Not Hot in Tennessee: Rare Temperature Break

Remus life right now is not too shabby says he…

Everyone talks about hot how it is in TN in the summer. And it is. Very hot. Except when it isn’t! Like this past week. This morning it was 62 degrees when I walked out to feed ponies. As in very very nice. The last two days we have had cloudy days so yesterday the high was 80 I think. I know it will go back hot as eff but man this is nice. The first couple weeks Remus was here it was brutal and he was sweating every day standing in his stall. And I had to hose him a few times a day. Not lately.

Tate also thinks life is pretty damn good

But I am prepared for when it does swing the other way. Both Remus and Tate have fans on their stalls and ceiling fans over the aisles and I bought a big aisle fan and that has helped immensely. I don’t know if the cooler weather helped or if the big fan helped but neither ponies are sweating during the day (Yet). I have ordered Tate a stall guard but for now he has a rope up there and doesn’t even try to go under. What a good pony he is.

Speaking of NOT good animals. GRHHHH 

For water, I have a muck bucket of water behind the barn that they both drink out of and they both have two fresh buckets of water in their stall all day (and I refresh as needed since I work from home) Remus drinks at least 6 of those a day. Tate is still not drinking enough (he drank maybe a half a bucket over nite) so am going to start him on the electrolytes (Remus gets them at night in his grain but he is not a fan of the cherry powder. I just started Tate on them yesterday).

Tate is just about sound again. I took video the other night to text to his owner I was so worried and again the other day took videos. But of course now he is fine. Maybe a bit stilted but not lame. If he was foot sore he sure got over it fast. But whew it is so much nicer to have a pony who feels happy and secure and not hurting!! As of last night he was slower but sound on both front feet and today when I went out to feed he spun in his stall like he hasn’t done since he got here. SO I think he is feeling much better. He is so damn cute. My neighbor is in love with Remus and Tate both and brings them carrots each night to the fence line and they know to come out and see her. I will have to get a photo of this as it is mighty cute.

And this bad boy arrived yesterday. I will do a full post later but YAY! I took it for a spin last night and love it. Can’t wait to tackle some projects.

So orange, so cute, so fun

So hopefully the hot weather stays away a bit longer so I can get some stuff done. I would rather be out on the tractor today rather than on conference calls most of the day. BOO work. How is the weather where you are?? I know the NE has been getting lots of rain and Austin is hot as eff still….


17 thoughts on “Not Hot in Tennessee: Rare Temperature Break

  1. We’ve had really lovely weather in the Midwest this past week or so – like, high 70s. It’s been amazing. Of course, now I’m about to go to a horse trials and the temps are going to be 80 on Thursday, 91 on Friday, and 93 on Saturday and Sunday with plenty of humidity. Probably not as bad as what you have but dang that humidity can be really rough when you’re wearing all those show clothes layers!

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  2. Similar weather here in KY! (no shocker there). I feel bad that all my East Coast friends are practically floating away at this point!

    Tate is so unbelievable cute, and that tractor is awesome. You need to play “She Thinks My Tractor’s Sexy” the first time you take on a project with it hahaha


  3. It’s been fairly pleasant here in the foothills of SC/NC (joys of working and living in 2different states) It’s been relatively cool lately (70’s and 80’s instead of the normal 90’s!) and I’m enjoying it too! Though the cooler weather does come with rain… and a lot of rain at this moment!! My phone told me yesterday that we were having a storm watch until Thurs at 8 pm. 2 days of nonstop rain?!?!? Arrrgggg! Oh well. At least the grass will be happy?

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    1. I wish we would get some rain. We havent had a good soaking for a couple weeks. we got a piddle of a shower last nite with rumbling far off but only enough to wet it down a bit. We are still green here but if we dont get rain soon……


  4. It is so cold and wet here! I’m not complaining too much though.

    I’m glad Tate is getting back to himself and his feet are feeling better. I hope Remus is being a better buddy too!

    That tractor looks NICE! Maybe one day it will rain a bit less here and I can go mow my paddocks… I love mowing!


  5. It’s been pretty nice here… lots of rain, but passing storms, not all day stuff. So not too bad. But the humidity is back and should be in the 90’s the next few days. It’s cool though, I’ll take it over winter!
    Poor Tate! He does look sore. Glad he seems to be doing better though. Did his owner say that’s normal for him? I just worry about laminitis when I see them like that! (Thanks Jamp…)
    Sounds like you’re all settling in down there! Have fun with that tractor!

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    1. He is so fat (Tate) and Remus too btw. UGH so I worry about that too. In fact we let them out in the field yesterday for 45 minutes and i havent let them out yet this am waitng for grass to dry up. She said he is foot sore and I think when he first came he just played too hard with Remus and then was sore. He is fine now! But yes I am only letting them on that grass for an hour or two at a time. UGH Fat Horse Farm


  6. It’s been rainy and 70s/low 80s in Indiana all week which is really weird for this part of the year, but I’m not going to complain. We’ve been able to have the windows open too (until it got way too humid…) which has been lovely!
    ALSO Tate is SO cute and if I were closer I would totally ride and spoil him 😍 – when he’s all not ouchy of course! Yay for getting the nice tractor too!

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    1. he is actually a LOVE BUG like I can’t believe how cute he is in person!! He is much less ouchy now so I got to see his pretty trot yesterday. I love that he sees me and comes running. Remus needs to step up the cuteness 🙂 HA! Yes i actually thought about opening the windows the other day but was like nawww the humidity will creep in. Odd weather for sure everywhere. 🙂 And yes LOVE My tractor. HA! Thanks!

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  7. I’m pretty sure signs of fall are already cropping up – like BRIGHT RED leaves in some of the trees in the woods around my barn. It seems early tho, August has only just arrived!

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    1. yes leaves are falling here a bit….like umm?? I am not as scared of Fall (and Winter) coming this year knowing we hopefully will have a temperate climate. You and Charlie may need to take a road trip to the warmth this winter. COME ON DOWN LOL I have an extra stall….:)


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