Too Much Drizzle Fo Shizzle: Cross Country Schooling Is a Wash

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Even Snoop knows this weather is bull!

Welp, my exciting week came to a sputtering stop on Monday when we had almost 2 inches of rain dump in less than a day (I finally put my rain gauge up so I would know for sure what we were getting, this weather is getting silly!).  My work also ramped up to 11 this week so I haven’t even made it out to Remus but since the ground won’t dry up for another day or so…..whatever…UGH

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So I was hoping that CC Schooling might still be on because the rain did stop by Monday afternoon and the sun even came out. I may have had the FH Facebook page up all day and kept refreshing it and then I saw it.  Fair Hill was under a deluge too and they made the (smart for them) right choice to cancel. I respect their decision it was a shit ton of water coming out of the sky.

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Sally didn’t even know yet when I emailed her to see what else she had in the fire for schoolings/lessons. So then she tried to talk to me into going to Windurra instead. Which was open for her so I think she must have switched her lessons to there. I went to Windurra once and it was great fun and the track there is amazing but honestly….they don’t have that many jumps for Remus and me. I mean once you have seen one log jump you have seen them all. I could do the water etc., but I passed this time.

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Beautiful place just not intro friendly for short horses and their riders….

Fair Hill is doing another schooling on Saturday but Sally can’t make it then and I really prefer to ride cc with her if possible so she makes me jump things I won’t jump on my own!

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And of course we have a MOST EXCELLENT trail ride planned for Saturday with Emma, Sarah and I hope a bunch more bloggers (or nonbloggers, all are welcome)at Fair Hill. And the forecast looks clear. It sure won’t be as nice as last Saturday. But it will be epic anyway!

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Speaking of weather, Mark is in Memphis and it is 63 degrees today at 530 am. I am here at 630 am and it is 32 degrees out WTF. It barely got into the 40’s yesterday here and it has been in low 30’s at night so I have turned my heat back on.  I think its supposed to be high of 50’s up to Saturday which is a bit coolish for the last part of April. But hey if it is not raining, snowing, blowing, or sleeting, I should take it. Weather be nuts this year.

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starting to feel this way!

I know some other bloggers have had snow (and more SNOW). So I really should not complain. But I am complaining! COME ON SPRING.

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me to Spring…..

I am sure everyone is sick of this weather(except those that are having great weather, kudos to you!). The weekend is coming, I can just see it over the horizon!!

Happy Hump Day!



16 thoughts on “Too Much Drizzle Fo Shizzle: Cross Country Schooling Is a Wash

  1. This rain is killing all the plans. Sorry about the xc school. I know what you mean though. There is a place near me that is really great but not for a wimp like myself so I vowed not to return until I’m braver and more schooled. The epic blogger event sounds AMAZING!!! Have fun and I can’t wait to read about it!

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  2. Blah yeah. It just keeps raining (and snowing!) here too. We have barely been able to cut our lawn… much less ride on grass lol. Fingers crossed though, things are starting to look up!

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  3. La Niña years are full of weather everyone loves to hate it seems! I’m just grateful that I flipped the bird to any competition plans before June several months ago. It helps me be more “well, here we are again, SIGH” about the 4″ of snow at my house than I would have been otherwise. My biggest gripe is just wanting to wear SANDALS to work lol

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    1. SEE you are who I am talking about I feel silly complaining when you and others have been buried this year. UGH and yes I thought about times when I wore flip flops in April. NOT this year, I pulled out my wool socks the other nite to sleep in I was so COLD. 🙂 and yeah i pretty much decided against entering anything in May.


  4. I like how you give kudos to those with great weather. I have a different word for them, but it’s not safe for work… Lol.
    Bummer about your outting. Weather is ruining everything lately. WHERE IS THE WARM?!

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    1. Well first it is expensive. I would have to pay 65 for schooling alone not including Sally’s lesson. AND SECOND i am a wimp. YOU KNOW that everyone knows that. There is some beefy stuff there. Just cause we all arent brave like you 🙂 LOL


  5. I love blogger rides. I wish I was close enough to everyone to always go to the events I hear others talking about. But I’ve got a trail ride this week planned so that will be fun. I hope yours is fun despite the wet weather!

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  6. ugh such a bummer about the planned schooling. my friend Holly was going to go to FH too (she has that little paint NSH that you love so much) and so now is going on saturday instead, which means she can’t make it to our group ride.

    it’s gonna be a great trail ride tho! even if i have to drag charlie out there on bloody stumps lol!! he loves a good trail ride tho and i’m sure he’ll be happy to see remus again! plus meet sarah’s ponies, and hopefully other blogger ponies too!

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  7. Oh I feel your pain. We had an ice storm from Saturday afternoon until Tuesday morning. FUN TIMES I tell ya! I did move my Sunday lesson to yesterday, so at least that helped a little. Today it was supposed to rain and hasn’t yet. So maybe MAYBE it will stay clear for a while and warm up soon?!?!

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