statues everywhere in different colors kind of like the painted ponies that were hot back a few years back. So that is cool.) Thanks though!


      1. TMI i know but the guy across the aisle from Mark threw up on take off. I have no idea why because it was smooth but yeah i am glad i wasnt sitting there. I am a sympathy puker πŸ™‚ HA HA


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