It’s the Final Countdown! How I Stay Calm (News Flash, I Don’t)

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You are welcome if this song is now in your head the rest of the day…

Can you believe it is officially my last weekend in DE (Well with furniture and television, etc)? I am hoping to be on the road to TN by next weekend if everything goes well. But since nothing has really gone well (except for buying this house, it is kind of crazy how smooth that has gone mostly), who knows.

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Today though, ahhh today. There will undoubtedly be monsoons, frogs falling from the sky, earthquakes, tornadoes, sleet, hail you name it. Why you ask? Because SARAH and I are going trail riding. Together. ONE MORE TIME. And we both agreed we are going no matter. We have had GORGEOUS non humid weather all week. Today. Today will be warmer about 85 or so with a chance of storms, but we are going. This is it. LAST CALL! So wish us luck on our foray into Fair Hill. Let’s hope I don’t bounce right off of Remus since I haven’t ridden in forever and a day….

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Tiggers do bounce! YES THEY DO!Ā 

Otherwise. I am freaking the F out. OMG so much to do so much to remember. SO MUCH still up in the air. I am waiting for a Power of Attorney doc to arrive so I can get it notarized and sent back to the Closing Office for next week because no one told us till this week that I needed to be there (yes I can’t be in two states at once UNLESS I am riding at Fair Hill, HA). I have to organize this whole move next week and the chances of me being in TN by Friday are not good. SO I have to do that. My husband is still awaiting wire transfer instructions from the closing office. AND I am still waiting for the damn moving company to call me back with the driver’s name (They come on TUESDAY) and figure out if they can start loading me on Tuesday (first schedule was all day packing on Tuesday then load on Weds, um most of the packing is DONE). I had to get my relocation person to call this moving company person because for some reason she is allergic to calling me or something. LIKE SERIOUSLYĀ every timeĀ I have talked to her it is because our relo person nudged her to call me. Well that is annoying a bit. But anyway.

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me almost every day, almost every hour lately!

Then Gretchen gets surgery on Monday. So I am freaking out a bit about that and I still have to get all my stuff together, and bring the trailer home and start loading that up for my trip. I have to look on the maps and figure out my route and where I might stop. I have to still work a bit too (I am working today and Monday but that is it I won’t be working the rest of the week. While other people take vacations I choose to move on mine) šŸ™‚ Crazy I know it.

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I finally got a carpet person to call me back, let’s hope he can come next week and do the upstairs. I have to meet with my realtor and pass the keys over. I have to get the stager ready to set the house up. I have to figure out what to do with my fish still (I have a friend whose husband will take them but I asked when can I bring them and haven’t heard back yet.) Then I need to break down those tanks and pack them in my stuff too.

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So whirlwind of excitement yes. Whirlwind of ohmygodwhatdoIdonext? DEFINITELY.Ā  Let’s just hope people call me back/send stuff etc.

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BUT AT LEAST TODAY WE RIDE! YAY! Happy weekend all!

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Sarah and me today!


14 thoughts on “It’s the Final Countdown! How I Stay Calm (News Flash, I Don’t)

      1. ha ha i think i had one lesson. Maybe two. it is so long ago I forgot. I can’t imagine either Remus or Batt taking off unless it was towards food šŸ™‚


  1. Dude. I’m stressed out for you! I’m glad you’re taking some time to trail ride today come hell or high water! It will do you some good for sure! I hope Remus is a perfect little angel and no frogs fall from the sky.

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  2. omg i got hives just reading this….. so much stuff, so much to do. and i *hate hate hate* having to wait on other people to return my calls or get back to me when i’m ready to GO. ugh. hang in there tho, hopefully it’ll all happen one way or another!!

    in the meantime tho i hope you and sarah have a BLAST today!!! what a great day to get out and i’m so glad you were able to find a chance before you leave!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Moving is stressful. Moving FAR is even more stressful. Moving with animals and like a million other things? OMG I’M A CHICKEN WITH ITS HEAD CUT OFF. But, this too shall pass — keep on keeping on!

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