What I Really Really Want: A Vent and a Query

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Pretty much the state inside my head lately LOL

I had a pretty shitty day on Tuesday. Nothing out and out but I had a horrible headache all day which never bodes well, plus with all the stuff going on I did not get out to Remus even though it was a gorgeous day. But my head would have killed me and there is no reason to go and get pissy with Remus (I get very pissy when my head hurts). And I had to deal with people. So many people.

Anyway, what I want (the vent):

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I want people to return my calls/emails/whatever. If I sent a damn carrier pigeon, I expect you (not you the reader but the people I am talking about) to respond. If this is your business (whether you be a relocation person, a handyman, a cleaner, or whatever you do) I expect a reasonable turnaround. I don’t expect you to return my call in five minutes but a 24-48 hour spread seems feasible. And people I work with too. Return my call or email, you people.

One vendor from my work, emailed me a week later from my HELP email last Monday. And then proceeded to tell me I was wrong. That was not helpful for sure. And she gave me no direction to fix the issue. Um…you are the help person. Thanks for nothing and thanks for making me wait a week to do nothing? Okay…

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I had a handyman come by last Thursday (my realtor recommended him). Nice guy, very nice. He was supposed to get me a quote for the numerous jobs we have here. Now grant you, I know he is busy but A) I want the quote and B) if the quote is reasonable I want to get on the calendar so we can get this all done. Don’t make me chase you (I texted him on Tuesday evening, nicely asking when he might have a quote for us). Haven’t heard back from him yet.

Our relocation person at Mark’s new company seems to be a competent person(seems to be). She is very nice to talk to but we have to hound her every time we need something (Movers quote, realtors quote, reimbursement, you name it). It is like she disappears somewhere and doesn’t surface again for days. And she gives us nothing on paper only wants to ‘talk’ about it on the phone with Mark. Days later. Get with the 21st Century. Email is your friend. It is much easier to have a conversation on the phone if you have the facts in front of you rather than listen to someone drone on about the facts you have never seen yet.

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So what I really really want, is people to get back to me. And if not immediately then just let me know you are working on it. Customer service seems to really fallen by the wayside lately. And I am pretty fed up with it.

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What I want, the queries:

I want a helmet cam. I am not riding much now but I do want to start looking for one and I don’t want to spend a fortune. I want to know what people have and what they recommend (I know Amanda will say the Cambox but I want to dip my foot in the water a bit and not jump in with both feet). I know nothing about helmet cams. So educate me people!

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Also, I want something to carry my phone with while riding. I had it shoved down my bra when we rode at Fair Hill. LOL It worked but…it is not the most ideal situation for my phone especially as it gets hotter and hotter (it is supposed to be 88 by Thursday, so much for Spring right?). What do you all use? I know some of you have pockets in your breeches, I have a running arm band but it is too much of a pain to get it out for photos (Running a 5k with it and listening to the Hamilton soundtrack works great, taking a photo of a cute donkey not so much). Especially if you have to wipe the perspiration off the phone before taking a photo. HA Let me know what you use (and if you use the bra way, tell me how you keep your phone from getting sweaty! πŸ™‚

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So there it is in a nutshell. A vent and two queries. Happy Hump Day! Weekend is coming slowly but it is coming!

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Friday approaching very very slowly…LOL

33 thoughts on “What I Really Really Want: A Vent and a Query

  1. Ugh I hear you with the frustration of ppl not being responsive 😦 that sucks.

    Re helmet cams, the cambox is nice bc it’s so light weigh and unobtrusive. I have heard it can be difficult to get it pointed in the right place, and the buttons can be fussy. Same idea for the GoPro. Although the GoPro is bigger it sits in the middle and stays more balanced instead of being heavier on one side. I think the important thing with that camera is to make sure it’s really secure bc otherwise you’ll have wobble in your video that to me is unbearable. I have a contour roam which is cheap and really easy to use and creates a good picture, tho it’s on the heavier side of things and sits on one side vs balanced between. Really I think whatever camera suits your budget and makes you feel comfortable while wearing it, and is also easy to use, will work!

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  2. For phones, I really like the spibelt: https://spibelt.com

    It holds my phone or my epipen. I can technically put both in but I’ll probably get a large pocket one to hold both more comfortably. I’ve had mine for several years (used it when I used to run before I realized running was killing my head) and it’s great for riding.

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  3. Arrrgh. I hate people.

    I’ve been making a point of buying breeches or tights with a pocket for my phone lately. I also have a pouch on an elastic waistband I’ve used with success for years. It’s a SPIbelt and shows minimal wear/tear after 5ish + years of use. https://spibelt.com/ I also just found this article on phone belts (I couldn’t remember the name of the company I had lol) that coincidentally recommends the SPIbelt over others http://www.businessinsider.com/best-running-belt

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  4. I bought this belt thing to hold your phone from stateline tack. It came in lots of fun colors and sits around your hips. Ehhh….not the most efficient. It does get sweaty. It sort of flops around. I haven’t used it much since I discovered breeches with pockets. However, many breeches I have only have front pockets, so I either tuck my phone in my saddle pommel (yes, my English saddle tree is wide enough for this) or try to figure something out for western since it’ll bounce out of the tree (SO WIDE).

    As for cameras I lean more towards the cambox. I have neck problems as it is (bulged disc – chronic seizing of muscles and pain – I should really get that looked at) which cause me headaches, so me needing to offset the weight of a GoPro isn’t really something I look forward to. I like that the cambox is light, low profile, and shouldn’t affect my neck. Eh, my 2 cents πŸ™‚

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  5. I use a go-pro, but not one of the original size ones, I have a tiny one with similar image quality as the amazing ones but little in the way of features. But all I wanted it for was taking video so it DEFINITELY delivers there! It was also about $100 cheaper than getting the larger size one of similar image quality.

    This is what I got, a GoPro Hero5 Session, it’s now $100 cheaper than what I paid, lol ohhhhhhh 😦 :


    with this accessory kit:


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  6. The worst is when you email someone and then they call you. Like…no. I’m not trying to be sociable here. If I email you, email me back, damnit!

    Cambox all the way. Get the new one, though- you can connect it to your phone to make sure the lens is pointed where you want it and have instant replay. I have the ISI2 and there are 3 positions you can set it in, but if you hit it or mess it up, you won’t realize it until you plug it into your computer and it’s too late.


    1. omg dont’ even get me started on the people that want to TALK! OMG. And are you insinuating I am an technical idiot re the helmet cam. Why yes you would be correct πŸ™‚ HA HA HA


      1. Emily is getting one so we shall live thru her tho i saw they were doing a preorder deal. UGH I just can’t buy that now but I sure can watch others try it out….:)


    2. Oh my god this! I emailed a feed company to ask a few questions about a product. And they insisted on calling me back to discuss, after replying to my email to tell me they would call (with a new baby I did not appreciate this)… and to make matters worse once they called me, they promptly put ME on hold to take another call! I could not believe it. Sorry for the mini rant, but I don’t understand why customer service (or human decency) is so difficult!

      PS I like the “rider wristlet” by Black Knight equestrian for safely containing my phone on my belt (Canadian company)

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      1. OMG, they then put you on HOLD??! How rude. Whenever I fill out a contact form, I always put in the comments section “Please email instead of call,” and if they ignore that and call, I call them out for not respecting my request. It makes me NOT want to talk to you if you can’t follow a simple request!

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  7. So, I hear ya. A lot of my job is “urgent” and I’m working with multiple groups, so when someone doesn’t respond to an email it makes me CRAZY. CRAZZZZZYYYY!
    I’m kinda pushy though and always happy to follow up with another email, text, or phone call πŸ™‚

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  8. I’ve been riding with a Flip Belt lately and find it so pretty easy to get my phone in and out of it.
    The other one to look at would be the Horse Holster that goes around your thigh.

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  9. I am sorry to hear you had a bad head day — I can relate. Those days are not good pony days 😦 I am also looking for a place to carry my phone while riding, other than a breeches pocket it bounces out of … so I am stalking these comments.

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  10. I buy breeches/tights with pockets or sew pockets on. I refuse to own pants without pockets. Sewing them on actually works really well bc I can put the pocket on the thing instead of the normal internal pocket pot. Much more comfortable and easier access for picture taking. I have the cambox and really like it. I had a Contour ROAM3 before that and it was cheap (I bought it for $100 new), but now they are selling for 400 on amazon, so maybe stick with the Cambox.

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  11. People I work with all seem to email me back between 9pm-4am. Or on Saturdays. Like. Why. Why can’t we emails during normal business hours like normal people?
    I’m grumpier than usual right now.. still sidelined, broken A/C, moving next week, IS IT FRIDAY YET.

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    1. OMG YES WTF. I hate when i get emailed at 9 pm or 11 pm or ahem 330 am. Last week someone emailed about something i had given them a week to do and of course was past deadline. AT 330 am (Not that i got it at 330 am i just saw it in the am). VERY FRUSTRATING.

      I hope your back is better and who would think we would need AC after all the cold we had but yep I was tempted to put it on today. it is hot! LOL πŸ™‚


  12. People are the worst. I get super frustrated having to chase people down that are going to be taking my money. Like, don’t you WANT my money? Why do I have to beg you to come do a job and take it? I make sure to sing the praises of anyone who offers a service and is a good communicator, shows up on time, does a great job. So hard to find lately.
    I don’t use a helmet cam because I just ride in circles in a ring, but my third person opinion is that the cambox seems like the safest option. Everything else looks like it adds awkward weight to the helmet. But what do I actually know? I don’t use one!
    I stick my phone in a pocket, but Leah over at Confessions of a Dressage Barbie recently reviews a phone holster that goes on your leg. She really like it!

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  13. Getting other people to work is insanely difficult. communication is so important and nobody wants to do it!! I blame…millennials and kale and protein shakes…HA!

    I’ve ridden with the Riding Warehouse cellphone holder that wraps around your calf. It was very convenient, easy to get to and didn’t get sweaty. I got nervous dropping my phone back into it after taking a picture cuz I worried about missing the opening and it hitting the ground, but it never happened.

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  14. UGHHHH I positively cannot stand when people do not respond in a timely manner! CAN. NOT. I feel for you- sounds like my personal nightmare! I’ve been trying to hire someone to meal prep once a week, and the lady I’ve been talking to will takes 3-4 days to respond to an email or text. No joke. Makes me not when to give her my money!

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