Guess Who Made It Home?? Yep, Remus!

Are YOU talking to me?

Quick Friday pm post: More to come of my hell ride to KY and back (Loved Lexington, not the many many miles between the two locations (Home and there) HA! But saving all that for Monday!! I need to rest first!

a bit of turnout time for the poor guy who was essentially in a trailer of some sort for 20 plus hours the last two days!! 

So IT is official! Remus is home 🙂 Happy weekend all. MORE TO COME ON THE CONTINUING ADVENTURES of our lives 🙂 Now to collapse in my bed and sleep as soon as I go tuck him in for the night. SO TIRED! But we made it! YAY! What a good boy he has been!!

Makes it official…

23 thoughts on “Guess Who Made It Home?? Yep, Remus!

    1. He has been so LAIDBACK about this whole thing. 10 hours last night in a huge ass trailer no worries. then a strange barn first thing this am. then loaded on my trailer, now in a new place. Total Chill. He does not like the bugs. I see a fly sheet in his future HA! Of course I am worried about him out there in his stall….he has hay and some chopped hay and plenty of water…. He seems pretty happy….

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      1. Don’t worry, you’ll adjust! 😉 Subi’s having a fit with the flies but Batty’s been better? The feed through stuff has actually helped?! Sub would never eat it. Fly sheets back on tomorrow now that it’s a bit cooler. Yay for Remus’s future new fly sheet!

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    1. That Morrissey company was FANTASTIC to deal with. I can’t thank you enough for hooking me up 🙂 The driver of the big rig loved him 🙂 Said he was a great passenger!


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