Where Did That Weekend Just Go? Remus, Volunteering, and Allergies

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Batt on Saturday morning, I think….

So Sarah and I were supposed to go trail riding but Batt decided he didn’t need to work at all this weekend and came up lame on Saturday morning. I halfway toyed with the idea of going on my own but let’s face it neither Remus NOR I are the bravest are we? Better not.

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OMG This is hysterical. This puppy is braver than me for sure! Cat too!

I did go out and brush about ten lbs of hair off Remus. Well maybe not that much but I had hair in my eyelids, in my mouth, down my neck. UGH. And he still has more hair to come off he still looks like a shaggy porcupine. I brushed and brushed him, pulled his mane a bit and overall polished him up some. So he was cleaner when I got done and I was grossly dusty. (I also packed up his heavier blankets to take for cleaning so that may have contribute to how dirty I was and how much dust and hair was stuck to my face and arms by the time I was done). The pollen this week has also left a thin layer of yellow on everything. My truck is now yellow, the windowsill where my windows were open this week at home are yellow. Now I do like the color yellow but not when it brings itchy eyes and hacking. UGH.

Carrots please. more carrots…

It was supposed to be much cooler Saturday and it was (considering it was almost 90 on Friday). But it was humid and sticky and progressively stickier as I tacked Remus up to ride in the ring. Neither of Remus nor I were motivated but I was determined to get on at least. And that is about all I did! But Remus was content to bee bop along with me at a walk and jog/trot. I didn’t even canter, I didn’t have a crop, no spurs and I just knew it wasn’t going to happen. Sometimes those battles are just not worth even attempting!

Wild pony can’t be broken..HA!

I did put my phone on the mounting block though and attempted to get some video. So at least I know I could do this at Emily’s to get video if Tanya wasn’t available. It is not perfect but…..it did capture some of us, though there was a whole lot of dead time where nothing showed. I did edit it a bit so you weren’t just watching the trees blow if you were watching. HA

SO much effort to get a trot out of him. PLUS he is spooky as hell in that corner of the ring. Note to self put the camera a different angle. So I am obviously not going to win any awards for filmmaking but at least I can get some of my solo rides captured. So I call that a win!

And then the big rain day that Sunday was going to be just piddled out and we got NO rain at all. Which was great for the 5k/10k I volunteered at but by the time I got done there dealing with all the people (over 1000 people preregistered alone and most of them were picking up race bibs that morning) my back was killing me (2 hours leaning over a card table finding bib numbers then 2 more hours of giving out swag while standing on concrete, will do that to you when you are of a certain age!).

Image may contain: 30 people, people smiling, crowd and outdoorIt was great fun but I did not have the energy to go back to the barn. And I thought we may go trail riding (Jess and I were going to try to go)but the sky was dark and it was just iffy all day even though we didn’t get a drop of rain till last night. So Sunday was not epic. I came home and tried to stretch my back out and my hamstrings from standing all morning.

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BUT BUT BUT unless the weather gods eff us up again. Fair Hill CC Schooling is this upcoming Tuesday. SO EXCITED! I haven’t jumped a cross country fence since last Fall. I hope Remus is as excited as me (doubtful). But it will be jumping over things again. Hmm hope I remember (and Remus too) how to do that!?

Did your weekend just fly by like mine? I need a weekend to get over my weekend!! Hope everyone had a good one!






12 thoughts on “Where Did That Weekend Just Go? Remus, Volunteering, and Allergies

  1. This weekend dragged by on my end, glad yours went quickly and war filled with some fun things. Remus is looking good shed out! Gem has been fully shed out for about 2 months now. It is surprising how much sooner they drop the coat down here even when we haven’t really had many hot days yet.

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  2. Louisville is an odd city on Derby weekend hahaha, so now I think we all feel a bit hung over! May also got a spa day this weekend, but I neglected to take picture because, by the time it was all done, I was exhausted. Fingers crossed for XC schooling!

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  3. Ugh, I hear you on the hair EVERYWHERE. I actually made it to the barn on a weekend (never happens it seems!) and the entirety of the time I was there from the moment I brought Q in I was plucking hair out of my mouth that kept finding it’s way in. YUCK.

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  4. omgosh you sound busy haha! sounds like a lot of fun stuff, but wow yea i believe you’re a little sore and tired…. hope things work out for you this tuesday at fair hill!! we are hoping to get out to school at shawan too, fingers crossed!

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  5. Wow that was lots of stuff! My weekend seemed to fly by too and I didn’t even do that much! I really need another day in between Saturday and Sunday. Can we just have an 8-day week?! But SO EXCITING to finally go XC schooling! I’m crossing my fingers the weather holds!

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  6. Sounds like a busy weekend. So awesome of you to volunteer at the race! I always try to thank race volunteers. You all work so hard for absolutely nothing and it is GREATLY appreciated!
    Can’t wait to read about your cross country school!

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    1. I love it. LOVE IT. I really do, it is so comfy, it still slips back a bit unless i have the breastplate but i think that is just Remus and his QH withers. But I definitely love it. Worth every penny (after all my dithering). 🙂


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