Turnout Finally Plus Tractor Time

This pony is so social. He saw me and had to come say hi even though I was just taking photos of them

Lots of photos in this blog post. Sorry not sorry! πŸ™‚ We got the fence finished and turned them out Weds evening for about an hour or less. The grass is GREEN and they don’t need much more weight on (Look at the tummies on these two). I guess I have been over haying them just since they had no grass(but TATE came fat!). Just so you know we only fenced in a TINY area for them to eat in (So though it looks so lush, there is maybe only an acre if that fenced in).

Image result for fat gif
Remus honestly LOL

Today for breakfast they got their tiny grain ration and a bit of timothy hay. They knew the drill and were at the gate to the field but I was like nope not till the dew dries a bit. So they are out now. I put a fly mask on Tate who I am pretty sure never had one before because the Velcro FREAKED HIM OUT. God knows how i will get it off him later. YIKES. He is such a cute pony but a freak at times. Velcro scared him, yesterday he was spinning in his stall cause he could hear Mark using the weed-eater over by the yard. They put KIDS on you, Tate? Wow. Because if he wasn’t as small as he is he would not be able to be fly sprayed but since he is so little I can make him stand where I want. I guess I should be happy he is not bigger.

No skinnies here LOL

After we got them turned out we got the tractor out. YAY fun times. Mark hasn’t been on it yet I offered he said not yet so I was like okay!! Not going to say no to drive the tractor.

he is so pretty isn’t he?? Love looking at him!

Mark was cutting down some bushes the previous people had planted right in front of the fence in front of the kitchen so you couldn’t even see the field. And the bushes had THORNS. WTF people? So I brought the tractor over to help take the debris over to dump it. SO much easier than a wheelbarrow! HA!

Pretty sure Mark will not be flattered I posted this photo LOL but hard at work he is πŸ™‚
View from the driver’s seat!
Just look how cute the tractor is, pay no attention to my sloppy self LOL
Tucked away for the evening….

Also found this fellow while freshening the stalls last night. He was on Tate’s door. We have a LOT of lizards here, I saw a blue tailed skink yesterday on our front porch but didn’t have my phone to get a photo. This one that I got a photo of was loving the sun as I was cleaning the stall….

He was just chilling (or sunning)!
He must eat lots of bugs because he is rotund too….

Hopefully Remus and Tate stay in their fence today till I go to get them to put them back in the paddock. TheyΒ  might not be happy with me when they do have to go back up. And Tate got stung by fence twice last night swishing his tail against it. OOPS he got so mad he did his snake neck effect and trotted off both times. #heiscuteevenwhenheisangry

IMG_5778 (1).JPG
Fat Buckskin is still fat LOL!

Sorry if this blog has become more about farm life and chores and less about riding the fat buckskin. Hopefully in the near future I will get time to ride again. I am sure Remus is going to freak out the first time I separate him from Tate (and vice versa).

Do you find with horses at home you spend more time cleaning/fixing/mowing and less time thinking about riding (or even brushing, they both need a good brushing this week)?

Related image
never going to be on my to do list!

So no worries about the fly mask on Tate. He already got it off and hasn’t been out 45 minutes yet. LOL (I need a pony size one) But is this photo not idyllic? Doesn’t look real (just taken before posting this post). Love this place! Love these ponies.

This is my view from my front door! πŸ™‚





28 thoughts on “Turnout Finally Plus Tractor Time

  1. Not that it really matters, but i have been enjoying reading all about what’s going on at the farm. YOUR farm! (how cool does that sound?!) It also is giving me an appreciation for just HOW MUCH work really goes into having horses at home. I’m sure once you have the whole set up the way you want it, you’ll have more time to ride.

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    1. i am just glad some people aren’t bored πŸ˜‰ LOL And yes i do pinch myself about having all this at home. I hope Mark loves it as much as I do (not sure if he does yet LOL lots of work)….but he does think it is peaceful here. I do miss boarding though I have to say but do knowing they are right outside…..

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  2. hey! i like reading about the farm!!

    and the tractor. I do love me a good tractor. my new BO just bought the place i’m at now, and she was sooooo excited when the tractor came home she texted me videos of her riding around the ring with it.

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  3. Have been really enjoying all the farm posts!!!! Also totes agree on the less time thinking about riding!!!! Between everything else that has to be done riding gets the shafted but at the same time I love looking out my windows and seeing my ponies munching happily on grass. I don’t feel like I HAVE to ride to get my horses time in bc I see them every day!!! But I’m sure once you settle into more of a routine you’ll be back riding before you know it πŸ™‚

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    1. HOW is Chimi?? LOL and glad i dont bore you all. I love going out and checking on them during the day (I am so lucky to be able to work from home….) they are up in the barn now in front of their fans after eating grass all am) the best thing was they saw me going into the barn and came on up out of the field to see what I was up to πŸ™‚


  4. Oh, I love reading about your farm! I agree that sometimes farm work gets in the way of riding, but I usually say screw it and ride anyway hahaha. The farm work will never end! I am thankful my husband does more than his fair share of work around our place as well.

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  5. I have tractor and pony envy now. And farm envy, too πŸ™‚ Love reading these updates and I’m (really) so happy for you – such a beautiful place you have!

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  6. I love these posts! I don’t ride either, and I’m afraid people are going to stop reading my blog…
    And YES you definitely spend way more time doing chores and cleaning than riding. But you’ll find your groove and be able to fit it in. You’re still getting settled and set up really.
    The horses look SO happy (and yeah… fat, but like me too, ya know?).

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  7. Nah we like hearing about all the farm work!! We have a lot of renovation to do because it is just a blank slate so we’ve been slowly getting things done lol so glad remus and tate are getting along! Amber would so gorge herself on that grass lolol!

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  8. Love your farm and reading all about it. So so so happy for you all! Farm chores get in my way of riding a lot but I also feel like Bette that I get horse time twice a day every day so I don’t need to ride to get horse time in if that makes sense. I brush them every evening when I bring them in for dinner and even though I ride less I feel like over all I get more horse time than when I boarded

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  9. I love the tractor! And also love those skinks omg…. we had a ton of them growing up at our little weekend summer cottage up by chestertown and I spent endless hours looking for them and trying (unsuccessfully) to catch them. And clearly I was a little confused about how life works bc I knew that they could drop their tails for self defense – but once found a tail and carried it around with me all day wrapped oh so carefully in a paper towel bc I thought maybe the tail would regrow a new skink…..

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    1. okay Emma you win quote of the day today….the tail would regrow a new skink. DYING laughing here. OMG πŸ™‚ They are really cool creatures….I love all the varieties we have…..


  10. I have tractor envy!!! πŸ˜‰ We were able to borrow one for a month last fall and I had so much fun. I seem to spend more time on farm chores and tidying things up than riding. Of course, if I had a tractor, things would go faster. lol I always see things I should be fixing/raking/mowing/updating, etc. I have a running list going and just pick away at it. I figure I’m here long term, so nothing is a big rush.

    And, you realize you now need a 3rd equine, so you can separate them without problems!! lol (says the person that now has 5!)

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    1. well user error yesterday with it i had it in 2wd not 4wd and wondered why i couldnt get it out of the field..(It wasnt muddy just slick). Hopefully there is a learning curve. AND yes I do need a third one. UGH πŸ™‚ been looking LOL


  11. FINALLY my tractor photo….I totally saved it and added it to your contact profile in my phone, so everytime I get a text from you, it pops up bwahaha.

    I really want to come take a ride on it. And Tate. And Remus. Because they look like super comfy couches!

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    1. I told Mark he had to take it cause KC said so LOL…and come on over and ride πŸ™‚ I am not sure how many hours are between us but come on over LOLLOL πŸ™‚ Tate is so damn cute. I love him. He and Remus had a scratch fest this morning and I didn’t have my phone with me. It was hilarious. They share a brain almost now

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    1. i emailed a couple of people today about hauling out for essons in the near future. There are a lot of horse farms near by too so just need to meet people to see if i can haul in….thanks! (The bugs can go for sure and the damn raccoon too) HA


  12. I’ve been awful with keeping up on blogs this summer (Soooooo busy), but oh my god your pony is ADORABLE. I feel like I missed his introduction post and I can’t find it in your old posts 😦

    Regardless, I love the farm updates and am glad you guys are getting so much stuff done! One thing I’ve learned about self-boarding my horses is that the chores never EVER end, aaha!

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    1. I don’t think I had an actual Tate post but long story short: my realtor who sold us this house has a daughter who rides hunters. She rode Tate as a teenager and they still have him. He was living at the show barn bored to death (no one riding) so they offered him as a Remus buddy. He is perfect πŸ™‚ Except for him being fat LOL…He is ALMOST as cute as SPUD. ALMOST HA!


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